New Investigator Salary Award

CIHR's Institutes of Health Services and Policy Research (IHSPR) and Population and Public Health (IPPH), through the Roadmap Signature Initiative in CBPHC, provided funding for 13 New Investigator Awards in the area of CBPHC that have a primary focus on innovative models for chronic disease prevention and management in CBPHC and/or improving access to appropriate CBPHC for vulnerable populations.

Researcher profiles

Farah Ahmad
Interactive technologies for mental health in primary care

Cheryl Barnabe
Arthritis care for indigenous populations

Simone Dahrouge
Optimizing the performance of our primary health care

Andrea Gershon
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease health outcomes

Noah M Ivers
Interventions to Support Long-term Adherence and Decrease cardiovascular events post-Acute Coronary Syndrome

Dawn A Kingston
Program of Research in Perinatal Mental Health

Vicki L Kristman
Preventing Work Disability through Accommodation

Patricia T Li
Primary care for children: a research program aimed at improving quality of care

Joanna E Sale
A mixed-methods approach to reduce the burden of illness due to fracture

Hsien-Yeang Seow
Improving home and community-based palliative care through primary health care innovations

Joan Sims-Gould
A Community Based Research Program Focused on "Adding Life to Later Years"

Isabelle Vedel
Adapting and improving the quality and effectiveness of primary care services for Alzheimer's disease

Fiona Webster
Finding the complex patient in patient-centred care: an institutional ethnography of chronic pain management in family medicine

"Being a recipient of the CBPHC New Investigator Awards is an honor. More importantly, it has considerably contributed to the development of my research program. The opportunity to network with other recipients of the CBPHC SPOR funding initiative and the credibility that the award affords have been very beneficial. Since being granted the award, I have secured over $1 million as Nominated Principal Investigator and I am increasingly confident that the work I am doing with a team of outstanding researchers can help address gaps in primary health care and have a positive impact on lives in Ontario."

Simone Dahrouge
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