Best Brains Exchanges 2021

Best Brains Exchanges 2021

Best Brains Exchanges (BBEs) are in-camera sessions. As a result, not all Best Brains Exchange topics and presenters are listed here. The following information is being shared with consent.

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  • Clinical Guidance on Youth Vaping Cessation

    Hosted in collaboration with Health Canada's Tobacco Control Directorate.

    The purpose of this Best Brains Exchange (BBE) was to provide an opportunity for researchers, policy makers, health practitioners, youth, and other key stakeholders to support the Government of Canada's efforts to address the rapid rise in youth who vape. To complement enhanced efforts to prevent the uptake of vaping products among youth, there is interest in exploring approaches and tools that can help youth and young adults quit vaping.


  • Regulation of the Ontario Retirement Homes Sector

    Hosted in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility and the Ontario Ministry of Health.

    The purpose of this Best Brains Exchange (BBE) was to examine the distinction between long-term care and retirement homes, gain a deeper understanding of the research and implementation evidence related to retirement home models and assess the current provincial regulatory regime of retirement and long-term care homes to support future decision making.

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