Sample Email – Welcome to Reviewers
Mock Review Toolkit – Project Grant Competition: Planning the Simulation

For Facilitators: This email template is meant to welcome participants to the Mock Review Simulation and provide a high level overview of tasks and important dates, beginning with the mandatory Conflict of Interest form. Please remove or replace any green instructional text with the appropriate information as required.

The following item(s) must be included as an attachment:

  1. Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement for Peer Reviewers and Peer Review Observers Form

Dear participants of the CIHR Mock Review Simulation,

We are pleased to welcome you to this unique and exciting opportunity to experience the CIHR Project Grant Peer Review process. [Provide a brief overview of the simulation type and the goals as outlined under Select a Simulation in the Mock Review Toolkit.]

Timeline - Tasks and Meetings

Please see below for a list of important tasks culminating in the mock committee meeting. [Enter general dates, or provide a high level timeline, as applicable. We have provided a mock timeline below with training, tasks and the committee meeting proper as an example].

  1. (Mandatory) Confidentiality Agreement
    • You must read through, sign, and return the attached Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement for Peer Reviewers and Peer Review Observers Form by [date] to participate in the mock review simulation.
  2. Pre-Simulation Training – [date][date]
    • At-Home Learning
      1. Participants will be provided with learning materials to complete prior to application assignment.
    • (Optional) Pre-Simulation Training Session – [date]
      1. Facilitators will guide participants through the Pre-Simulation Training materials.
  3. Application Assignment and At-Home Reviews – [date][date]
    • (Optional) Participants will be asked to complete an Ability to Review task to best match applications to their expertise prior to assignment and review.
    • Participants will be assigned applications to review based on their expertise and conduct reviews at-home prior to the Committee meeting.
  4. Committee Meeting – [date]
    • Participants will convene to discuss and rate the applications.
  5. Debrief and Post-Simulation Survey – [date][date]
    • (Optional) Following the Committee meeting, participants will have a facilitated discussion on the peer review process and their overall experience during the simulation.
    • In the weeks following the simulation, Participants will be sent a Post-Simulation Survey to evaluate the utility and effectiveness of the simulation.

Participants [We suggest including a list of participants, and possibly executives, for smaller simulations as it may allow for better networking opportunities within your institution or organization]

Please find the current list of participants for the simulation below:

# Last Name First Name Faculty Name of Unit or Department Supervisor CIHR Theme/Pillar CIHR Institute

[Closing remarks as required] [Signature]

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