The IGH Sex and Gender Science Trainee Network
Terms of Reference


These Terms of Reference apply to the Institute of Gender and Health (IGH) Sex and Gender Science Trainee Network (the Trainee Network).

The Trainee Network is a network of trainees (undergraduate, master’s, PhD and post-docs) across Canada with hubs at Canadian educational institutions. It connects new and future researchers across Canada who are interested in sex- and gender-based analysis (SGBA) in health research.

The Network functions in collaboration with and with support from IGH. The Network works in accordance with the IGH mission to foster research excellence regarding the influence of sex and gender on health and to apply these findings to identify and address pressing health challenges facing men, women, girls, boys and gender-diverse people.

Mission statement

The mission of the Trainee Network is to build awareness and capacity in sex- and gender-based analysis among trainees conducting health research in Canada.


The objectives of the Network are to:

  1. Develop a peer network for trainees who are interested in sex and gender science
  2. Increase awareness, knowledge and research capacity in sex- and gender-based analysis among health research trainees in Canada
  3. Create opportunities for trainees who are new to integrating sex and gender to join and learn from the Network
  4. Create mentorship opportunities for trainees interested in sex and gender science

Potential activities

  • Networking or meet-up events for trainees conducting SGBA in research
  • Speaker or Q&A events with a Senior mentor
  • Webinars
  • Teleconferences


The Network consists of trainees already integrating sex and gender into their research, and those interested in doing so. Institutions have trainee leaders who act as key points of contact with IGH. They may also plan activities or lead events at their respective institutions. Trainee leaders may be nominated or self-appointed in the case of a new network chapter.

Each chapter will also have a senior mentor with SGBA expertise. IGH will support Trainee Network chapters to identify appropriate mentors if required.

The ideals and messages of the Network represent those of IGH. IGH provides support to trainee leaders and hubs at individual institutions. This may include but is not limited to providing information, planning assistance, funds for events and activities and connecting trainees with senior mentors.

Roles and activities

Trainee Leaders:

  • Act as liaisons between IGH, network members and senior mentors of respective institutions
    • Share news from IGH with network members
    • Participate in tri-annual calls with IGH
    • Relay any questions, concerns, major events or news from the institution network to IGH
    • Lead the organization of network events and activities
    • Submit funding requests to IGH

Network members (including Trainee Leaders):

  • Increase awareness of SGBA at institutions, in respective areas of science and among trainees outside the network
    • Share IGH and Network information
    • Organize mentoring opportunities
    • Hold Network-related events and learning opportunities (e.g. networking events, meet and greets, guest lectures, speed mentoring, symposiums)
    • Plan opportunities (eg. Set-up Trainee Network booths, meet-ups, events)

Senior mentors:

  • Share knowledge and advice on SGBA
    • Take part in events and activities organized by Trainee Network
    • Act mentor to trainees in need of advice or who have questions related to SGBA
  • Increase awareness of SGBA in respective areas of science
    • Ask SGBA-related questions at meetings, conferences, events
    • Share IGH and Network information

Note: The time commitment expectations of senior mentors should be discussed and determined together with trainees at the time that the senior mentor is recruited.

IGH Staff

  • Support Trainee Leaders and network members
    • Connect network members with senior mentors at institutions
    • Share latest funding and learning opportunities
    • Highlight Trainee Network updates and research in IGH communications
    • Share new SGBA information and research
    • Inform Network of SGBA events, lecturers, webinars, and general opportunities
    • Provide SGBA talks, and webinars
    • Fund Network events and activities
  • Promote opportunities within the Network for potential new members
    • Share Trainee Network information at events and conferences


IGH will set aside funds annually to support the Trainee Network. Trainees interested in hosting an event such as a meet and greet, guest lecture, symposium, or other, must apply to IGH for funds by completing a Funding Request Form. Funds will be a maximum of $500 per event, which can be spent on catering, room rentals, A/V costs, supplies or other expenses deemed reasonable by IGH and allowable under IGH financial policies.


A standing agenda for each meeting will consist of: IGH updates, roundtable updates, upcoming events and opportunities and other business.


IGH will keep minutes that reflect all significant decisions at all regular meetings. A digital copy will be shared with all Trainee leaders.

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