Funding Decisions Notifications: notes

Decision contents

Funding decisions for CIHR-funded applications include:

  • the title of the research project
  • the name of the principal investigator(s) and co-investigator(s)
  • a summary of the funding opportunity for which the application was submitted
  • contacts for further information
  • a link to the funding decisions data report for the funding awarded

Special conditions

Funding decisions for grants/awards with special conditions that have been placed on the release of their funding will be posted once the conditions are met.

Applications that deal with human embryonic stem cells require the approval of CIHR's Stem Cell Oversight Committee. Funding decision notifications for grants/awards that require Stem Cell Oversight Committee review will only be posted following approval of the Stem Cell Oversight Committee and further consideration by CIHR's Governing Council.

Nominated Principal Investigators are informed that their applications have special conditions or require Stem Cell Oversight Committee review in their Letters of Decision.

Official record

Funding decisions are for information only. The Authorization for Funding will constitute the official record.

Language used

The information is provided in the language in which it was submitted by the researcher.

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