Partner Linkage Tool for the Catalyst Grant : Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) Report competition


The Catalyst Grant: Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) Report funding opportunity (FO) will catalyze the research opportunities identified in the CPHO's Generating Knowledge for a Health Promotion Approach to Emergencies document, with a portion of funding reserved for Early Career Researchers. It builds on the Institute of Population and Public Health's (IPPH) previous Catalyst Grant competitions stemming from the two most recent CPHO reports, A Vision to Transform Canada's Public Health Systems (2021) and Mobilizing Public Health Action on Climate Change in Canada (2022).


The specific objectives of this funding opportunity (FO) are:

Partner Linkage Tool

To achieve the objectives of this FO, research advancement can be made between researchers and applicant partners. One of the ways to facilitate the development of such common objectives is through an Applicant Partner Linkage Tool. It is meant to facilitate connections and collaborations between researchers and potential applicant partners.

This Partner Linkage tool (see table below) shows profiles submitted by partiesinterested in collaborating on this FO. The information is listed in the language in which it was submitted and was provided on a voluntary basis and in no way confers any advantages in the evaluation and funding of applications. Applicants may also pursue opportunities with organizations that are not profiled below, but that meet the definition of "applicant partner" as defined on CIHR's website. Also note that potential applicants and/or applicant partners are not required to contact those who have chosen to make their information available through the linkage tool.

The table will be updated weekly once the competition launches and up until the funding application deadline. The information included below will be removed after the funding start date. Requests for edits or removal of information will be actioned in the next update cycle. You may request to have your information edited or removed at any time by sending a request to If you have requested that your name and information be removed and then choose to be reinstated on the list, it is your responsibility to complete the form and submit it again.

To have your information included in the Linkage Tool, please complete this short form.

Please share this tool with anyone you think may be interested in participating in this funding opportunity. Many thanks for your interest.


The information is provided in the language in which it was submitted by the respondent.

Contact Information Location Participant Type Area(s) of Interest Additional Information
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