Travel Information for Peer Review Committee Members

All CIHR-related travel is governed by the provisions of the Treasury Board (TB) Travel Directive.

The CIHR Travel Policy ensures fair treatment of those traveling on government business. The provisions contained in this policy are mandatory and provide for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred while traveling on government business.

For more information, please see the CIHR Travel Policy.


CIHR has an agreement with Vision Travel Solutions.

Vision Travel Solutions offers:

  • Centralized toll-free reservations
  • International travelers are to use
  • Advanced seat selection
  • Frequent flyer credits
  • Insurance
  • Direct billing to CIHR

Peer review committee members make their own transportation arrangements; it is recommended that all air and rail transportation be booked through Vision Travel Solutions.

For more information about Vision Travel Solutions, please see the Vision Travel Solutions attachment of your acceptance confirmation letter.


CIHR holds its peer review committee meetings at hotels in downtown Ottawa. CIHR staff make hotel reservations for all peer review committee members. If you have any special needs, please contact the Peer Review Recruitment Coordinator responsible for your committee, as indicated on your acceptance confirmation letter.

The hotels at which the peer review committee meetings are held offer:

  • Rooms guaranteed for late arrivals
  • Complimentary (or at CIHR expense) Internet access in guest rooms
  • Complimentary (or at CIHR expense) access to fitness facilities
  • Direct billing to CIHR

Travel Expense Reimbursements

To limit administrative costs, a flat-rate travel allowance is available to each peer review committee member; if you do not receive a travel allowance, you must submit a travel expense reimbursement claim form.

For general information about travel expense reimbursement, please see CIHR Travel Expenses Reimbursement Guidelines.

For specific information about travel allowances, please contact CIHR Financial Operations:


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