What we heard report: Online consultation on future priorities in patient-oriented research


In 2021, CIHR conducted a series of discussions with Canadians via an online platform called Bang the Table to learn their views on future priorities in patient-oriented research (POR) that will help in achieving the goals set out in the CIHR Strategic Plan 2021-2031. This was part of a broader engagement with Canadians to inform future funding and activities in patient-oriented research, led by Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR).

Respondents participated in a two-step consultation process that could be completed in English or French, online, by phone, or via email. The link to the online platform was shared by email, social media, and newsletters with people across Canada. It was also posted on the websites of CIHR’s partners across Canada. Respondents were encouraged to share this consultation broadly with their colleagues, collaborators, and networks.

We heard from people living in all provinces and territories across Canada. Three hundred and twenty respondents, including researchers, people working in health care, people working at non-profit organizations, provincial/territorial government employees, students, members of the general public, members of Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, or Inuit) organizations, decision-makers and knowledge users shared their feedback through a survey and online forums.

Figure 1. Percentage of Survey Respondents by sectors/groups in Step 1 (n=320)

Long Description
Sector/Group Percentage
Researcher 33.7 %
Healthcare System 16.6 %
Non-Profit 11.6 %
Members of General Public 11.3 %
Student/Trainee 7.9 %
Other 7.2 %
Academic Sector 6.3 %
Decision-maker/Knowledge User 2.2 %
Federal Government 1.0 %
P/T Government 1.0 %
Private Sector 1.0 %
Indigenous Organizations 0.3 %

Some of the major themes that emerged in the consultations are summarized below.


In the online discussions, respondents’ comments ranged from specific recommendations on how to improve primary care and care for Canada’s aging population to more cross-cutting areas such as focusing on equity and the health of Indigenous peoples. The summary below represents the most common themes raised by respondents.

What's Next

This community input will be used by CIHR to inform our priority setting, and will also be shared by CIHR with partners as we work together to refresh Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research. In the meantime, we are sharing this with the community as a source of patient and community input that can be considered in your research discussions.

If you have any questions about these results or patient-oriented research at CIHR, please write to us at SPOR-SRAP@cihr-irsc.gc.ca

Thank You

CIHR would like to thank the members of the community, including researchers, trainees, citizen advisory committee members, people with lived/living experience, and other members of the public, who dedicated time and effort to the online discussion. Thank you for joining the conversation!

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