Peer review committee membership lists

Peer Review Committee (PRC) membership lists:

  • Are posted approximately 60 days after funding decisions have been published on the CIHR website;
  • Include the names of all peer reviewers whose contributions have had an impact on the recommendation/decision, including those who have only partaken in a portion of the review/meeting.

Protecting the confidentiality of a reviewer is a priority for CIHR. As such, if the number of reviewers per application is equal or greater than 50% of the number of reviewers on the committee, the list will not be posted. In other words, in order for the committee list to be posted, the committee size must be greater than twice the number of reviewers per application. Finally, should there be any way for the reviewers to be identified, then the membership lists or names of the peer reviewers whose confidentiality may be compromised will not be posted.

For each application that is discussed, any committee member in conflict with the application is asked to leave the room or teleconference.

Peer Review Committee Memberships

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