Independent Evaluation of the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research 2016 – Infographic

SPOR is a national coalition of partners dedicated to using research evidence to improve care for patients.

Investing in the Health of Canadians

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$600 million (CIHR) + $400 million (Partners) = $1 billion over 10 years

Key Findings

Progress to Date

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  • SPOR Governance strengthened


  • SUPPORT Units implemented: AB, MB, Maritimes, ON
  • SPOR Performance Measurement Framework approved
  • SPOR SUPPORT Unit Council established


  • Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre implemented
  • Networks implemented: Youth and Adolescent Mental Health, Primary and Integrated Health Care
  • SUPPORT Units implemented: NL, QC
  • SPOR Patient Engagement Framework released



  • Patient Engagement Collaboration Grants funded
  • SUPPORT Units implemented: BC, NT, SK
  • Networks implemented: Chronic Diseases

5 Core Elements of SPOR… and What Has Been Accomplished

1. SUPPORT Units

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  • 1904 Stakeholders engaged
  • 37 Cross-sectorial partnerships
  • 423 patient representatives engaged
  • Connected through SPOR SUPPORT Unit Council

2. Networks

Youth and Adolescent Mental Health – ACCESS Open Minds

Output to date from ACCESS Open Minds:

Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations

5 Networks in Chronic Diseases:

3. Capacity Development

4. Patient Engagement

5. Improving Clinical Trials Environment

Building on Our Progress... Looking to the Future

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