Transitions in Care: Components

TiC is currently comprised of four components with relevant funding opportunities, they include:

Component 1 – Understanding the health impact of inactivity using a bed rest paradigm

This Funding Opportunity supports ambitious, innovative, multi-disciplinary collaborative research projects to help understand the health impacts of inactivity in older adults and include a countermeasure intervention. The ultimate goal is to eventually develop solutions for improving the quality of life of older adults, inform transitions in care and mitigate health risks associated with an extended period of inactivity. This research is also aligned with a partnership with the Canadian Space Agency since the extended period of inactivity paradigm is also applicable to life in space.

Funding Opportunity: Understanding the Health Impact of Inactivity Grants
Deadline: closed
News: Government of Canada invests in first-of-its-kind research study on the health impacts of inactivity

Component 2 – Best and Wise Practices Grants

This Funding Opportunity supports planning and information sharing activities, partnership development as well as evidence gathering to facilitate the collection of data and build relevant research capacity. This component will support groups of researchers and knowledge users that require additional evidence gathering and/or building of relevant relationships and/or partnerships to address challenges, gaps and/or barriers as relates to improving care transitions and mitigating negative patient outcomes resulting from poor care transitions.

Funding Opportunity: Best and Wise Practices Grants
Deadline: closed

Component 3 – Evaluation Grants

This Funding Opportunity supports the rigorous evaluation of effectiveness, appropriateness and/or impact of implemented transition in care activities. This component will support researchers and knowledge users to evaluate, validate and/or demonstrate the comparative effectiveness of implemented interventions, tools, practices, policies, technologies, programs and/or other solutions for the creation of high-quality, real-world evidence, relevant to transitions in care, and overall health system improvement.

Funding Opportunity: Evaluation Grants
Deadline: closed

Component 4 – Team Grants

This Funding Opportunity supports the implementation of a health, health system or health care activity that addresses transitions in care. This component will support interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research teams focused on identifying ways to develop, implement and/or scale and spread evidence into practice to optimize transitions in care outcomes within two or more of the primary focus areas. This component has two phases, a first phase that is intended to support activities poised and ready for implementation and a follow-on second phase to allow for activities that need further preparation; which may be developed through research activities supported in components 1, 2 and/or 3.

Funding Opportunity: Team Grants, Phase 1
Deadline: closed

Funding Opportunity: Canada-EU Smart Living Environments Addressing Transitions in Care for Ageing People
Deadline: closed

Funding Opportunity: Team Grants, Phase 2
Deadline: closed

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