Maud Menten New Principal Investigator Prizes in Genetics

The Program

This Maud Menten New Principal Investigator Prize was established to recognize and support the research excellence of Canadian Early-Career Investigators working within the mandate of the CIHR Institute of Genetics (IG).

Dr. Menten's outstanding career as a biomedical scientist led to many achievements including important co-discoveries relating to blood sugar, haemoglobin and kidney functions. In 1913, a collaboration with Leonor Michaelis on the behaviour of enzymes resulted in the Michaelis-Menten equation, a biochemical concept so fundamental that it is familiar to first-year science students.

IG Strategic Research Priorities

  • Strengthening the IG Research Community
  • Addressing Health & Health System Priorities:
    • Computational and Systems Biology
    • From Models and Mechanisms to Therapies
    • Health Services, Policy & Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Research
  • Fostering Innovation, Commercialization & Translation Through Partnerships

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Funds available

The total amount available for this opportunity is $90,000.

Of this $90,000:

For each of the 3 research areas mentioned above, the CIHR-IG Maud Menten New Investigator Prize consists of one (1) $30,000 prize.

This prize is nonrenewable and has to be used according to CIHR Funding Policies.


  • The candidate must be a recipient of a CIHR Project Grant from the Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 competition; and
  • The funded research must align with the IG mandate; and
  • The candidate must have chosen IG as the primary Institute on their Project Grant proposal application; and
  • The candidate must be an early career researcher at the time of the application deadline of the Project Grant competition.

How to apply / Evaluation

There is no application process for this prize. The prizes will be given to the highest ranked (by percent (%) rank) new investigators, who are the recipients of a grant from the Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 Project Grant competition in each research area, and who selected IG as the primary Institute on their application. CIHR staff will provide the list of IG grantees and will determine with Institute staff the eligibility of the recipient. In the case of ties, the prizes will be split amongst the finalists per research area.

Contact information

For all inquiries please contact:

CIHR Contact Centre
Telephone: 613-954-1968
Toll Free: 1-888-603-4178

For service hours, please consult our Contact us page.

Past recipients

  • 2023 - Éric Samarut, Kasmintan (Intan) Schrader
  • 2022 - Jason Roberts, Yun Li, Yvonne Bombard, Sandra Meier
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