Linkage Tool for the Team Grant: Partnerships for Cannabis Policy Evaluation


The information is provided in the language in which it was submitted by the respondent.

The table below shows information about, researchers, individuals, and organizations who are interested in sharing information and/or forging collaborations in relation to the Team Grant: Partnerships for Cannabis Policy Evaluation funding opportunity.

The information was provided on a voluntary basis and in no way confers any advantages in the evaluation and funding of applications. To submit your information, please complete the short survey.

The table will be updated weekly, until the application deadline (October 8, 2019).

Contact information
Email and/or
Telephone number

Stakeholder role Area(s) of interest Additional Information
Dr. Dwayne Jackson
Western University
Independent researcher

Method of cannabis use (e.g. vaporization, smoking, or ingestion)

Other health behaviours or indicators

Other (Please specify)

Control of systemic inflammation with oral THC and CBD

My lab at Western University has received industry funds to study CBD in pain processing. I would like to form a collaboration with another group to grow this area of research to THC and oral use.
Mr. Ryan Moyer
Mental Health Program Consultant
First Nations Health Authority, University of British Columbia and BC Centre on Substance Use
British Columbia
Independent researcher

Indigenous Peoples’ health

Mental health

Other (Please specify)

Cannabis as treatment and substitute in opioid use disorders.

UBC PhD student in cannabis science cross-appointed between the Department of Medicine and Psychology. Lead in cannabis research, FNHA. Research Trainee at BCCSU.
Ms. Novella Martinello
Policy Analyst
NSHA Public Health
Nova Scotia
Independent researcher

Youth cannabis consumption

Patterns of use in public versus private settings

Consumption of other substances

PhD candidate and Public Policy Analyst involved in municipal and provincial level policy analysis and evaluation for cannabis and other substances.
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