2024 IAB Expertise, Experience and Representation

CIHR is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and strives to cultivate diversity and inclusivity on the IABs. We value contributions from individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to help shape health research that will serve all Canadians.

We strongly encourage applications from individuals who identify as Indigenous, Francophone, gender diverse, those living with disability, or belong to an equity-denied group. Patients, patient advocates and individuals with lived experience are also encouraged to apply.

Please see below for additional areas of expertise, experience and representation that Institutes are looking to fill on their IAB this cycle. Please note that while selection is competitive, your application will remain active in the IAB candidate pool for three (3) years.

Institute Vacancies to Fill Expertise, experience and representation
Aging Up to 4
  • Individuals with lived experiences
  • Expertise/experience in health services for older adults, epidemiology in aging, healthcare professional (neurologist, psychiatrist, social worker, nurse)
Cancer Research Up to 2
  • Representation from Northen or Eastern Canada, or international
  • Patient advocate and patient community representation
  • Expertise in global health/oncology
Circulatory and Respiratory Health Up to 3
  • Representation from Northen and Eastern Canada
  • Senior career stage (>15 years of experience)
  • Representation from non-governmental organization(s)
  • Expertise/experience in critical care, respiratory medicine, clinical trials, health services and health systems research
Gender and Health Up to 4
  • Early career stage
  • Representation from Health Care Delivery, Knowledge Translation, NGO, Public Policy and government sectors
  • Expertise/experience in cross-disciplinary work related to sex and gender, health of 2SLGBTQI+, women, and Black and Indigenous communities; development of methods for integration of sex and gender across research
  • Representation from Western, Eastern and Northern Canada
Genetics Up to 4
  • Expertise/experience in health care delivery, Indigenous health research, biomedical research (model organisms)
  • Representation from Eastern Canada
Health Services and Policy Research Up to 1
  • Expertise/experience with using Quintuple Aim as a framework in research, health policy, research impact/impact assessment expertise
  • Representation from rural and remote regions of Canada and Northern Canada
  • Early career stage
  • NAPHRO member
Human Development, Child and Youth Health Up to 3
  • Eastern Canada representation
  • Parents and patients/persons with lived experiences
Indigenous Peoples' Health   No specific requests
Infection and Immunity  
  • Expertise in clinical (pillar 2), health services and health systems (pillar 3) and population, societal and environmental (pillar 4) research
  • Representation from sectors outside of academia including governmental organizations (ex. Public Health Agency of Canada)
Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis Up to 4
  • Representation from Northern, Eastern and Western Canada
  • Expertise/experience in digital health, basic science, sociocultural research, arthritis
  • Early career stage
Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction Up to 2 No specific requests
Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes Up to 2
  • Clinical research experience
  • Representation from Northern and Eastern Canada
Population and Public Health Up to 6
  • Expertise/experience in data science, climate change, epidemiology
  • Representation of Western, Eastern and Northern Canada
  • Representation from knowledge translation sector, community organizations, provincial/territorial governments and public policy domains
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