Pan-Canadian Women’s Health Coalition: Partner Linkage Tool

The Pan-Canadian Women's Health Coalition (the Coalition), a collaboration between the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, (with strategic leadership by its Institute of Gender and Health) and Women and Gender Equality Canada, is one of the two funding streams under the National Women's Health Research Initiative. The Coalition will be composed of virtual hubs across Canada linked through a coordinating centre and they will work together to maximize the visibility and impact of women's health research and practice in Canada.

The specific objectives of the Pan-Canadian Women’s Health Coalition – Hubs funding opportunity are to:

The specific objectives of the Pan-Canadian Women’s Health Coalition – Coordinating Centre funding opportunity are to:

The Linkage Tool is intended to facilitate connections between individuals and organizations that could participate in or contribute to the applications to these funding opportunities, including, but not limited to: Canadian non-governmental organizations (including community organizations and regional health authorities), independent researchers, community members, healthcare providers, trainees, people with lived or living experience navigating women's health, or those who can speak to the perspectives of Indigenous women and Two-Spirit people.

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The information is provided in the language in which it was submitted by the respondent.

Contact information Province/ Territory Topics/ Themes of interest Affiliation/ Role Additional Information
Evelyne Gentilcore-Saulnier
Quebec Perineal health, chronic pelvic pain, peri partum care, pelvic floor ultrasound Healthcare provider I would like to collaborate on providing patients for research initiatives, and put my knowledge and experience to service to better women’s health by collaborating with researchers,etc.
Joanne Parsons
University of Manitoba
Manitoba Sex/gender inequities Sports injuries Sports participation Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution I'm interested in working with like-minded people passionate about addressing sex/gender inequities in sport by moving beyond the typical sex-based approach to sports injury prevention and management to consider gendered influences. Girls/women are much more likely to experience injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament rupture and concussions compared to boys/men. The issue has traditionally been approached from a biological, sex-based point of view and I'm interested in using our gendered environmental approach (Anterior cruciate ligament injury: towards a gendered environmental approach) to consider the impact of gendered expectations, beliefs, etc. on sport injuries and participation.
Anita Cote
Trinity Western University
British Columbia Exercise and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Women; Cardiovascular Health After Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution I am interested in joining an existing network/coalition focused on women's heart health and health-promoting behaviours, such as exercise. My lab measures cardiac and vascular function via echocardiography, as well as molecular and point-of-care biomarker analysis.
Sneha Chenji
University of Calgary
Alberta Youth mental health, hormones, brain plasticity, brain imaging, neuromodulation Trainee I would like to connect with researchers, stakeholders and people with lived experience who are interested in improving youth mental health, especially reproductive mood disorders such as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and premenstrual exacerbation (PME) of symptoms. My interest is in developing neuroscientific interventions using brain imaging and brain stimulation techniques. I am seeking collaborations to expand knowledge on the impact of cyclic hormones (in the menstrual cycle) and it's impact on the brain. This is crucial to address important gaps such as variability in brain imaging findings and treatment response in youth mental health.
Chantal Dumoulin
Université de Montréal
Quebec Pelvic health, urinary incontinence, genitourinary syndrome of menopause pelvic organ prolapse menopause, Aging, Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution to be completed
Allison Williams
McMaster University
Hamilton Unpaid carers, Carer-workers, Double-duty carers, Carer-friendly workplaces, Carer policy Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution My vision for a carer HUB is one that specifically focuses on providing supports for unpaid carers of adult dependents, especially those who are also employed in the labour force. This includes double-duty carers who are employed in health care, as well as sandwich carers who care for both adult and child dependents. If you are an women's organization and/or a clinician with interest in this area, please reach out!
Kristina Kaminski
Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan
3067571941 Regina
Saskatchewan Public Health approaches to violence prevention, Sexual violence as a public health crisis, Access to post-assault medical care in rural and remote communities, Access to counselling or support services for sexual violence, The provision of trauma and violence informed medical care, Access to medicolegal services such as sexual assault evidence kits (SAEK), Access to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) as a best practise for post-assault medical care and administration of SAEK, Recognition of sexual violence as a health and gender equity issue Community organization Collaboration to bring a gender-based violence lens, specifically a GBV+ Analysis, grounded in feminist and anti-oppression, intersectional understanding, to the provision of safe, appropriate medical care for survivors of sexual violence. Consistent with national findings, SASS research found "risk factors" for sexual violence victimization were directly linked with social determinants of health including gender, sexual orientation, race, age, income, disability (particularly cognitive disabilities), and geography. SASS has identified that there is a unique intersection where health and justice overlap that would greatly benefit from intersectoral action that would improve experiences of survivors and contribute to better systemic outcomes. The health system is a point of entry for survivors of sexual violence, and there is a need to examine where this system interacts with survivors to create and exacerbate negative impacts.
Olivia Scobie
Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings
Toronto based
Ontario Perinatal mental health, birth and reproductive trauma, perinatal grief and loss, LGBTQAI+ birth experience and perinatal mental health, social determinants of perinatal mental health Healthcare provider Interested in research collaboration and guest speakers to speak in our courses. We have a monthly newsletter dedicated to knowledge translation and promoting perinatal mental health events and research projects across Canada that people can use to promote their research at no cost. Also have a qualitative project about the relationship between reproductive health policies and the reproductive trauma experiences of LGBTQAI+ families.
Saleema Allana
Western University
London, Edmonton



Women's Cardiovascular Health, Immigrant / Ethnic Minority Women's Health, Intersectionality in Women's Health Early career researcher I am interesting in collaborating with the teams that are working towards improving women's cardiovascular health. I am also interested in immigrant/ ethnic minority women's health through an intersectional lens. These are the main parts of my own program of research, and so I bring in expertise in cardiovascular health, immigrant/ ethnic minorities' health, and intersectionality.
ChrŸs Tei
Rainbow Health Cooperative
British Columbia Trans women wellness, Hormone Therapies, Longitudinal research, TransPulse Canada, Transition related surgeries, Transition related healthcare Community organization Rainbow Health Co-operative is BC's largest trans, Two-Spirit, nonbinary (T2NB) organization. We are a volunteer based, not-for-profit community services cooperative that began as a community initiative in 2014. Our mission is the promotion of gender wellness through research and education. Our focus are people and their families who are: exploring, considering, living through, or wanting to share their lived experience of physical, social and personal transition related to gender. We were members of the committee that wrote the recommendations to establish TransCare BC in 2015. Our current initiative is Our_Community Health Initiative.(O-CHI) O_CHI is a multi-year, BC-wide Community-Based Investigation of systemic change for the trans, Two-Spirit, nonbinary, (T2NB) Community. O_CHI includes the Rainbow Health, the University of Victoria, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, and was initially funded by the Vancouver Foundation
Augustina Ampofo
Ontario Pelvic/uterine health, fibroid health, mental health, menstrual health, anti-black racism, black women's health Person with lived or living experience Would love to collaborate with anyone seeking a person with lived/living experience! Please feel free to visit my website to learn more about me!
Jason Rude
Women's college Hospital
Ontario Clinical, sexual and reproductive, and mental health and rights for women living with and at possible risk of HIV. Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution Anyone interested in trauma- and violence awareness, person-centred care to impact the clinical, sexual and reproductive, and mental health and rights for women living with and at possible risk of HIV.
Lori Brotto
University of British Columbia
British Columbia Women's sexual health; sexual dysfunction; digital health tools to improve sexual health and well-being; virtual reality treatments for sexual problems; vulvovaginal pain; vulvodynia Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution I would love to partner with and collaborate with an Indigenous individual, group, organization interested in scaling up sexual health interventions, particularly to rural and remote communities.
Madeline Boscoe Cochrane
Equity Methods (sex/gender)
North Vancouver
British Columbia interest in policy change, communications, methods with a very broad range of health conditions, social conditions and equity in women's health Community organization I am interested in working on the development and synthesis of research, research methods, analysis, and policy/practice implications. Strategizing communications plans arising from research areas. I have worked in a broad range of issues including health conditions such as endometriosis, abortion and reproductive health, maternity care, menopause, mental health and illness, health care systems and professional regulation, drug and device regulation, poverty and its implications. Chair GHI Knowledge Synthesis committee which initiated the CIHR wide policy on Sex/gender analysis which led to the Cochrane working group on sex/gender methods.
Mira Maximos
Women's College Hospital
Ontario Sex-and-gender incorporation into therapeutics research with a focus on minoritized and racialized populations. Bridging the healthcare gap that leads to healthcare disparity for women and gender diverse individuals with a focus on pharmacotherapy and changing frameworks for pharmacotherapy, policies and guidelines. Healthcare provider I am happy to participate in collaborations where there is a need for a therapeutics expert. Research interest centers around bridging pharmacoepidemiology and knowledge mobilization with a focus on antimicrobial stewardship and integration of a sex and gender analysis+ (SGBA+) lens into therapeutics research.
Aleksandra Zuk
Queens University
Ontario Cardiovascular health; Pregnancy and postpartum health. Early career researcher I am an early career researcher, nurse, epidemiologist, and women with lived experience related to traumatic birthing experience.
Kalysha Closson
Simon Fraser University
British Columbia I am particularly interested in priorities surrounding gender inequities, gender-based violence, and ensuring that research in these areas are inclusive to 2S LGBTQ+ populations and . My research is based in community-based research practices and I believe that youth-engagement is vital in all aspects of women's health research. Early career researcher I am a post-doctoral fellow with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University and the Center on Gender Equity and Health at the University of California San Diego. I am interested in research related to gender equity and health with a particular interest in areas of gender-based violence, relationship dynamics, and sexual and reproductive health among youth and 2S LGBTQ+ populations. I have expertise using mixed-methods in epidemiology and qualitative inquiry in partnership with affected communities and community organizations. I am interested in connecting with any teams who are applying for funding in any of these areas and contribute to the teams engagement with youth on their projects. My research program is being informed by a youth advisory committee and three amazing youth research associates who are passionate about this work and are very keen to be involved in future research and knowledge mobilization projects related to women's health.
Parisa Rezaiefar
University of Ottawa, department of family medicine
Ontario 1. Trauma-informed gender inclusive office-based gynaecological and reproductive health procedures that overcomes social, ethnic, religious, geographic and race-based barriers to access for all ages and abilities. 2. Empowering more BIPOC member to sit at the decision making tables and leadership roles Healthcare provider I would need an early career researcher in medical education research particularly in area of intersectional analysis of qualitative research study.
Kelly Gregory
University of Toronto
Scarborough, Toronto
Ontario Equitable access to healthcare services would be my first inclination, but I am definitely open to contributing to other topics. Trainee As a trainee, I would bring expertise and passion for qualitative research approaches. My previous research has examined women first responder's occupational experiences, the gendered nature of mental health, leaves of absence, and return to work experiences of physicians and midwives, and lesbian's experiences accessing reproductive health services. As a current PhD student in the Social and Behavioural Health Sciences program at the University of Toronto, with a women's health specialization, I plan to orient my dissertation around women's experiences of the healthcare system, and would be thrilled to work with a team that could make use of my skills and insights.
Lisa Morgan
University of Ottawa
Ontario Themes include abortion, contraception, STI diagnosis and treatment, sexual health, care in pregnancy, and screening for reproductive cancers. Early career researcher I am a reproductive health researcher, specifically interested in access to care in rural, remote, and northern settings. I am a healthcare provider (midwife), an early career researcher, a woman with lived experience, and an independent researcher. I hope to join others in examining improving access to sexual and reproductive healthcare in Canada's low-resource areas. I would like to work with others who want to examine improving access to abortion, contraception, and sexual healthcare. This could include policy people, researchers, care providers, and social scientists.
Evangelia (Evie) Tastsoglou
Saint Mary's University
Nova Scotia Gender-based violence in the context of immigration / refugees Health services accessibility for immigrant, refugee and diverse women Immigrant Women's health needs and outcomes Intersectionalities in health care access for immigrant and refugee women Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution Immigrant Women's Health Hub: knowledge mobilization, advocacy, policy impact, services, training
Maya Roy
pan Canadian


British Columbia




Brain injuries and genderbased violence Anti-black racism and determinants of health Community organization Nneka MacGregor, LL.B., is co-founder and Executive Director of the Women’s Centre for Social Justice, better known as WomenatthecentrE, a unique non-profit organization created by and for women survivors of gender-based violence globally. Engaging its members in social and community activism, WomenatthecentrE ensures policies and practice are responsive to survivors’ needs. Nneka is an advocate who works with governments and organizations to transform lives and build violence-free communities. In 2006, she was selected by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario as one of 13 experts to review services provided to women and children, identify gaps and make recommendations. In 2016, she was appointed by the Canadian government to the Advisory Council on the Federal Strategy Against Gender-Based Violence. Maya Roy is a seasoned policy maker and trilingual non-profit leader with over 20 years of experience in a range of sectors including child care, employment and workforce development, health
Erin Jex
The Canadian Partnership for Women and Children's Health
  SRHR, 2SLGBTQI+ health Community organization Working for an organization that focuses on building partnerships and creating opportunities for capacity strengthening to advance women and children's health in communities around the world we would like to offer support in stakeholder engagement, strategic partnership building and convening diverse coalitions.
Gillian Szollos
Carlington Community Health Centre
Ontario pregnancy, prenatal education, informed choice, maternal and infant health, infant parenting, pregnancy loss, preconception health, breastfeeding Community organization I would like to create a collaborative multisectoral women's health hub focused on perinatal and early postpartum health. I would love to create a hub informed by lived experience and ethnic and gender diversity which will bring together best practices to span the continuity of care from preconception to six months postpartum. I am looking for a healthcare provider independent researcher, trainee, early career researcher.
Lorie Steinwand
Hay River Health & Social Services
Hay River, Northwest Territories
Northwest Territories Sexual health, Gender, inclusivity, access to care, scope of practice for nursing Healthcare provider The organization I am with (CEWH) is working on an application and I will be assisting in that, but don't yet have anything to add here.
Liv Schultz
Centre of Excellence for Women's Health
Ontario Chronic pain, intersectionality, 2SLGTBQIA issues. Early career researcher, person with lived or living experience, and community organization. The organization I am with (CEWH) is working on an application and I will be assisting in that, but don't yet have anything to add here.
Dr. Karen Breeck
WREN (Women Veteran Research Engagement Network) and FWMC (Federation of Medical Women of Canada)
Ontario 1) Federal patients 2) Transition from federal to provincial health care handovers 3) Military/Veteran issues 4) Occupational health issues in non-traditional work environments 5) PTSD and pregnancy Healthcare provider We are already are developing a "Military Women Health Research Interest Group" (MWRIG) and meeting monthly to develop relationships and research collaboration ideas and initiatives. I'm hoping we can share the lessons learned from the federal/military/Veteran world to the provincial/civilian world and vice versa.
Kelly McGregor
Nova Scotia Pelvic Health and Pain Mental Health Person with lived or living experience I am a person with lived experience of endometriosis, adenomyosis and fibroids.
Harmy Mendoza
Ontario Gender Based Violence Community organization Our focus of work is related to Gender Based Violence, particularly GBV screening/assessment tools in health care settings.
Abiola Adeniyi
Vancouver BC
British Columbia Pregnancy Integrated health care Oral health Early career researcher I am interested in collaborating with persons interested in developing collaborative partnerships for fostering access to care including oral health for women in Canada.
Jessica Miklos
Ontario Neuroplasticity tools as they relate to children and older adults. Preventing cognitive decline and falls in older adults. Enhancing cognitive and learning outcomes in children. Bringing helpful tools into research institutions (rather than focussing on knowledge flowing out, creating pathways for new ideas to come into research labs so that we can learn about newer tools that are not yet researched). Linking early infant reflexes to accumulated trauma and re-emerging infant reflexes in older populations to help understand the experiences of older adults. linking the experiences of educators and health care professionals as they see different sides of the same conditions. Trainee I would be very interested in projects/hubs related to older adults. I use tools (yet to be the subject of published research studies) that offer opportunities for social engagement, movement, cognitive enhancement and fall prevention. They are low-cost and enjoyable. Older adults want to know why their doctors are not telling them about these tools rather than sending them for expensive tests that may not supply helpful information and don't improve their quality of life. People need access to tools that improve health outcomes and give them agency to improve their own quality of life, but these are often deemed outside the realm of healthcare.
Mary Acorn
PEI Department of Health and Wellness
Prince Edward Island welcoming, safe environments Addressing stigma and bias Gender-diverse health issues Access to services Research and knowledge Trainee Multi-sectoral collaborations that amplify the experiences of vulnerable populations
Dalya Israel
WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre
British Columbia Sexual Violence, Sexual Health, National Best Practices, Community Based research, knowledge translation on the ground for application into medical practitioners direct practice, anti-oppressive, de-colonizing trauma informed practice in post sexual assault care Community organization We are looking to launch an Integrated Sexual Assault and Sexual Health Clinic with a group of researchers and practitioners that would support all people of marginalized genders to get care after an assault and throughout their lifespan. We hope to have a space that centers two spirit, trans and women's health and creates a space where folks who are racialized and experience severe health inequity can come and feel seen and held.
Eric Lussier
British Columbia Women's Health, Women's Health Funding, KT, fetal medicine, maternal health, perinatal health, mental health Research Staff I support WHRI members to apply for funding. WHRI has a digital membership, so no matter if you are based outside of the PHSA campus, you are eligible to get support from our office once you are a member to get funding and research services including grant development support, statistical support, Knowledge translation support, digital health support, and other services to support development of your research idea. We support trainees to Senior Researchers. Anyone who is based in BC and looking to get support can join the WHRI members list. Sign up to become a member
Swarna Weerasinghe
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia Building partnerships for: (a) Immigrant and refugee women's access to healthcare, (b) chronic disease management support for marginalized women, (c) eradicating violence against marginalized women, and (d) understanding common health and access to healthcare issues by immigrant/refugee, Indigenous and black women. Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution Making a consortium of -researchers, who have immigrant and refugee women's health (physical and mental) in the past (CIHR, SSHRC and other scholars) - Immigrant settlement agencies (Atlantic, Central, Quebec, Alberta and Vancouver) -Provincial and federal health policymakers - Healthcare providers who are interested in culturally sensitive service provisions, such as gynecologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, CVD and cancer care providers) - Canadian cancer society, heart and stroke foundation of Canada, Canadian medical association etc. To develop a platform of knowledge dissemination on issues faced by immigrant and refugee women and to find solutions through program and policy development.
Dr. Silvie MacLean
Fanshawe College
London, Ontario
Ontario Addressing meaningful research to improve menstrual health and menstrual equity across diverse populations. Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution I am open to learning to work with diverse organizations, individuals, and healthcare practitioners. I recognize that we are individually drawn to stakeholders we have comfort with, but I am of the mindset to work towards a multi-perspective approach that involves a different way of thinking and social capital. That said, I have a lot of connections working in healthcare given my former hat was working within health policy of the Ontario Public Service (10 years) and 15 years working in hospitals in diverse roles as Vice President of Strategic Planning, Quality Improvement and Performance Management and Chief Financial Officer/Chief Strategy Officer. I am also part of the Western Ontario Health Team. Currently, I work as a FT professor teaching within the Health Systems Management Program at Fanshawe College. I also conduct diverse research to improve access to care. Moreover, I volunteer and advocate training not-for-profit organizations in financial literacy.
Amédé Gogovor
Université Laval
Quebec Intersectionality, medication prescription and use, pain management, scale up Early career researcher Collaboration with stakeholders on impact of sex, gender and other intersectional identities
Kira McNamee
University of British Columbia
British Columbia Holistic approach, Access to care, Technology in healthcare, Cross discipline training, Integrating pain experiences of women, Chronic pain, Sexual health Lab Manager / Lived experience of chronic pain UBC Sexual Health Research
Rashid Ahmed
McMaster Midwifery Research Centre (MMRC), Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, McMaster University
Hamilton, and pan-Canadian
Ontario Midwifery models of care provision, Midwifery research, Obstetrical research, Canadian Obstetrical Surveillance System, for monitoring maternal mortality and morbidity across Canada, Developing a Canadian Consensus Statement on Gender-Inclusive, Language for Reproductive Care, Access to midwifery care by marginalized populations, Medical abortion by midwives, IUD insertion by midwives, Education on Covid vaccination efficacy and safety with expectant and pregnant people, Other priority areas of research identified by women, healthcare users, and community advocacy groups On behalf of independent researchers affiliated with a CIHR-eligible institution, McMaster University We are interested in helping to develop and to participate in a pan-Canadian network of community advocates, non-governmental and government organizations, midwives and obstetricians, healthcare users, and researchers that share our interests and many others related to the provision of healthcare by midwives and obstetricians across Canada, that better reflect the interests of healthcare clients/patients identified as priorities of groups participating in the CIHR National Women's Health Research Initiative. Our areas of expertise include research methodology, epidemiology, mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative methods), writing grant applications, conducting studies, publishing academic and non-academic research evidence, and knowledge translation/exchange/dissemination.
Karishma Hosein
University of Manitoba
Manitoba 2SLGBTQIA+ health Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding, Intersectionality, Race and health, Indigenous health Trainee I would like to establish connections with clinicians or community members who have experience with patient/community engagement strategies, particularly around breastfeeding/chestfeeding/infant feeding practices. I am looking to hear from many diverse perspectives (race, cultural background, gender identity, etc).
Helene Cote
University of British Columbia
British Columbia biological aging, hormones, infectious diseases, chronic pain Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution I am interested in linking with other researchers and/or community organizations that share my research interests above.
Priya Shastri
Ontario Topics with intersections between the Anti-Violence and Health System. Community organization Currently, needing to explore partnerships to see what is feasible.
Jennifer Williams
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
Ontario Women's Cardiovascular Health; Hormonal Contraceptive Use; Endogenous/Exogenous Hormones; Sex/Gender Integration in Research Trainee My vision for a Hub would be a space to bring together knowledge users, policymakers, community members and advocates, medical practitioners, researchers and trainees in thinking about women+'s cardiovascular health using an interdisciplinary lens. As a trainee, I'm interested in building capacity for other trainees to contribute to this work, build connections, and foster generation of new knowledge and distribution of knowledge in our communities.
Sol Vidal Almela
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Ottawa, Canada - Valencia, Spain
Ontario Women's heart health, Women's participation in and benefits from cardiac rehabilitation, Women's exercise physiology, Enhancing the participation of underrepresented minorities in research, KT, EDI, Sex differences research Trainee Let's continue the conversation
Dr. Jennifer Reed
University of Ottawa Heart Institute / University of Ottawa
Ontario Women's heart health and the use of physical activity for preventing and managing chronic diseases. Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution I am interested in joining an existing network/coalition who is focused on women's heart health and/or the use of physical activity for preventing and managing chronic diseases. I have an established research program with passionate and very capable trainees (MSc, PhD, and postdoctoral fellows) and patient partners who could also come to the table for collaborations.
Nicole Prestley
Women's Health Research Institute
British Columbia Implementation, Gender equity, Mental health, Heart health, cancer prevention, Survivorship Knowledge Translation specialist I am interested in connecting with researchers and team across Canada to better facilitate partnerships to accelerate the update of women's health research.
Liisa Galea
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Ontario Women's Brain Health, Mental Health, Depression, Alzheimer's Disease, Aging Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution Interested in forming a hub for Women's brain health ( women's brain health imaging database, understanding information we are missing in databases ( including information on biological variables: chromosomes, hormone therapy, gender affirming therapy) and gendered variables (trauma, IPV, stress, cargeiver) - what can promote resilience to stress-related mental health disorders and healthy aging with attention paid to sex and gender variables
Krysta Boutin-Miller
Ontario Access to abortion, ending period poverty, menstrual cycle awareness, endometriosis, autoimmune diseases, advancing women’s health research, women’s health literacy A woman with lived experience navigating the healthcare system in Ontario. A Research coordinator at the Royal Ottawa. An early stage entrepreneur looking to launch women’s health initiatives in Ottawa I am an early stage entrepreneur and research facilitator looking to host initiatives that build community, advocacy, research and education around women’s health. With a goal of one day launching a social enterprise cantered around these initiatives and funding new research to advance WH. As a person with lived experience and a member of the research community here in Ottawa, I would like to be a part of moving this coalition forward by participating in conversations about WH advocacy, priority setting in research, and developing educational resources/communities for WH literacy. I would love the opportunity to connect with any organization with these goals in mind.
Danielle Rice
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton/McMaster University
Stoney Creek
Ontario The specific topics/themes of interest where I could contribute as a person with lived experience is: fertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, wellness/well-being, and severe pregnancy complications. Person with lived or living experience I have contributed as a patient partner on research projects and through peer-reviewing (as a patient) for the past 3 years. I am also a psychologist in Ontario (Ph.D., C. Psych, Supervised Practice) and an early career clinician-researcher. My interest would be contributing as a patient partner, however, I am also able to contribute in an early career researcher, or mental health clinician role for projects related to womens health. I have worked in the Women's Health Concerns clinic at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, providing diagnostic assessments and psychotherapy previously.
Christiana Onabola
Making Mothers Matter/ University of Northern British Columbia
Prince George
British Columbia Racialized and Black women's health, environmental health, Mental health, perinatal mental health Early career researcher I seek to be part of a team of women whose interests straddle these areas: Racialized and Black women's health, Climate and Environmental health, Mental health, perinatal mental health
Elizabeth Onyango
University of Alberta
Alberta Gender-based violence, Food Security and women's health Early career researcher I am interested in collaborating with people or teams interested in in work on the intersections of gender-based violence with other social determinants of health such as food insecurity and the associated health outcomes in women and their families.
Melanie Murray
University of British Columbia
British Columbia Menopause Hormones Healthy aging HIV Social determinants of health. Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution Other researchers interested in menopause, women's hormones, HIV.
Charity Mudhikwa
Simon Fraser University
British Columbia Sexual and reproductive health, Black women's health, Relationship power and Gender based violence, Community engagement, Knowledge translation Trainee I am a Masters level trainee interested in women's sexual and reproductive health with a particular interest in Black women's health, racial discrimination measurement, and women living with HIV. I hope that through these hubs and networks, I will be able to meaningfully contribute and engage with multi-disciplinary teams that value community engagement and knowledge mobilization in women's health research
Cheryl Dobinson
Planned Parenthood Toronto

Planned Parenthood Toronto is a Community Health Centre focused on serving youth aged 13-29 through: 1) Provide primary care, gender-affirming care, mental health services and sexual health services including abortion care 2) Deliver community, wellness and peer-support education programs 3) Conduct community-based research 4) Provide comprehensive, accurate, youth-friendly sexual health information on Teen Health Source

Within the system: 1) Collaborate with other youth-serving organizations and partners 2) Advocate for youth-focused legislation, policy and practices related to sexual and reproductive health care, overall health and well-being 3) Influence public opinion about sexual and reproductive justice

We also engage in community-based research related to youth and sexual and reproductive health.

Community organization We are looking for others who want to form a hub around shared areas of interest, particularly regarding youth and/or sexual and reproductive health.
Margaret King
Lac La Ronge Indian Band Health Services
La ronge
Saskatchewan Traditional knowledge and land based healing prectices Person with lived or living experience I want to explore land based healing for women dealing with grief and loss, including after addictions. Living in the north and in a rural community living skills are necessary to survive in the northern climate. Familiarity with life skills on the land can create a sense of accomplishment and independence while healing from addictions or family violence.
Paul van Donkelaar
University of British Columbia
British Columbia Intimate partner violence and brain health Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution My research interests are on the intersection of intimate partner violence and brain injury due to head impacts and strangulation. This is a topic that has received little study yet is thought to be a significant public health concern. Our work focuses on the incidence and effects of this intersection and knowledge translation designed to get the resulting evidence into the hands of practitioners in the gender-based violence community.
Ismália De Sousa
University of British Columbia
British Columbia Stroke, health disparities, stroke survivorship, stroke rehabilitation, critical social theories, integrated knowledge mobilization Trainee I'm a PhD student and a Registered Nurse interested in improving stroke survivorship and reducing health disparities in stroke care. Subpopulations of interest include, for example women, immigrants, visible minorities, 2SLGBTQIA+ and their intersections. My PhD study aims to promote high-quality and equitable care for young women stroke survivors. As a trainee, I would like to connect with other stroke clinicians, researchers and community organizations for possible collaborative partnerships
Catherine Lord
Quebec Experienced knowledge broker with a scientific background in women's mental health (independant researcher- perinatal OCD among others). Knowledge broker In 2015 I created a knowledge mobilization firm to maximize the impact of research. Women's health has been the center of my academic training and career (see CV on my website or Pubmed). I would be happy dive into women's research and collaborate to make it more visible thanks to our evidenced-based KmB services. In order to make scientific knowledge bubbles accessible, Immerscience offer services of science curation, research coaching and knowledge brokering/mobilization and scientific communication. Immerscience is a network of trusted experts. Whether we are trained scientists, information professionals, web enthusiasts or creative science lovers, we will adapt to your needs thanks to our multidisciplinary profiles and our field expertise.
Katie Wadden
Memorial Univerisity of Newfoundland
St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador Fertility, Preconception Health, Exercise and Physical Activity, Cardiometabolic markers of health Early career researcher I am interested in collaborating with others interested in fertility, preconception health, and the modifiable risk factors associated with infertility.
Lucrezia Spagnolo
Vesta Social Innovation Technologies
Ontario GBV, Sexual Health, National & International Best Practices, Research and Evidence-Based solutions, GBA+, intersectionality and resources.

Other (please specify below)

Social Enterprise

We're looking for collaborators interested in creating research-backed, trauma-informed, intersectional resources for survivors of sexual violence and their allies.
Anick Berard
University of Montreal


British Columbia


Nova Scotia


Medications and Pregnancy Independent researcher affiliated with a CIHR–eligible institution CAMCCO has been funded by CIHR, SPOR, and CFI (Bérard et al.) (49 researchers, decision makers, knowledge users across Canada, and from the majorities of academic institutions), and includes: Research Implementation Science portion, which leverages real-world data from 7 provinces (QC, NS, ON, MA, SK, AB, BC) to generate new evidence in collaborations with Health Canada and CADTH ( ) (CAMCCO-Research), and bilingual Training Platform for graduate students, fellows, early career researchers and partners (Training and Capacity Building: CAMCCO-Learn), teaching how best to identify feto-toxic drugs. We are now planning to submit a proposal for our third initiative, leveraging CAMCCO-Research and CAMCCO-Learn and our patient-partner communities and knowledge-users, to put in place a comprehensive Knowledge-Dissemination, Translation, and Outreach Program aiming to increase appropriate use of medications during pregnancy – CAMCCO-Outreach.
Ashley Walker
The Evidence Network Inc.
Sara Rodrigues, PhD
Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families
Ontario Women Veterans; Veteran spouses; trauma; PTSD; mental health; substance use; reproductive health; maternal health; sexual health; aging; disability; chronic pain; body image; disordered eating; intimate partner violence; military sexual trauma; service delivery; access to care; suicide; complementary therapy; homelessness; military to civilian transition. Researcher at not-for-profit organization. Established in 2019 and funded by Veterans Affairs Canada, the Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families supports the mental health and well-being of Veterans and their family members by providing access to the best available evidence, information, and support. Our interest in this initiative lies in enhancing the well-being of women Veterans’ in Canada. There are almost 18 000 women Veterans in Canada and, at present, there is very little research on, and awareness of, the unique mental and physical health needs of this marginalized population. Our research team brings expertise on qualitative and quantitative research, women Veterans’ health, engaging people with lived experience in research, and trauma-informed practices. The Atlas Institute is dedicated to the inclusion of lived experience in all aspects of our research efforts, and to ensuring that our research can lead to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Veteran and Veteran Family mental health.
Dr. Joan Saary
Division of Occupational Medicine, Dept of Medicine, University of Toronto
Ontario Impact of work, or occupational exposures on women's health Multiple roles possible including healthcare provider and researcher I am not currently working specifically in women's health but as a university Occupational Medicine Division director, support the concept of, and need for expansion of research into the impact of work, workplaces, and occupational exposures on women's health. As such I may be able to collaborate or connect others with collaborators who can provide research ideas on how to integrate this concept into existing research protocols, questionnaires, analyses etc.
Okama Brook
Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance
Alberta Racialized and Black women(new comers, immigrant/ethnic minorities), mental health, post trauma stress disorder, perinatal health, sexual and gender based violence, intimate partner violence, homelessness, aging, body positivity, wellness-movement/dance, music. Community organization Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance is a female, Black led organization that works across various sectors and behavioral patterns interconnected through an understanding of the unique African cultural heritage. We aim to positively build a society where Africans, people of Africa Ancestry and Diaspora are connected to sustainable development from a rights based perspective. We work from the inclusion lens that recognizes the importance of an orientation to Black girls and women's issues and the cultural, sensitive and equitable empowerment for sustainable socio economic developments, health and education, safety and security. Our primary target beneficiaries are women, youth and indigenous peoples. We aim to partner with others to form a hub that targets women, girls, indigenous peoples. Our goal is to establish a multidisciplinary team that consists of a lead researcher, nurse practitioner, and the NGO towards meaningful community engagement that adds value to women's wellness.
Oluwakemi Amodu
University of Alberta
Alberta Immigrant and refugee women's maternal health Black women's perinatal health access Awareness and treatment of STIs among immigrant and refugee women Sexual and reproductive health including issues of female circumcision and sexual violence Enhancing the cultural competence of migrant service providers Early career researcher I am interested in collaborating on a hub that is focused on improving immigrant and refugee women's health outcomes, particularly perinatal health outcomes. My ultimate interest is to improve the ways women access healthcare, taking into account migration trajectory, chronic trauma, intersections of race and gender, and other social determinants of health. My interests include prenatal health issues, access to immunizations, social support for women during pregnancy, and postnatal mental health issues. Additionally, I am interested in collaborations to improve access to STI treatment for women, as well as sexual and reproductive health generally.
Anna Levinsson
Quebec Mental health; social and psychiatric epidemiology; cardiovascular health; pharmacoepidemiology; intersectionality research Early career researcher I am an early career researcher with expertise in biostatistics and epidemiology. Looking to collaborate with other researchers and/or established teams, hubs and networks with similar research interests to apply for research funding, establish working groups and other forms of collaboration.
Cindy Barha
University of Calgary
Alberta Women’s brain health, Hormones, Dementia, Exercise interventions, Reproductive experience, Pregnancy Early career researcher I am interested in collaborating with others; interested in women’s brain aging and modifiable/non-modifiable risk factors.
Jamie Robinson
Canadian Association of Midwives (Corrected Resubmission)
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, pregnancy, contraception, abortion, post-partum, gender-fluid, non-binary, trans health, vaccination, respectful maternity care, continuity of care, employment models, choice of birth locations, racism, anti-Indigenous racism. Community organization We are looking to partner with initiatives in progress which relate to our core themes and the expertise of our membership.
Erin Gobert
University of Manitoba
Manitoba Reproductive justice, sexual and reproductive healthcare access, violence (gender-based, family, domestic, sexual, intimate partner), human rights/right to health, rural and northern health, abortion, contraception. Trainee I am a graduate student completing my Master of Human Rights degree. I am interested in making connections with any researchers, other graduate students, or community organizations with related research interests. My proposed thesis will discuss reproductive healthcare access in non-urban Manitoba, and compare with what Canada's legal obligation is to provide reproductive healthcare services under United Nations treaties. Please do not hesitate to email me! Happy to make connections as I am entering the field.
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