Sample Email – Promotional Materials for Simulation
Mock Review Toolkit – Project Grant Competition: Planning the Simulation

For Facilitators: Use this sample email to promote the Mock Review Simulation. Your simulation can also be promoted through other platforms, such as your organization’s website or social media. Please remove or replace any instructional text, with the appropriate information.


[insert organization(s)] are pleased to announce this unique and exciting opportunity to experience the CIHR Project Grant Peer Review process. Using the CIHR Mock Review Toolkit, we will be running a [insert name for your simulation]. The purpose of this simulation is to support awareness of the peer review process at CIHR and to help participants to develop and improve their peer review skills. [may require additional text if running internal simulation]


[Provide a brief overview of the simulation type, the goals as outlined under Select a Simulation in the Mock Review Toolkit, as well as general expectations for participants]

Time Commitment and Schedule

The Mock Review Simulation will run from approximately [enter general dates, or provide a high level timeline, as applicable]. The approximate time commitment for this program is [enter time commitment based on simulation type – include any Training sessions as applicable]. A more detailed timeline of simulation tasks for participants will be provided upon registration and selection.

[Indicate any eligibility criteria or restrictions on participation, particularly if specific expertise is required or limited spots are available]


If you interested in this opportunity, please [reply to this email, contact @ email]. In your response to this announcement, please include the following details [adjust table as necessary for your simulation]:


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