Happy holidays to the health research community from CIHR President Dr. Michael J. Strong

Dr. Michael J. Strong, President of CIHR, takes a moment to wish the health research community a joyous holiday season, and looks ahead to engaging with the community in the New Year on developing CIHR’s new strategic plan.

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    I want to take this opportunity to wish everybody a joyous holiday season. Wherever you’re celebrating it – if you’re with family, with friends, or if you’re travelling – we here at CIHR wish you all a very safe and enjoyable holiday season.

    We’ve had a lot to celebrate over the course of the last year and I really want to take this opportunity as well to thank everybody for all of the great wishes that have come forward to me as I’ve taken on this new job, and for all the interest that everyone has expressed in what they can do to help. I can tell you, it’s been wonderful and it’s made this transition into the role very easy. I look forward to trying to do everything that I can to help as we move research in Canada forward, particularly in the health sector.

    The next year is going to be a very fascinating year for us. There’s going to be a lot of initiatives and I ask you simply to keep an eye out for them because, as we move forward, we’ll be doing everything from trying to engage deeply across this country on what a strategic plan will look like for CIHR that will really stand us in good stead to deliver on the mandate, which is the CIHR Act. We’re doing a lot of work with regards to thinking about how do we truly support the lifespan of the investigator, from the point of even thinking about it through to the entirety of your career. And we’re going to be wanting to engage all of you on that.

    So that’s just two of the major things that we’re looking at, and there are a lot of other aspects that are coming forward that you’ll hear about as things begin to evolve in the new year.

    But this moment was really simply to thank all of you for all of your well wishes, and for everything that you’re doing to help us as we move forward. In particular, to wish a safe and a joyous holiday season to you, your family, your friends, and whomever you are with.

    Thank you again!

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