More About Knowledge Translation at CIHR – Long Descriptions

This figure illustrates the knowledge to action process which consists of the knowledge creation funnel in the centre encircled by the major action phases.

The knowledge creation funnel at the centre of the image consists of three phases which appear in the following order from the top of the funnel, which is the widest, to the bottom, which is the narrowest: Knowledge Inquiry, Synthesis, and Products/Tools. The term “Tailoring Knowledge” appears along the right-hand length of the funnel. Arrows are circling the funnel to illustrate that the knowledge creation phases can influence the action phases at several points along the circle.

The action cycle surrounding the funnel consists of seven phases, connected with bidirectional arrows: At the bottom of the cycle is: Identify Problem/ Identify, Review, Select Knowledge. In clockwise order, the remaining phases are: Adapt Knowledge to Local Context; Assess Barriers to Knowledge Use; Select, Tailor, Implement Interventions; Monitor Knowledge Use; Evaluate Outcomes; and Sustain Knowledge Use.

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