Training Resources: Career-Related Information

To help you make informed decisions regarding your career, we have collected recent reports and interactive tools that describe the realities of the Canadian labour market.


Degrees of Success: The Expert Panel on the Labour Market Transition of PhD Graduates
This 2021 report by the Council of Canadian Academies highlights the lived experiences of students and recent graduates and their entries into the workforce. It details the challenges faced by PhDs as they begin their careers, key factors contributing to these challenges, and promising practices to address them.

Labour Market Report 2018
Take a look at this report by Statistics Canada to find out more about labour market trends in Canada. This report presents key statistics on employment growth rates in Canada for workers of all age groups, with a focus on national and provincial trends.

Labour market outcomes of postsecondary graduates, class of 2015
Using data from the 2018 National Graduate Survey, this article examines the labour market outcomes of Canadian postsecondary graduates three years after graduation, including employment status, job permanency, relatedness of their job or business to their field of study, extent to which they feel qualified for their job, median employment income and job satisfaction.

Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS): 2016 Canadian National Postdoctoral Survey Report
This report presents the findings of a survey of over 2,100 Canadian fellows, both local and international, who shared their perspectives on what it's like to be a postdoctoral fellow. Take a look through this report to learn about the demographics, the career trajectories and outcomes, and the obstacles encountered by fellows, as well as how these are changing over time.

Regional career reports

Interactive Tools

Labour Market Information Career Tool
You can use this tool from the Government of Canada’s Job Bank to learn more about programs of study and how recent graduates are doing professionally. Are they employed in their field of study? What are their earnings? Would they study in this field again?

Labour market outcomes for college and university graduates
Statistics Canada prepared this tool to specifically inquire about the labour market outcomes for college and university graduates, based on geography, educational qualification, field of study, age group and gender.

Ontario University Employment Outcomes, Graduation and Student Loan Default Rates
How many students successfully graduate from university? Do university graduates find jobs? How many OSAP recipients received repayment assistance or defaulted? Reports compiled from the annual Ontario University Graduate Survey can help you choose a school, a major or a future career.

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