National Women’s Health Research Initiative – Innovation Fund Operating Grants: Partner Linkage Tool

The NWHRI is composed of two funding streams: The Pan-Canadian Women's Health Coalition and the Innovation Fund. The overall objective of the Innovation Fund is to support research in areas of women's health that have been chronically underfunded and under-researched. It includes two funding opportunities:

  1. One-year Biomedical Discovery Grants, launched earlier in 2023; and

  2. Three-year Innovation Fund Operating Grants to support translational research and/or implementation science research in women's health.

The specific objectives of the three-year Innovation Fund Operating Grants are to:

All funded research projects will be required to link with the Pan-Canadian Women’s Health Coalition to identify emerging knowledge mobilization opportunities to support improvements in policy, practice, services, and healthcare for women. This collaborative model will help to ensure that evidence improves women’s care and health outcomes, while also establishing an intersectional approach to research and care to effectively tackle persistent gaps for all women and inform better policy and decision making.

The Linkage Tool is intended to facilitate connections between individuals and organizations that could participate in or contribute to the applications to this funding opportunity, including, but not limited to: Canadian non-governmental organizations (including community organizations and regional health authorities); independent researchers affiliated with a Canadian postsecondary institution and/or its affiliated institutions (including hospitals, research institutes and other non-profit organizations with a mandate for health research and/or knowledge mobilization);  Indigenous non-governmental organizations in Canada with a research and/or knowledge translation mandate in women's health.

This is not a mandatory tool. Information is provided on a volunteer basis and does not confer any advantages in the evaluation and funding of applications. Please note that potential applicants are not required to use the linkage tool or contact those who have submitted their information.


Responses received will be shared publicly below and the information will be updated weekly until the application deadline for the Innovation Fund Operating Grants funding opportunity.

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