Checklist for the Replacement of the Nominated Principal Investigator on Existing Grants


To replace the Nominated Principal Investigator on existing grants, the requester must do the following:

  1. Complete the form “Request to Replace the Nominated Principal Investigator on Existing Grants” [ PDF (99.23 KB) ].
  2. Obtain the required signatures as outlined in the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide, subsection ”Required Signatures on the Request to Replace, Add, Remove or Promote Individuals on Existing Grants”.
  3. Write a letter bearing their original or copied signature, stating:
    1. the change requested;
    2. a description of the circumstances that have initiated the need for the request;
    3. the impact the change will have on the research objectives;
    4. the name of the Nominated Principal Investigator to be replaced;
    5. the rationale for the replacement;
    6. the anticipated start date of the new Nominated Principal Investigator.


    • If the Nominated Principal Investigator is seriously ill or has passed away, a Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator or the appropriate authorized official at the Institution Paid may prepare and sign this letter.
    • When replacing the Nominated Principal Investigator, the replacement is normally chosen from among the existing Principal Investigators and Co Investigators as these sets of expertise have been reviewed by the peer review committee and contributed to the recommendation to fund this research. The individual submitting the request must explain why they are seeking to replace the Nominated Principal Investigator.
  4. Submit a "Common CV" as required in the original funding opportunity. For the new Nominated Principal Investigator, the CV must demonstrate that they meet the individual eligibility requirements as outlined in the original funding opportunity.
  5. Submit the required package by email to CIHR.
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