Message from the Conflict of Interest Officer

Dwayne Martins

Dwayne Martins
COI Officer
Associate Vice-President,
Corporate Services

By way of appointment by the President in 2021 as the Conflict of Interest Officer (COI), I am responsible for the identification, prevention and management of COI risks throughout the organization, as well as the consistent implementation of related policies, and general oversight, monitoring and reporting. To fulfil this mandate, a governance support structure that includes representatives from across the organization, known as Offices of Primary Interest (OPIs) was created.

These OPIs monitor and manage COI in their work with CIHR governing and advisory bodies, partners, peer review participants, and employees. A new Advisory Committee to the COI Officer supports the Officer with advice over the full range of COI responsibilities.

These changes will ensure that CIHR relies on coordinated and cohesive COI policies and approaches that are responsive to the changing landscape and consistent with Priority A (Advance Research Excellence in All Its Diversity) of CIHR's Strategic Plan. We will continue to enhance and promote policies, procedures, raise awareness and provide communications tools to support a culture of high ethical standards, openness and collaboration in the prevention and management of actual, potential and perceived conflicts of interest.

I am confident that by effectively monitoring and managing COI situations and continuing an open dialogue about COI risks, we will maintain the public trust in the impartiality of CIHR's decision-making, and protect the integrity of the agency, its governing and advisory bodies and its stakeholders.


Dwayne Martins,
Conflict of Interest Officer
Associate Vice-President, Corporate Services

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