CIHR Institute of Aging Strategic Plan 2023-2028
Reframing Aging – Empowering Older Adults

Cross-Cutting Priorities

Our cross-cutting priorities shape all aspects of our activities and engagement with our research on aging community. They promote equity, inclusiveness and diversity of input to strengthen the research on aging community in Canada, with the goal of leading to improved health outcomes for older Canadians. We value shared responsibility with the community to promote ongoing communication and ensure that all voices and perspectives are heard. Through leadership and relationship building, we will support engagement in research on aging, including involving trainees and researchers at all career stages, engaging with patients in the co-development of research programs and encouraging public and community participation in research. This will drive change propelled by innovation and research excellence to promote optimal health and wellbeing for all older Canadians. Action Plans will be developed for each of these cross-cutting priorities.

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