Sample Email – At-Home Reviews
Mock Review Toolkit – Project Grant Competition: Running the Simulation

For Facilitators: We recommend sending all applications, per committee, as a collated PDF document or “binder”. We would only recommend sending individual applications, or unique participant binders, if you are aware of conflicts of interest between a participant and an application (only likely to occur during an Internal Review simulation). You can indicate, either in the email or the binder, which application each participant was assigned. Please remove or replace any highlighted placeholder or instructional text for facilitators with the appropriate information.

The following items should be included as attachments:

  1. Review Template
  2. Application binder or assigned application(s)


[Include if Ability to Review is part of simulation] Thank you for completing your Ability to Review task. Please find attached a binder containing all [X] applications. You have been assigned the following applications to review for the mock review simulation.

[List application numbers here]

Your reviews must be completed prior to the committee meeting by [Insert date].

As a reminder, please note that the applications are confidential and should not be shared with others and must be destroyed after the [Insert Date] Committee meeting.

[Include if Ability to Review is NOT part of the simulation] It is important to note, the provided applications may not align perfectly with your expertise; however, given that this is a training exercise, we feel that you will have enough to contribute to meet the learning objectives of the mock review simulation.

[Include if Ability to Review is NOT part of the simulation] If you have any potential conflicts with the listed applications, please indicate this in a response to this email.

Conducting your Review

Please use the attached Review Template to complete each of your reviews for your assigned applications. Please contact us if you have any accessibility issues.

Lastly, we would like to remind everyone involved in the mock simulation that the Mock Review Toolkit is a self-directed learning platform. As such, participants are strongly encouraged to take responsibility and ownership for their learning to maximize their experience and learning outcomes, including reading through the Toolkit’s Pre-Simulation Training section.

[Note to Facilitator: If you are running the Internal simulation, it is important you make clear to the participants that their reviews will be returned to applicants to help improve their applications prior to submission]

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Facilitator. Thank you,


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