Methods/Approaches – Level 1 Methods/Approaches - Level 2
Behavioural Studies Cognitive Function
Behavioural Studies Motor Function
Biochemical Methods Chromatography
Biochemical Methods Electrophoresis
Biochemical Methods Enzymatic Assays
Biochemical Methods Immunoassays
Biochemical Methods Organelle Isolation
Biochemical Methods Protein Purification
Biochemical Methods Protein Structure and Dynamics
Biochemical Methods Protein Synthesis
Biochemical Methods Structure-Function Study
Biomarkers Diagnostic
Biomarkers Inflammatory
Biomarkers Predictive
Biomarkers Prognostic
Biomedical Engineering Computer Sciences
Biomedical Engineering Medical Devices and Prosthetics
Biomedical Engineering Nanoparticles
Biomedical Engineering Robotics
Biomedical Engineering Tissue Engineering
Computer Science Technologies Computational Biology
Computer Science Technologies Data Management
Computer Science Technologies eHealth
Computer Science Technologies Health Informatics
Computer Science Technologies Machine Learning
Computer Science Technologies Virtual Reality
Data Management & Integration Big Data Analysis
Data Management & Integration Data Mining
Drug Discovery High-Throughput Screening
Drug Discovery Small Molecule Inhibitors
Evaluation & Intervention Research Methods Evidence-Based Practice Approaches
Evaluation & Intervention Research Methods Feasibility Study
Evaluation & Intervention Research Methods International Comparison Analysis
Evaluation & Intervention Research Methods Intervention Studies
Evaluation & Intervention Research Methods Meta-Analysis
Evaluation & Intervention Research Methods Policy Analysis
Evaluation & Intervention Research Methods Program Evaluation
Evaluation & Intervention Research Methods Risk Stratification Methods
Evaluation & Intervention Research Methods Systematic Review
Experimental Study Clinical Prediction Rule
Experimental Study Clinical Research
Experimental Study Clinical Trial
Experimental Study Pre-Clinical Study
Experimental Study Quasi-Experimental Study
Experimental Study Randomized Controlled Trial
Experimental Study Randomized Trial
Health Economics Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Health Economics Economic Analysis
Histology Histopathology
Histology Immunocytochemistry
Histology Immunohistochemistry
Histology In Situ Hybridization
Histology Laser-Capture Microdissection
Histology Tissue Arrays
Imaging & Recording Angiography
Imaging & Recording Atomic Force Microscopy
Imaging & Recording Autofluorescence
Imaging & Recording Calcium Imaging
Imaging & Recording Computerized Tomography
Imaging & Recording Confocal Microscopy
Imaging & Recording Diffusion/Dynamic   
Imaging & Recording Echocardiography
Imaging & Recording Elastography
Imaging & Recording Electrocardiography
Imaging & Recording Electroencephalography
Imaging & Recording Electromyography
Imaging & Recording Electron Microscopy
Imaging & Recording Electrophysiology
Imaging & Recording Electroretinography
Imaging & Recording Endoscopy
Imaging & Recording Flow Cytometry
Imaging & Recording Fluorescence Microscopy
Imaging & Recording Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Microscopy
Imaging & Recording In Vivo
Imaging & Recording Intravital Microscopy
Imaging & Recording Live cell
Imaging & Recording Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Imaging & Recording Magnetoencephalography
Imaging & Recording Mass Spectrometry
Imaging & Recording Myocardial Perfusion
Imaging & Recording Near Infrared/Infrared Spectroscopy
Imaging & Recording Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Imaging & Recording Patch Clamp Electrophysiology
Imaging & Recording Positron Emission Tomography
Imaging & Recording Quantitative Imaging
Imaging & Recording Super-Resolution Microscopy
Imaging & Recording Two Photon Microscopy
Imaging & Recording Ultrasound
Imaging & Recording X-Ray
Imaging & Recording X-Ray Crystallography
Implementation Research Implementation Research
Indigenous Methods Indigenous Methods
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Actigraphy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Antiviral Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Arthroplasty
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Cancer Screening
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Cancer Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Cell Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Chronic Disease Management
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Chronic Disease Prevention
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Combination Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Deep Brain Stimulation
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Electrical Stimulation
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Epigenetic Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Exercise Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Family Medicine
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Gene Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Genetic Testing
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Hemodialysis
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Hormonal Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Image Guided Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Immunizations
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Implants
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention In Vitro Fertilization
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Microdialysis
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Nutrition
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Oncolytic Viruses
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Personalized Medicine
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Phage Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Pharmacotherapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Physiotherapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Psychotherapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Radiation Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Radioimmunotherapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Speech Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Surgical Methods
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Targeted Therapy
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Transfusion
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Transplantation
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Umbilical Cord Blood
Intervention, Treatments & Prevention Viral Therapy
Knowledge Translation Knowledge Synthesis
Knowledge Translation Translational Research
Lived Experience Lived Experience
Mixed Methods Mixed Methods
Molecular Biology Methods CRISPR/Cas
Molecular Biology Methods Epigenetics
Molecular Biology Methods Functional Genetics
Molecular Biology Methods Gene Silencing and Interference
Molecular Biology Methods Gene Targeting
Molecular Biology Methods Genome Editing
Molecular Biology Methods Genotyping
Molecular Biology Methods Homologous Recombination
Molecular Biology Methods Methylation Analysis
Molecular Biology Methods microRNA
Molecular Biology Methods Mutagenesis
Molecular Biology Methods Non-coding RNAs
Molecular Biology Methods Optical Mapping
Molecular Biology Methods Optogenetics
Molecular Biology Methods PCR/RT-PCR
Molecular Biology Methods Recombinant Proteins
Molecular Biology Methods RNA and DNA Sequencing & Technologies
Molecular Biology Methods Transfection
Molecular Biology Methods Transgenics and Knockouts
Molecular Biology Methods Xeno/Allo-graft Models
Molecular Biology Methods Viral Transduction
Observational Study Case Control Study
Observational Study Cohort Study
Observational Study Cross-Sectional Study
Observational Study Longitudinal Study
Observational Study Prospective Cohort Study
Observational Study Survey Study
Omics Technologies Bioinformatics
Omics Technologies ChIP-Seq
Omics Technologies Epigenomics
Omics Technologies Functional Screening
Omics Technologies Gene Expression Profiling
Omics Technologies Genome-Wide Association Study
Omics Technologies Genomic Epidemiology
Omics Technologies Genomics
Omics Technologies Metabolomics
Omics Technologies Microarray
Omics Technologies Lipidomics
Omics Technologies Proteomics
Omics Technologies Regulatory Networks
Omics Technologies Transcriptomics
Patient Oriented Research Patient Engagement Study
Patient Oriented Research Patient Experience Study
Patient Oriented Research Patient-Centered Care
Patient Oriented Research Patient-Reported Outcomes
Pharmaceutical Methods Drug Delivery
Pharmaceutical Methods Drug Design and Development
Pharmaceutical Methods Drug Efficacy
Pharmaceutical Methods Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Pharmaceutical Methods Target Validation
Population & Social Sciences Methods Association Study
Population & Social Sciences Methods Behavioural Study
Population & Social Sciences Methods Community Engagement Study
Population & Social Sciences Methods Community-Based Participatory Research
Population & Social Sciences Methods Community-Based Research
Population & Social Sciences Methods Ethnography
Population & Social Sciences Methods Family Studies
Population & Social Sciences Methods Gene-Environment Interaction Study
Population & Social Sciences Methods Group Intervention
Population & Social Sciences Methods Health Services Research
Population & Social Sciences Methods Multidisciplinary Approaches
Population & Social Sciences Methods Participation Study
Population & Social Sciences Methods Population Study
Population & Social Sciences Methods Psychometrics
Population & Social Sciences Methods Sex & Gender Research
Population & Social Sciences Methods Social Network Analysis
Population & Social Sciences Methods Social Participation Study
Population & Social Sciences Methods Validation Study
Qualitative Methods Case Study
Qualitative Methods Focus Group
Qualitative Methods Grounded Theory
Qualitative Methods Interviews
Qualitative Methods Narrative Analysis
Qualitative Methods Questionnaires
Quantitative Methods Quantitative Methods
Statistics & Modeling Bayesian
Statistics & Modeling Biostatistics
Statistics & Modeling Computational Modeling
Statistics & Modeling Logistic Regression Analysis
Statistics & Modeling Mathematical Modeling
Statistics & Modeling Monte Carlo Method
Statistics & Modeling Multilevel Modeling
Statistics & Modeling Multivariate Analysis
Statistics & Modeling Prognostic Model
Statistics & Modeling Simulations
Statistics & Modeling Structural Equation Modeling
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