IYS-Net: Networks

IYS sites in Canada are organized into Networks based on the provinces or territories in which they are located. Almost all provinces and territories have developed, or are in the process of developing, an IYS Network. A Network of sites within Indigenous communities Canada-wide has also been established to ensure equitable, culturally relevant support for Indigenous youth.

The Preliminary Phase of IYS-Net funded implementation science research to help inform pan-Canadian standards, such as best practice guidelines and wise practices, for IYS. This phase provided funding to support the three most established provincial IYS Networks (Foundry in British Columbia, Aire ouverte in Quebec, and Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario) and an Indigenous Network drawn from existing ACCESS Open Minds sites in First Nations and Inuit communities where research and service delivery is guided by a well-established Indigenous Council.

Building on the Preliminary Phase, Phase 1 of IYS-Net will expand from the four initial Networks to formalize the development of, and linkages between, existing and emerging provincial, territorial, and Indigenous IYS Networks across Canada.

Funded IYS-Net Networks

Logo Network Name Region
Foundry Foundry British Columbia
Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario Ontario
Aire ouverte Aire ouverte Quebec
Indigenous Network Indigenous Network (drawn from existing ACCESS Open Minds sites and guided by an Indigenous Council) Indigenous communities Canada-wide
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