IHSPR Strategic research priorities

Help launch IHSPR’s strategic planning process and shape our 2020-2025 strategic plan

IHSPR is developing its next five-year strategic plan. The plan will identify strategic directions and research priorities that will support innovative, impactful research and a thriving HSPR community. We are committed to engaging with our community – patients and citizens, decision-makers, clinicians, researchers, trainees and partner organizations – in order to identify priorities that matter to Canadians. Our engagement process is multi-pronged and will be carried out over the coming months.

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CIHR's mission

Our mission

To foster excellence and innovation in health services and policy research and to catalyze the application of research findings to policies, practice and programs that provide real-world benefit and enhance the provision of high-quality care for Canadians.

Our vision

To position Canada as a global leader in optimizing the health and health outcomes in the population through the provision of evidence-informed healthcare services.

Our strategic research priorities

The CIHR-IHSPR Strategic Plan 2015-2019: Transformation through Research Innovation sets out an ambitious direction for the next five years. We aim to build the scientific leadership for learning health systems in Canada, tap into the transformative potential of eHealth for Canadian healthcare, find a better system to support aging in the community and provide research intelligence on the question of how to finance and fund the health system of the future.

The following strategic priorities set out in the CIHR-IHSPR Strategic Plan 2015-2019 were identified under the guidance of our Institute Advisory Board and work on the Pan-Canadian Vision & Strategy for Health Services and Policy Research:

  • The Creation of Learning Health Systems and the Next Generation of Researchers with the Skills to Partner in Health System Learning and Transformation
  • eHealth
  • Healthy Aging in the Community
  • Health System Financing, Funding, and Sustainability

For more information about these priorities, please read the full strategic plan. Large scale IHSPR initiatives can be viewed on our Initiatives page. For a complete list of funding opportunities currently offered by IHSPR, please visit the IHSPR Funding section of our website.

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