Expedited Knowledge Synthesis

Expedited Knowledge Synthesis (EKS) accelerates all phases of knowledge synthesis production - application, review, research, knowledge translation - to offer timely, accessible and relevant evidence to decision makers at provincial/ territorial ministries of health, in a 6-9 month timeframe.

The objectives of the Expedited Knowledge Synthesis program are to:

  • provide decision makers with high-quality knowledge syntheses and workshops that respond to their identified topic and priority need in a short period of time
  • offer an accelerated response option for decision makers who want timely, synthesized evidence on issues of high importance, related directly to their healthcare and system challenges and questions.

This program supports teams of researchers to conduct EKS on priority topics identified by health ministries across the country. CIHR invites researchers from diverse disciplines to apply for the project. The successful team(s) will have 6 months to complete their syntheses and hold a workshop to assist decision makers in the interpretation and contextualization of their findings.

Expedited Knowledge Synthesis uses all of the characteristics of a standard CIHR funding opportunity, but several innovations have been introduced to allow a quick response to the knowledge needs of decision makers.

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