Partners for engagement and knowledge exchange

The Partners for Engagement and Knowledge Exchange (PEKEs) funding opportunity was launched to support Aboriginal organizations as partners in research projects, to facilitate learning across funded research teams, and to support the translation of research findings into policy and decision-making. These organizations will incorporate Aboriginal voices, ways of knowing, and culture into the research being conducted.

The PEKEs will play a central role in linking and facilitating interactions between Pathways-funded researchers and Aboriginal communities. This will, in turn, help scale-up interventions that improve the health of residents in these communities.

This funding program will be open to two different kinds of Aboriginal organizations.

  • Aboriginal organization with a national mandate to represent First Nations, Métis, Inuit or urban Aboriginal peoples; or
  • Aboriginal organization with a regional, sub-population or topic-specific focus which is interested in collaborating with other organization(s) that already have a national mandate to represent First Nations, Métis, Inuit, or urban Aboriginal peoples.

Funding Opportunity - July 2013

Pathways PEKEs (201312PAK)

  • PEKE Funding News Release


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