Review of the Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health

About the Review

The review of the Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH) assessed the relevance and performance of the Institute to support CIHR’s Governing Council’s responsibilities regarding the role and functioning of the Institute, and meet requirements of the Policy on Results. The review was completed by CIHR in 2019 and overseen by an independent panel of experts in the Institute’s mandate areas (ICRH Review Panel) who reviewed and interpreted the findings and made the final recommendations.

What is an Institute?

CIHR currently integrates research through a unique interdisciplinary structure made up of 13 "virtual" institutes. CIHR's Institutes bring together researchers, health professionals and policy-makers from voluntary health organizations, provincial government agencies, international research organizations and industry and patient groups from across the country to focus on important health problems. The Institute's virtual structure encourages partnership and collaboration across sectors, disciplines and regions. Each Institute is dedicated to a specific area of focus, linking and supporting researchers pursuing common goals.

About ICRH

ICRH’s mandate is to support research into the causes, mechanisms, prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, support systems, and palliation for a wide range of conditions associated with the heart, lung, brain (stroke), blood, blood vessels, critical care, and sleep/circadian rhythm. This includes all research themes: biomedical/basic, clinical, health systems, and policy, and population and public health.

Results and Recommendations

The Panel sees a need for continued investment in ICRH’s mandate given that the burden of disease is significant. The Panel commends the current Scientific Director (SD) and the ICRH team for providing scientific leadership to steward its major investments in research networks to reach a stage where they are building research capacity.

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