Best Brains Exchanges 2023

Best Brains Exchanges (BBEs) are in-camera sessions. As a result, not all Best Brains Exchange topics and presenters are listed here. The following information is being shared with consent.

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  • Exploring the Development of a Canadian Breast Implant Registry

    Hosted in collaboration with Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) and Health Canada and the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health (IGH)

    The purpose of this Best Brains Exchange (BBE) was to examine current evidence and convene stakeholders from multiple sectors to determine whether developing a Canadian breast implant registry would improve patient notification in the event of safety concerns.


  • Treatment of Chronic Pain and Complex Concurrent Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions

    Hosted in collaboration with Health Canada

    The purpose of this Best Brains Exchange (BBE) was to bring together federal, provincial and territorial partners with researchers, clinicians, professional associations, implementation experts and those with lived experience to enhance and share knowledge related to best practices and treatment options for people living with chronic pain and concurrent mental illnesses and/or substance use-related conditions.

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