Pre-announcement: Healthy and Productive Work Initiative

Call for Applications (Phase 1): Summer 2015
Full Application Deadline (Phase 1): Fall 2015
Anticipated Funding Start Date (Phase 1): 2016

CIHR and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) are pleased to announce a joint initiative: Healthy and Productive Work, aimed at driving innovative, evidence-informed solutions to work and labour market challenges to improve the health and productivity of Canada's diverse workforce.

This summer, SSHRC and CIHR will launch the first phase of a two-phase Call for Applications under Healthy and Productive Work.


The Healthy and Productive Work Initiative reflects the interplay between health and social sciences in responding to the growing interest in maintaining a healthy, productive and inclusive Canadian workforce.

The goal of Healthy and Productive Work is to bring together researchers, workers, employers, policy-makers, regulators, clinicians, insurers, service providers, workplace safety and insurance boards, unions, professional associations, and other stakeholders across sectors to develop, implement, evaluate and scale-up innovative, evidence-informed and gender-responsive solutions to foster the labour force participation of men and women with health issues (e.g., injuries, illnesses, chronic diseases, mental health challenges, and other conditions) and disabilities, as well as older workers and workers with caregiving responsibilities outside of their paid work.

Healthy and Productive Work builds on research gaps and opportunities identified through consultations with the research community and a broad range of stakeholders.


The process through which funding will be allocated will have two phases:

Phase 1 – Incubator Phase (Summer 2015 launch)

The purpose of Phase 1 will be to support planning and development work for teams of researchers and partners (e.g. industry, employers, workers, regulators, service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders) for the purpose of relationship building, knowledge sharing, and collaborative problem/research question identification. Two-year Partnership Development Grants will enable these types of activities and assist teams to prepare for Phase 2. Note that applications at the Partnership Development Grant stage must have a researcher / partner collaboration in place.

Only successful applicants funded through Phase 1 will be eligible to apply for Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Accelerator Phase (anticipated launch fall 2017)

Phase 2 will have as its centerpiece a Partnership Grant with a co-leadership model that involves researchers and partners (e.g. industry, employers, workers, regulators, service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders). Only successful applicants from Phase 1 will be eligible to apply for funding in Phase 2. Applicants will be expected to show that the planned program of research will have a significant impact on enabling the health and productivity of Canada's diverse workforce.

The Healthy and Productive Work Call for Applications will be posted on the CIHR and SSHRC websites summer 2015. Webinar sessions will be organized to communicate details of the Initiative.

Facilitating Linkages

Funded partnerships must enable reciprocal flow and uptake of research knowledge between researchers and stakeholders - both within and beyond academia - by integrating stakeholders throughout the entire research process. Researchers and stakeholders will collaborate to develop the research questions, decide on methodology, collect data, interpret the findings, and disseminate the research results. This collaboration should increase the likelihood of adoption and uptake of research results.

To express your interest in collaborating, please access the online partner linkage tool. The information collected through this tool will be posted in a sortable table and updated on a weekly basis. The table can be accessed by interested parties only through the Results of the Partner Linkage Tool. The unedited information provided is only accessible via the link and will not be searchable through the Internet.

This is not the only mechanism through which researcher-partner linkages can be facilitated; it is simply a tool initiated by CIHR and SSHRC to help connect interested parties.

Other available resources to facilitate linkages include but are not limited to:

For more information, please contact us:

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