Knowledge translation & commercialization funding

CIHR’s strategic plan, Health Research Roadmap II, includes commitments to promote a culture of excellence in KT and to mobilize health research for transformation and impact. More specifically, CIHR is achieving these commitments by integrating stakeholders into the research process, including knowledge users in peer review, supporting the science of KT, facilitating evidence-informed health promotion and prevention, and building an entrepreneurial advantage.

CIHR supports KT and commercialization research through both investigator-initiated and priority-driven research.

Investigator-initiated Research

The key features of CIHR’s previous suite of KT and commercialization programs have now been integrated into CIHR’s new investigator-initiated research programs and peer review processes. The Project and Foundation Grants support ideas across the spectrum of research and KT/commercialization and encourage the inclusion of knowledge users and/or partners when appropriate. For example, KT/commercialization is facilitated in Project Grants by the ability to include knowledge users and/or partners in applications, and by the use of non-academic peer reviewers where appropriate.

Priority-Driven Research

CIHR supports a variety of Initiatives aligned with its research priorities: enhanced patient experience and outcomes through health innovation; health and wellness for Aboriginal peoples; a healthier future through preventive action; and improved quality of life for persons living with chronic conditions. All priority-driven initiatives incorporate at least some KT considerations, ranging from dissemination to integrated KT to commercialization.

Most CIHR Institutes also offer small Planning and Dissemination grants. Planning activities can include partnership development and/or increasing understanding of the health research landscape. Dissemination events/activities focus on the communication of health research evidence to the appropriate researcher and/or knowledge user audience(s), tailoring the message and medium as appropriate.

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