Operating Grant: 2013-2014 – Funding Decisions Notification (March 2014 Competition – 201403MOP)

Determination of Grants Approved

In approving the results of the Operating Grant: 2013-2014 (March 2014) competition, Science Council (SC) took into account:

  • the commitment to fund at least 400 grants;
  • the need to provide the highest level of funding, considering the constraints on CIHR’s budget;
  • the balance between size of grant and number of grants awarded;
  • the establishment of a specific maximum portion of the budget ($12.5M) for large grants;
  • the continuing commitment to follow rank order in the funding of all applications to CIHR competitions; and
  • the integration of the Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) program into the Open Operating Grant Program.

Some Facts

  • Total applications in the competition: 2862
  • Fundable applications (rated ≥3.5): 2147
  • Total non-RCT applications: 2588
  • Total RCT applications: 274
  • Total large grant applications (within totals above): 49
  • Total fundable non-RCT: 1984
  • Total fundable RCT: 163
  • Total fundable large grants (within totals above): 37
  • Total funded non-RCT: 359
  • Total funded RCT: 41
  • Total funded large grants (within totals above): 3
  • Operating grants funded from the core competition budget: 400
  • Est. number of additional full term Operating grants funded through Priority Announcements1: 15
  • Est. number of additional bridge grants funded through Priority Announcements1 and other sources: 92
  • Data below on average grant size and average grant duration are calculated based on the grant size and duration post peer review (and after the across the board cut) for funded grants. This will differ from annual corporate statistics which are based on actual grants paid out.
    Total est. number of grants approved within the Operating Grant: 2013-2014 (March) competition: 507
  • Large grants: The total number of grants approved includes 3 large grants with an average total grant size of $2 M. In the current competition any grant totaling $1,441,441 or more (after all committee-recommended and CIHR across-the-board cuts) was considered a large grant.
  • Average full term total grant size from the Operating Grant 2013-2014 (March) competition: $628,868.
  • Median full term total grant size from the Operating Grant 2013-2014 (March) competition: $658,800.2
  • Average duration of full term grants: 4.43 years.
  • Funding of these grants was made possible by reducing the recommended budgets of the funded proposals by a maximum 26.8% over peer review recommended amounts (with the exception that no annual payment was reduced below $60,000, except where recommended by peer review).

Level of Investment

  • Est. core competition investment: $ 251.5 million over nine years, an increase of approximately 4.7% over the amount invested for the previous competition.
  • Est. Full-Term Priority Announcement investment (CIHR and external partners): $5.1 million.
  • Est. Bridge grant investment (CIHR and external partners): $9.2 million.

Other facts and frequently asked questions relating to the Open Operating Grant Program can be accessed at CIHR Open Operating Grant Program Competitions – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Additional Notes

Since some of the applications were approved conditional on meeting certain conditions, these specific applications will not appear in the detailed funding decisions database until and unless conditions are met.

The deadline for receipt of applications to the next (March 2015) Transitional Open Operating grant competition is Monday March 2, 2015 by 8:00 p.m. ET. All applicants who intend to submit an application to this competition must register their intent to apply to CIHR by Monday January 9, 2015 by 8:00 p.m. ET.

Visit our website for more information on the registration process. Applications will be accepted only from those who have registered by the Monday, January 9, 2015 deadline. If you register and then decide not to apply, please notify CIHR as soon as possible to indicate that you are withdrawing from the competition.

Funding decisions data report


Footnote 1

Priority Announcements represent additional sources of funding beyond the core competition budget that are available for funding of highly ranked applications that meet specific relevance criteria defined by CIHR and any external Priority Announcement partners. In applying to the Operating Grants competition, applicants can identify up to three Priority Announcements to which their application may be relevant.


Footnote 2

A correction to the median grant size in the September 2013 competition should be noted. The median should have been stated as $628,373.


Footnote 3

A correction to the average grant duration in the September 2013 competition should be noted. The average grant duration should have been stated as 4.3 years.


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