Publications – Eliminating systemic racism

Summary Report: Virtual Engagement Sessions to Discuss CIHR's Anti-Racism Action Plan

CIHR's Strategic Plan 2021-31 commits to co-developing an action plan to address systemic racism in the CIHR funding system. From March to May 2022, CIHR hosted a series of eight small group virtual engagement sessions to discuss our approach for an anti-racism action plan. The goals of the sessions were to discuss participant-identified barriers that CIHR's anti-racism action plan could work towards addressing and to prioritize the actions CIHR should take to address these barriers.  

Online Dialogue on Systemic Racism and Canada's Health Research Funding System: What we heard

CIHR hosted an online dialogue on systemic racism in the health research funding enterprise from February 4 to April 9, 2021. This summary includes observations based on a thematic analysis of participant comments.

Findings from CIHR Environmental Scan on Systemic Racism in Health Research and Funding Systems (2021-22)

From November 2020 to February 2022, CIHR conducted an environmental scan to identify key issues, challenges, and barriers resulting from systemic racism in the health research funding system.

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