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The best health for all, powered by outstanding research

Our priorities:

  • Advance research excellence in all its diversity
  • Strengthen Canadian health research capacity
  • Accelerate the self-determination of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples in health research
  • Pursue health equity through research
  • Integrate evidence in health decisions
  • Organizational excellence

Our commitments to you:

  • We will focus on improving the health of all people in Canada and our health systems
  • We will ensure that all people in Canada have access to high-quality research, especially when they need it most
  • We will commit to fair, transparent, and equitable peer review
  • We will invest in both priority-driven and investigator-initiated research
  • We will retain Institutes as part of the CIHR model
  • We will convene a united community of health research funders
  • We will foster both health research capacity in Canada and sustainable careers for individual researchers

Priority A: Advance research excellence in all its diversity

  • CIHR will develop and promote a renewed concept of research excellence that values equity, diversity, and inclusion.

  • CIHR will strengthen support for interdisciplinary and team science that includes knowledge users.

  • CIHR will mandate that our funded research is findable, accessible, interoperable, and reproducible.

  • CIHR will promote collaboration and partnerships in all areas of our business, including patient and public engagement and international collaboration.

Priority B: Strengthen Canadian health research capacity

  • CIHR will address the challenges underlying low success rates in our investigator-initiated research funding stream.

  • CIHR will remove the systemic barriers to accessing research funding faced by under-represented groups.

  • CIHR will address gaps in training and support across all career stages.

  • CIHR will develop our capacity to enable rapid and evidence-informed responses to emerging health threats.

Priority C: Accelerate the self-determination of Indigenous Peoples in health research

  • CIHR will focus on improving the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being of Indigenous Peoples.

  • CIHR will strengthen Indigenous research capacity development through training and mentoring.

  • CIHR will remove administrative barriers that restrict access to research funding for Indigenous Peoples and communities.

Priority D: Pursue health equity through research

  • CIHR will address inequitable health outcomes and access to health care in Canada.

  • CIHR will identify and address the social, cultural, environmental, structural, and biological determinants of health.

  • CIHR will implement a framework for action on global health research to accelerate health equity for all.

Priority E: Integrate evidence in health decisions

  • CIHR will further the science of knowledge mobilization in Canada among researchers and knowledge users.

  • CIHR will prioritize the sharing and implementation of existing knowledge to inform health practice and policy and improve the health literacy of Canadians.

  • CIHR will prioritize investments that aim to deliver better outcomes, at lower costs, while improving the health care experiences of patients, families, and health practitioners.

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Strategic Plan 2021-2031. The best health for all, powered by outstanding research
Advance research excellence in all its diversity: In 10 years... Canadian health research will be internationally recognized as inclusive, collaborative, transparent, culturally safe, and focused on real world impact.
Strengthen Canadian health research capacity: In 10 years, Canadians researchers will build on their track record as global leaders in the development of ground-breaking discoveries that improve their lives.
Accelerate the self-determination of indigenous Peoples in health research: In 10 years, Indigenous communities will lead health research that focuses on resilience, wellness, and Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Pursue health equity through research: In 10 years... Canada will be a global leader in the science of achieving health equity.
Integrate evidence in health decisions: In 10 years... research evidence will be integrated seamlessly with Canadian health policy and practice.
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