Rare Disease Research Initiative

As part of the National Strategy for Drugs for Rare Diseases, the Government of Canada will support CIHR over five years to advance research initiatives in rare diseases (RDs) through the CIHR Rare Disease Research Initiative.

This initiative will support the establishment of a RD clinical trial network in Canada, the development of optimized diagnostic pathways, increased capacity to define the impact of RDs on patients and their families, and strengthening of the gene therapy ecosystem for RDs.

As part of Budget 2019, this government funding includes the following funding opportunities:

  1. Network Grant: National Pediatric Rare Disease Clinical Trials and Treatment Network
  2. Operating Grants: Bringing Rare Disease Gene Therapies to Clinical Trial Readiness
  3. Team Grant: Improving Diagnosis for Rare Disease Patients
  4. Team Grant: Improving Health and Administrative Data and Monitoring for Rare Diseases
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