Overview of the Canadian Microbiome Initiative 2

Over the past decade, technological advances have enabled the study of microbiome (including bacteria, viruses/phages and fungi) at various sites on the body, and initial investigations have linked the human microbiome to human physiology, immune system development and maintenance, and disease across the lifespan. Research is now shifting from description and correlational studies to functional studies focused on the development, dynamics and function of the human microbiome and causational links between the microbiome and human health and disease. Advancing this research to better understand the mechanistic links between perturbations in the microbiome (“dysbiosis”) and human disease offers tremendous potential to understand the underlying causes of disease and facilitate new preventative and therapeutic interventions.

CMI2 will build on previous research investments by CIHR, notably the Canadian Microbiome Initiative, which included both the CIHR-III Catalyst Grants in Human Microbiome Research and the Emerging Team Grants: Canadian Microbiome Initiative and the Joint Programme Initiative, Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (JPI HDHL) Intestinal Microbiomics.

CMI2 builds on research strength developed by the Canadian Microbiome Initiative and aligns with CIHR’s Health Research Roadmap II Strategic Priorities by supporting research to build a healthier future through preventative action and improving quality of life for persons living with chronic conditions. CMI2 will support the next phase of microbiome research in Canada through two distinct funding opportunities:

  1. Research Core; and
  2. Research Teams.

The overall goal of the Canadian Microbiome Initiative 2 is to enable the development of effective preventative and therapeutic interventions through a deeper understanding of the causational role of microbiome in human health and disease.

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