Partnerships for Better Health – CIHR-ICRH Strategic Plan 2022-2025
Priority A: Preparing Future Capacity

Long description

The Institute is reimaging the capacity development paradigm to better reflect the dynamic environment needed to create a more inclusive and diverse ICRH research community.

Strategic Goal

To attract, retain and develop future research and knowledge leaders within the Institute mandate.


The circulatory and respiratory health community has benefitted from an Institute-driven focus on training and capacity development that is mandate-specific, flexible and delivered annually.

Training and capacity development has included a focus on providing individual supports through studentships, fellowships and early career investigator awards, program-based supports through investment in early career research forums and support for training platforms included in network funding opportunities.

In addition, travel awards, meeting grants and in-kind resources strive to promote an equitable, inclusive and diverse approach to training and career development. Finally, investments have promoted career sustainability through available funding across the early-stage career path.


Strengthening Canada’s health research capacity represents a present and ongoing need within the Institute mandate in order to accelerate the process of scientific discovery and application of knowledge into evidence-based solutions that address important circulatory and respiratory health challenges.

Continuing to co-create a responsive, robust, diverse and inclusive environment for the training and career development needs of the leaders of tomorrow remains a priority for the Institute health research community. The training and career development approaches need to be vibrant, stable, well-supported and free of racism and systemic biases to respond effectively to the health and health system challenges faced by everyone living in Canada


To meaningfully address the development of the next generation of leaders within ICRH mandate areas, there is a need to reimagine the talent development paradigm. This new paradigm needs to be dynamic, flexible and responsive in order to address the realities of a modern career in the health research ecosystem.

The approach needs to be equitable, inclusive and supportive, at the same time as being inclusive of the diversity and experiences of those who pursue these career paths. For ICRH, this means continuing to provide training and career development opportunities that are responsive to the evolving health research ecosystem, are inclusive and offer experiential opportunities for learning.


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