IHSPR Strategic Priority Research Areas

IHSPR’s new five-year strategy is purposefully aligned with the pan-Canadian Vision and Strategy for Health Services and Policy Research. Both envision a future where research intelligence drives health system transformation that improves health and health system outcomes for Canadians. Both see partnerships and collaboration as key ingredients to success. Our strategy builds on IHSPR’s track record of research excellence, catalyzing innovative programs and initiatives, and partnering to achieve greater impact. IHSPR’s Institute Advisory Board reviewed the seven pan-Canadian strategic directions and five research priority areas and selected those that IHSPR was well positioned to advance based on an assessment of: 1) gaps and strengths; 2) potential for international leadership; 3) potential for partnering; 4) alignment with CIHR Health Research Roadmap II and synergies with SPOR; and 5) opportunities for inter-Institute collaboration.

The board selected four complimentary priorities where innovation and new evidence is needed to support successful health system transformation and sustainability to meet the needs of an aging society:

  1. The Creation of Learning Health Systems and the Next Generation of Researchers with the Skills to Partner in Health System Learning and Transformation
  2. eHealth
  3. Healthy Aging in the Community
  4. Health System Financing, Funding, and Sustainability
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