Linkage Tool for the Operating Grant: Methamphetamine and related psychostimulant use


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The table below shows information about, researchers, individuals, and organizations who are interested in sharing information and/or forging collaborations in relation to the Operating Grant: “Methamphetamine and related psychostimulant use” funding opportunity.

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The table will be updated weekly, until the application deadline (September 25, 2019).

Contact information
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Telephone number
Affiliation (if applicable)
Stakeholder role Area(s) of interest Research approach (for researchers only) Additional Information
Chandlee Dickey
Chair/Chief of Psychiatry,
Western University
Independent Researcher

Epidemiology of methamphetamine use and associated disorders

Impacts of methamphetamine use on the healthcare system and access to health services

Effectiveness and adaptability of existing treatment options and approaches

Knowledge Synthesis We are experiencing high volumes of patients in our ER presenting with methamphetamine psychosis and are working to understand the epidemiology and potential harm-reduction strategies to help.
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