Publications – Improving accessibility and eliminating systemic ableism

CIHR Accessibility Plan 2023-2026

Policies, programs, practices, and services that help our organization contribute to the goal of an accessible and barrier-free Canada.

CIHR glossary of terms about accessibility and systemic ableism

This glossary provides a list of key terms to support a common understanding of accessibility and systemic ableism in the health research funding context.

Findings from CIHR Environmental Scan on Accessibility and Systemic Ableism in Research Funding Systems (2021 – 2022)

From May 2021 to July 2022, the CIHR conducted an environmental scan to identify key issues, challenges, and barriers of accessibility and ableism in the research funding system in general.

Summary report: Virtual discussion sessions on accessibility and systemic ableism in the health research funding system

In 2022, CIHR hosted virtual discussion sessions with persons with disabilities from across the country to inform the development of an in-depth action plan that builds on the requirements of the Accessible Canada Act and the CIHR Accessibility Plan 2023-2026. This summary report includes key take-aways, barriers to accessibility identified by the community, and proposed solutions.

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