Community-Led Research on LGBTQIA/2S Wellness Catalyst Grants: Partner Linkage Tool

The principal aim of this funding opportunity is to fund Community Organizations to explore barriers to and opportunities for positive physical, social and mental health outcomes at the intersections of sexual orientation, gender, race/ethnicity, racism, and additional intersecting social identities and/or social processes. Organizations working primarily with racialized LGBTQIA/2S communities or demonstrating evidence of having prior meaningful and culturally safe involvement with racialized and/or Indigenous LGBTQIA/2S communities are especially encouraged to apply.

The Linkage Tool is intended to facilitate connections between Canadian Community Organizations, including registered public school and Indigenous community organizations, community members, knowledge users or researchers.

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Contact information Province/ Territory Topics/ Themes of interest Affiliation/ Role Additional Information
Ahmed Muslimani
MAX Ottawa
MAX Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario 2SLGBTQ Sexual and Mental Health and Wellness, HIV, Hep C, Harm Reduction, Peer Programming A Community Organization Developing peer-led research and interventions for 2SLGBTQIA communities in the National Capital Region, focusing on intersecting identities that include: - Indigenous, First Nations, Metis, and Inuit. - African, Caribbean, Black - People of Colour. - Trans and Non-Binary. - People with Disabilities.

Nicolle Sirisko White

Ontario LGBTQ+, Two-Spirit, Indigenous A Community Organization AndThenIWasFree is a non-profit focused on addiction, mental health, and LGBTQ2S+ support and education, delivered through the lens of Indigenous teachings. The various aspects of a person’s identity – gender, race, sexuality, socio-economic status, home life, mental illness, or physical disability – are just parts of one’s journey. They make one who they are, but do not define them. We exist to show folks they’re not alone, and that everyone can be free. To us, being free encompasses three things: Authenticity, Inclusivity, and Compassion. Mission Through holistic programming, workshops, teachings, education, visibility, we will provide culturally specific resources and support for youth exploring all aspects of their identity. Guiding Principles The Seven Grandfather Teachings are a set of Indigenous teachings on human conduct towards others. They are moral stepping stones and a cultural foundation of which we apply throughout the work we do.
Laurance Playford-Beaudet
Lift, Trans qathet
Powell River
Trans and gender diverse issues A Community Organization Ways to assist trans and gender diverse individuals, especially in remote/rural areas.
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