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Mock Review Toolkit: Post-Simulation

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6. Post-Simulation

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  • Debrief and Post-Simulation Survey
  • Feedback to Project Grant applicants – Internal Simulations

Week 8: Light Simulation

Week 10-11: Full Simulation

Week 13-15: Internal Simulation

6.1 Debrief and Post-Simulation Survey

Following the simulation, a discussion about review quality should follow, using the Standards of Practice for Peer Review. CIHR bases its funding decisions on peer review, the internationally accepted standard for determining excellence in scientific research. The integrity of the peer review system relies on the ability of Reviewers to exercise fair and rigorous judgement. Reviewers demonstrate this judgement through written reports (or reviews), which normally consist of the rating and explanatory comments.

Reviewers are also encouraged to discuss and reflect on the overall experience and lessons learned. Please use the Review Quality Checklist provided in the pre-simulation training materials to help discuss or evaluate the quality of reviews and discussions that took place during the simulation.

In the weeks following the simulation, Reviewers should also be sent the Post-Simulation Survey to evaluate the utility and effectiveness of the simulation. The Post-Simulation Survey seeks to assess the effectiveness of the CIHR Mock Review Toolkit. Please note that the feedback provided should be anonymous and that the results of the survey should be amalgamated and shared with CIHR and the participants of the program.

6.2 Feedback to Project Grant Applicants – Internal Simulations

Note, this step is only for Internal Simulations and should be conducted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the actual Project Grant application submission deadline.

Facilitators should collect reviews and SO Notes from Reviewers/Executives to provide to Project Grant applicants. The Project Grant applicants can use this feedback to improve their proposals prior to submission.

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