Innovation teams

The 12 CBPHC Innovation teams are the most significant investment of the CBPHC Signature Initiative. The teams are located throughout Canada and include a range of cross-jurisdictional programs designed to improve access to CBPHC for vulnerable populations and chronic disease prevention and management.

The 12 teams are focused on a variety of intersecting and complementary primary health care issues. There are teams that address general primary care transformation challenges, the management of specific conditions within the context of primary care, and primary care transformation within Indigenous communities.

Team Profiles

Marshall Godwin
Barriers and facilitators in access to child/youth mental health services: A mixed methods, inter-sectorial study in Atlantic Canada

Eva Grunfeld
Canadian team to improve community-based cancer care along the continuum (CanIMPACT)

Jeannie Haggerty
Innovative models promoting access and coverage team (IMPACT): Supporting the implementation of organisational innovations in community-based primary health care to improve population coverage and access for vulnerable groups

Stewart Harris
Transformation of indigenous primary healthcare delivery (FORGE AHEAD): Community-driven innovations and scale-up toolkits

Janusz Kaczorowski
Canadian chronic disease awareness and management program (C-ChAMP)

Alan Katz
Innovation in community based primary healthcare supporting transformation in the health of First Nations and rural/remote Manitoba communities: iPHIT

Claire Kendall
Advancing primary healthcare for persons living with HIV in Canada

Jenny Ploeg
Innovative community-based approaches to promote optimal aging for older adults with multiple chronic conditions and their caregivers

Moira Stewart
Patient-centred innovations for persons with multimorbidity

Walter Wodchis
Implementing models of primary health care for older adults with complex needs

Sabrina Wong
Transforming CBPHC delivery through comprehensive performance measurement and reporting

Kue Young
Transforming primary healthcare in remote northern communities: The circumpolar health system innovation team [CIRCHSIT]

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