Partnerships for Better Health – CIHR-ICRH Strategic Plan 2022-2025
Priority C: Catalyzing Impact Through Knowledge Mobilization

Long description

The Institute will work with valued partners to cultivate trust, transparency and confidence among researchers and community groups to inform the generation of knowledge, its dissemination and validation, and ultimately, the tailoring and refinement of knowledge to improve the circulatory and respiratory health and wellness of all Canadians.

Strategic Goal

To maximize the impact of new and existing knowledge created by and for the ICRH research community.


CIHR played an important leadership role in developing a knowledge translation framework and impact opportunities for health research. The 2021-2031 CIHR Strategic Plan has a renewed emphasis on knowledge translation by recognizing the evolving field of KM as a key priority to reimagine the uptake, scale and spread of evidence so it is ingrained within Canadian health systems.

Over the past six years, ICRH has continued to participate in KM activities such as the Best Brains Exchanges or end-of-grant workshops (e.g., Effects of the Alberta Wildfires dissemination workshop), supported mandate-specific research training programs and provided opportunities for networking and collaboration (e.g., travel awards, strengthening workshops and planning and dissemination meeting grants.). Collectively, these activities have provided lessons about effective engagement strategies and will inform future and ongoing KM strategies.


Over the course of the pandemic, there have been growing concerns over the abundance of science and health misinformation and the need to combat it. Social media platforms and communication tools have provided opportunities for widespread sharing of diverse perspectives on health topics, particularly those related to, the response to and prevention of, COVID-19.

Now more than ever, it is paramount that credible information sources that disseminate scientifically sound health information earn the trust and confidence of Canadians. Communicating key findings in an accessible format may encourage the public to be well-informed in their efforts to make evidence-based choices that are more closely aligned with current health recommendations.


As the science of KM evolves, the Institute will remain nimble and responsive to the strategies where knowledge is successfully mobilized into action. ICRH will work with valued partners to cultivate trust, transparency and confidence within the research community to address evidence gaps and areas of concern.

We will seek innovative ways to contribute to meaningful and accessible KM activities within our mandate. The Institute will promote for the need for high quality, impactful KM strategies, while creating inclusive opportunities for members of our research community to share their findings. We will champion research evidence that builds and encourages the health literacy of Canadians.


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