Health System Impact Fellowship – AI and Public Health stream
Overview of the HSIF program and equitable AI stream

The Health System Impact Fellowship (HSIF) is a program that funds doctoral trainees and post-doctoral fellows to apply their research and analytic talents to critical health system challenges outside of the traditional scholarly setting. Funded fellows work in public, private for-profit, not-for-profit, or Indigenous health organizations to develop professional experience, new skills, and networks that benefit their future careers.

The CIHR Institute of Population & Public Health is offering a unique new stream of funding for doctoral and post-doctoral fellows under its Equitable AI initiative. In this opportunity, candidates that have experience in computer science, AI methods, data science and an interest in public health issues will train with one of Canada's public health agencies.

Why train with a public health agency?

By working as a fellow at a public health agency, you'll be able to:

  • apply sophisticated methods to pressing public health issues and challenges that affect communities and populations across Canada;
  • work with top public health experts, gain both professional experience and transferable skills while working in a real-world setting and see your research translated into policy, programs and/or practice;
  • collaborate alongside a cohort of Equitable AI fellows across federal and provincial public health agencies by developing a community of practice; and
  • be part of an emerging field that applies AI for social good.

Visit the partner profiles page for a full list of up to date partners and topics.

What experience do I need?

You do not need a background in public health, but you do need an interest in public health and the issues that face public health researchers and practitioners.

Experience in either data science, computer science, AI computational methods or other relevant skills are preferred for these fellowships.


The objectives of the Equitable AI and Public Health fellowship stream are to:

  • create a platform for collaboration and interdisciplinary training in public health and AI approaches
  • facilitate a community of practice across Canada at provincial and federal public health agencies to understand and apply AI approaches to address public health challenges
  • provide an enriched training environment for PhDs and post-doctoral fellows through experiential training and networking opportunities

Additional information

Please contact CIHR Support for questions related to the AI and Public Health stream of HSIF applications.

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