Indigenous Gender and Wellness Development Grants
Phase 2

This funding opportunity is the second phase of a larger initiative on the topic of Indigenous Gender and Wellness. The first phase supported individuals to attend an Idea Fair and Learning Circle event in June of 2019 through a travel award. At the Idea Fair, Indigenous individuals and allies shared ideas on Indigenous gender and wellness with supporters to work together in growing ideas into potential projects. This second phase, Indigenous Gender and Wellness Development Grants, is intended to support those who attended the Idea Fair to continue working on and sharing their ideas, enabling them to develop relationships and plan for the following phase of funding, which is being planned to provide teams with resources to implement their ideas through action-oriented, community-based participatory projects that will improve wellness for Indigenous Peoples from a gendered perspective.

Funds available

  • The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $1,680,000, enough to fund approximately twenty two (22) or more grants. The maximum amount per grant is $75,000 for up to one (1) year.
  • The CIHR – HIV/AIDS and STBBI Research Initiative: Community-Based Research Program – Indigenous Stream will support up to $150,000 (of the $1,680,000 total).


This funding opportunity is expected to:

  • Support planning activities that establish priorities for Indigenous-led research projects related to gender and wellness;
  • Facilitate relationship building, knowledge sharing and learning that develop and strengthen Indigenous-led, community-based projects; and
  • Support the continued development of ideas and plans to implement action-oriented, community-based projects that will improve wellness among Indigenous communities from a gendered perspective.

The request for applications is now closed.


Krystine Abel and Laura Gagnon

Knowledge Circles to Understand Indigenous 2SLGBTQ Inclusion in the Mental Health and Addictions System in Ontario: Dialogues to Explore a 2SLGBTQ Training Program

Principal Investigator: Krystine Abel

Engaging Inuit Concerning Perinatal Health & Wellness: Developing Insights, Interests and an Approach to Action

Principal Investigator: Gail Baikie

Learning Through Dialogue: Effects of Alcohol on Health and Wellbeing in Indigenous Communities

Principal Investigator: Tamara S Bodnar

Explore, Map, and Develop a Plan for Programming Geared Towards Building and Strengthening Healthy Relationship in Indigenous Communities

Principal Investigator: Gregory M Brass

Samuel Adeyanju and Janette Bulkan

Lil'wat Lvmlaomen: Gendered Cultural Resurgence with Lil'wat Traditional Medicine Use

Principal Investigator: Janette Bulkan

Kwseltktnews, “We are all related,” A Secwepemc community-based approach to caring for families

Principal Investigator: Natalie Clark

Slanay skwalwin: Developing foraging walks with Squamish Nation to promote Indigenous women's heart health

Principal Investigator: Annalijn Conklin

Creating Safe Paths for Indigenous Women, Girls and LGBTQ2SA+ Individuals in Edmonton and Area

Principal Investigator: Creating Hope Society of Alberta

Two Spirit Community and Research Gathering

Principal Investigator: Melissa Dykhuizen

Dene Nahjo's Recognition of Being: Indigenous Women's Gathering

Principal Investigator: Danya Erasmus

Building Two Spirit Supports at Egale Youth Services: Wellness, Access and Inclusion for Two Spirit Youth under 29 years of age

Principal Investigator: Lucy Gallo

Study on the cultural appropriateness and safety of a mental health assessment tool among the Indigenous communities of Canada

Principal Investigator: Liliana Gomez Cardona

Indigenous “Communities within Communities”: Aging Well and HIV

Principal Investigator: Sean A Hillier

Métis Healing and Wellness: Connecting to Métis Culture through Beadwork

Principal Investigator: F. Ishiyama

Mâmawapiwin (Meeting) -restoring Men's roles and responsibilities

Principal Investigator: Margaret L Kisikaw Piyesis

Learning from Our Elders: Indigenous Perspectives of Gender in Harvesting and Gathering

Principal Investigator: Donna L Kurtz

Anne-Marie Leclerc and Roxanne Lemieux

Development of Trauma-Informed Practices for Indigenous Women Transitioning to Parenthood

Principal Investigator: Anne-Marie Leclerc

Indigenous Youth Empowerment Handbook, Curriculum and Training Series: Mobilizing Youth to Address Gender-Based Violence and Interconnected Health Issues in Northern Indigenous Communities

Principal Investigator: Liard Aboriginal Women's Association

Early Partnerships in Building Community-Led Programs and Supports for Incarcerated Indigenous Mothers in Ontario

Principal Investigator: Angela Mashford-Pringle

Land, Language, Life: Engendering an Indigenous Identity and Wellness

Principal Investigator: Laurie Meijer Drees

Two Worlds, Two Spirits: Gathering the Circle of LGBTQ2S+ Métis in British Columbia

Principal Investigator: Métis Nation of Greater Victoria

Indigenous Elders’ Lodge: Treaty 7 Elders’ exploration of the role of traditional Gender Roles on Wellness

Principal Investigator: Janet Naclia

Visioning Two-Spirit Wellness in Urban Indigenous Communities

Principal Investigator: Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC)

Ceremonies of Life: Sexual and Gender Wellness through Togetherness

Principal Investigator: Paqtnkek Health Centre

The Nine Genders: A Traditionalist way of organizing Indigenous gender, Interpreting gender through an Indigenous worldview

Principal Investigator: Michael R Parsons

Iskwew Iskotew (Woman Fire): HIV Positive Indigenous Women’s Wholistic Health Symposium, Bringing Solutions-Focused Research to Life through Knowledge Translation and Exchange

Principal Investigator: Doris Peltier

Harlan Pruden and Travis Salway

Wellness in Two-Spirit Communities across Turtle Island: A two-eyed seeing approach to a gender-inclusive community-based 2S research network

Principal Investigator: Harlan Pruden

Susan J Ross and Melissa Tremblay

Developing a community-academic research network based in Maskwacis, Alberta to improve Indigenous gender-related health and wellness

Principal Investigator: Susan J Ross

Exploring the needs of Calgary’s urban Indigenous youth across the gender-identity spectrum in relation to culturally relevant programming and services to support sexual health, identity and belonging

Principal Investigator: Natalie St-Denis

Two Spirit peoples’ experiences accessing and receiving care in community pharmacies

Principal Investigator: Jaris P Swidrovich

Indigenous Digital Wellness: Indigenous Masculinity, Identity, and Wellbeing in Male Youth

Principal Investigator: Braden P Te Hiwi

A Culturally Respectful Approach to Identifying the Roles Sex and Gender Play in the Health and Wellness of Nlaka’pamux First Nations Communities

Principal Investigator: Darren E Warburton

Christine M Wekerle and Dawn Martin-Hill

The Eniako'nikonhriiohake (One will have a good mind) Project: Building a technology-based resilience curriculum for Indigenous youth

Principal Investigator: Christine M Wekerle

Strengthening Relations Through Cultural & Arts-Based Practices to Promote Resiliency and Well-Being for Two-Spirit Youth and Their Families

Principal Investigator: Lana Whiskeyjack

Advancing a holistic, physical activity-based wellness program for Indigenous women – Knowledge sharing to foster expansion

Principal Investigator: Sonja C Wicklum

Alexandria Wilson and Tasha Spillett

Re(connecting) and Re(membering): Gathering Indigenous Women and Two-Spirit Land-Based Educators and Practitioners

Principal Investigator: Alexandria M Wilson

Proclaiming Our Roots: Sharing The Stories of Indigenous-Black People’s Identities for Health and Wellbeing in Canada

Principal Investigator: Ciann L Wilson

Optimizing the Health of Indigenous Infants and Toddlers: Identification of Community Strengths, Needs and Priorities to Promote Early Childhood Development through Healthy, Gender Diverse Parenting

Principal Investigator: Amy Wright

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