Linkage Tool for the COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding

To achieve the goals and objectives of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding, strong connections are essential. The table below provides information submitted by researchers, individuals, and organizations who are interested in sharing information and/or establishing collaborations in relation to the COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding Opportunity. One of the ways CIHR is supporting the development of such connections is through this Linkage Tool.

The table below provides information submitted by researchers, health care professionals, organizations or other companies that are interested in sharing information and/or establishing collaborations in relation to the COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding.

Information is provided on a voluntary basis and in no way confers any advantages in the evaluation and/or funding of applications.


The information is provided in the language in which it was submitted by the respondent.

Contact information Location Stakeholder/
Participant Type
Area(s) of Interest Additional Information

Megan O'Connell
Associate Professor of Psychology

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Independent researcher, Health Professional older adult mental health, dementia, remote service delivery We are working on a mental health intervention for older adults that based on technology for virtual socialization and is inclusive for persons with cognitive impairment and dementia. Our work includes tracking of mental health and stepped care approaches to mental health treatment.

Hubert Gaucher

Canadian Dental Research Institute

British Columbia, Quebec Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Community Partner, Industry, NGO’s COVID-19 related: - e-Mental Health Collaborative research - e-Mental Health Application development - AI/ML drive IT platform - Telemedicine - Patient centric healthcare - Multidisciplinary healthcare platform - First Nations and Inuit healthcare services CDRI COVID-19 E-Mental Health Application Initiative: A Collaborative Response to the COVID-19 Stress Disorder The COVID-19 pandemic is negatively impacting the mental health of numerous populations: first responders, medical teams, elders, individuals with mental illnesses, remote communities, cancer patients and many other groups. The Canadian Dental Research Institute, CDRI, a not for profit corporation founded in 1990, implemented the Canadian International e-mobile Healthcare Consortium, CIE-MHCC, comprised of numerous health sector corporate members and Scientific Advisory boards. One of its focuses is multidisciplinary Mental Health user-centric screening, monitoring and treatment. The patented process was developed by the SCYiBL (Systematically Customize Your inner Brain Levels) corporation in partnership with academic neuroscience. This mental health support process can be done by the users themselves in the comfort of their homes without needing an external party to guide them through the me-to-me therapy. The SCYiBL process is backed with scientific publications from numerous conclusive independent field studies. The core e-mobile platform, Spatial lab corporation, includes an AI driven, personalized data environment to support symptoms analysis in a timeline. Current COVID-19 educational info e-health applications will be merged to provide a single portal for mental health immediate assistance and related multidisciplinary healthcare services. Many individuals and families already struggle with mental health issues in diverse communities and COVID-19 will exacerbate and cause more issues. CIE-MHCC telemedicine is a lifeline and tangible multidisciplinary mobile technology secure platform to connect distressed, anxious, suicidal and PTSD cases to healthcare providers for immediate life-saving assistance, diagnosis, treatment and long-term monitoring of post traumatic panic attacks. Research collaborations in mental health applications and IT AI/ML driven platforms development are welcomed.
Guillermo Garza Milling
Master on EE and Manufacturing SME Senior member and Bachelor on Mech and Elect. Eng
52 81 1280 6531
Monterrey, Mexico Independent researcher, Inventor, Innovations Develop a prophylactic nasal mucous incubation inhaler I like to start a collaboration team to develop the liquid solution approved to clean the nasal mucous while I develop the inhaler itself, among other collateral benefit initiatives.

Emmanuel Adetiba


Covenant University, Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria

Nigeria/Ogun State Independent researcher Machine (Artificial) Intelligence Biomedical Signal Processing Development of Rapid Diagnostic and Point of Care (PoC) Devoce based on Metagenomic Analysis, Genomic Signal Processing, and Artificial Intelligence (e.g. Deep Learning).


Federal University of Technology Minna

Nigeria Academia Artificial Intelligence Application. Research collaboration in the area of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address COVID-19 pandemic.

Anthony Ayodeji Adegoke
234 (0) 8062969757

Department of Microbiology, University of Uyo, PMB 1017 Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria Independent researcher, NGO’s, International Organization Medical and public health microbiology using standard techniques and integrative approaches including molecular methods (PCR, genomics, fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), traditional and next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, risk assessment and epidemiological outcome, antimicrobial chemotherapy and drug/vaccine research etc. I am interested in collaboration with independent researcher, international organization or non-governmental organization in impacting research on vaccine development and herbal/medicinal plants'/drug research as well as other integrative approach in COVID-19 research

Christine Wekerle
Associate Professor

McMaster University

Resilience In Youth website

Ontario Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Patient, Community Partner, Industry, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies, NGO’s, International Organization youth resilience, well-being young adult/collegiates resilience mental health, wellness and physical health while coping with COVID technology/apps for resilience I have a youth resilience app that has been evaluated thus far with first-year collegiates (adolescents), and have on-going projects for the app with Indigenous youth and child welfare youth. The JoyPop app (see is currently being updated for coping with COVID stay-at-home with evidence-based features to enhance self-compassion, reduce trauma-related symptoms, emotion regulation. New features will contribute to the app's focus on cognitive organization and emotion regulation with the inclusion of sleep, goal-setting new features. The app includes safe social connection and crisis/help line access on every screen. It is oriented towards positive psychology as a means of enhancing wellness, coping, and reducing mental health issues. We also would like to look at sex differences to encourage male youth health-seeking. I would like to include stakeholders with international connections, as there is interest in this app being tested in South Africa, UK, and Brazil.   I'd like to start with a more resilient group - first year university students - who in Canada actually have pretty high adverse childhood events exposures. While this is the upper end of adolescents, they are in transition and are vulnerable to higher risks in depression, anxiety, suicidality, substance abuse and risky sexual practices (to name some). Also interested in pediatrics transitioning youth, from the child to adult systems. IHDCYH researchers, IGH researchers, researchers with engagement already with youth populations - very interested to connect. Thank you in advance for considering this app-based intervention approach!

Lee-Hwa Tai
Assistant Professor
819-821-8000, ext. 71199

Universite de Sherbrooke
Quebec Independent researcher Immunotherapy, immune phenotyping. We have the expertise to establish lung airway models to test existing and novel therapies against COVID-19 and other airway infectious diseases. We also have the fundamental immunology expertise to phenotype the immune response to SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Jason Gilliland
519-661-2111, ext. 81239

Human Environments Analysis Lab at Western University

Human Environments Analysis Laboratory (HEAL) website

Ontario Independent researcher The Human Environments Analysis Laboratory is a state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary research and training environment based at Western University which specializes in the production, evaluation, synthesis, dissemination and mobilization of evidence to support effective policies, programs and professional practice aimed at creating healthy and vibrant communities. The HEAL aims to develop highly-skilled researchers to create, disseminate, and mobilize knowledge for making healthy, thriving communities. HEAL faculty and students come from various academic disciplines, including geography, sociology, urban planning, engineering, landscape architecture, health sciences, epidemiology & biostatistics, pediatrics, and food and nutritional sciences. We specialize in applications of geographic information science (GIS) for addressing critical planning and public health issues. We also specialize in community-based research and strive to build authentic and mutually-beneficial partnerships with local community organizations, especially non-profits and charities. The HEAL is interested in partnerships with researchers, community organizations, and other groups that are focused on the social, economic, political, and long-term health and wellbeing effects of COVID-19. We would be particularly interested in projects or initiatives that involve GIScience, youth engagement, policy development, knowledge translation, or implementation science.

Xander Wang
Assistant Professor

University of Prince Edward Island

University of Prince Edward Island: Xiuquan (Xander) Wang

Prince Edward Island Independent researcher Modeling and visualization tools, mapping, big data analytics, decision support systems. Modeling, mapping, and decision making about COVID-19.

Aldar Bourinbaiar

Immunitor website

British Columbia Industry Vaccines; immunotherapy; therapeutic vaccines Need collaborative partners to conduct lab and clinical trials for our tableted SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

Ma Luo

University of Manitoba

Manitoba Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Patient, Industry, International Organization The correlation of the plasma level of novel inflammation mediator, TILRR, and proinflammatory cytokines with severity of COVID-19 (SARs-Cov2) infection. We have identified an novel inflammation mediator (TILRR) circulating in the blood. The study is to evaluate this inflammation mediator in the plasma samples of individuals who are infected with SARS-Cov2 with varies clinical symptoms and correlated it with plasma inflammatory cytokines. The hypothesis is that individuals with high plasma TILRR will likely to have severe symptoms than individuals with low plasma TILRR level. Clinicians and independent investigators with access to COVID-19 patient populations. Companies with experience and expertise in humanized antibodies and in its therapeutic applications.

Jay Shaw
Research Director, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Health

University of Toronto and Women's College Hospital

Ontario Independent researcher Health equity, rapid virtualization of care, virtual care, digital health  Artificial intelligence, bioethics, data ethics, I am leading a consortium of researchers in North America to engage in a series of rapid case studies on health equity considerations during the rapid virtualization of care. We currently have researchers in Toronto (U Toronto), Montreal (U Sherbrooke), Boston (Harvard), Ann Arbor (U Michigan), Rochester MN (Mayo Clinic), Columbus (Ohio State U), and San Francisco (Stanford). I am looking for additional collaborators in other Canadian provinces with an interest in health equity and rapid virtualization, and using qualitative methods in rapid case studies.

Sébastien Jodoin
Assistant Professor

McGill University, Faculty of Law

Sébastien Jodoin website

Quebec Independent researcher Disability; public policy; rights-based approaches. Along with other colleagues at McGill, I am interested in collaborating with scholars who want to examine whether and how measures to control the pandemic can be designed and implemented in a manner that is inclusive of persons with disabilities, protects them from the pandemic, and mitigates their impact of control measures on their lives.

Dr. Philip Awadalla, National Scientific Director

University of Toronto; Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

CanPath: Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow's Health

British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec Community Partner COVID-19, Population cohorts, Clinical Patient Cohort, Health Care Workers, Serology, Genetics,  Longitudinal Studies The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow&'s Health (CanPath) is the largest population-based health study (n>330000) in Canada. Participants are followed longitudinally to collect detailed health and lifestyle information, biosamples and clinical outcomes. Recently, we launched the CanPath COVID-19 Initiative to capture demographic data, and data pertaining to COVID-19 (symptoms, outcomes, exposure, testing, hospitalization, psychosocial and economic impact) and biosamples to support research.

Donna Koller
416-979-5000 ext 2513

Ryerson University, School of Early Childhood Studies

Ontario Independent researcher, Health Professional pediatric psychosocial care  children's rights Would be interested in collaborating with health care professionals from a variety of disciplines to address the needs of children before, during and after a pandemic

Christine Arsenault

Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur-de-Montréal, CIUSSS du Nord-de-l'Île-de-Montréal

Quebec Independent researcher, Health Professional COVID treatment  COVID vaccine  Infectious diseases  Microbiology  Epidemiology Communicating with other professionals involved in research to build partnerships.

Dongdong WANG
905-525-9140 ext 22731

Department of Medicine, McMaster University

Research Gate: Dongdong Wang

Ontario, Hamilton Independent researcher The influence of lipid metalolism on SARS-CoV-2 activity We would like to investigate the influence of lipid metabolism on SARS-CoV-2 activity. We have the related knowledge and research condition for the lipid metabolism. We want to collaborate with colleagues who have the in vitro and in vivo models for COVID-19. We could apply for the funding and perform the research together and contribute to fighting COVID-19.

Cynthia Guidos
Senior Scientist

The Hospital for Sick Children, Research Institute

SickKids: Centre for Single Cell Analysis (CASCA)

Ontario Independent researcher Immunologist with longstanding interest and expertise in flow and mass cytometry. Well established platforms and protocols for immune profiling by high parameter CyTOF/Helios mass cytometry, Hyperion mass cytometry imaging, and Rhapsody single cell multi-omics. To contribute my immunological expertise and technical platforms to projects needing to profile immune responses to SARS-CoV2 in COVID-19 cases. We are using these platforms and computational pipelines to define single cell immune biomarkers associated with COVID-19 severity and outcomes. Our platforms can identify correlates of immune protection to inform vaccine development and assessment of vaccine effectiveness, as well as immune factors associated with adverse outcomes.

Jonathan Heeney

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Jonathan Heeney

Cambridge England

Health Professional, University and Biotech COVID19 Vaccines, Coronavirus Antigen Design Platform Immune Correlates of Protection (meaningful clinical assays of protection from SARS-CoV-2). Standardised Immune Assays for Human Vaccine Trials - Vaccine partnerships for GMP scale-up for Human trials
- Use of our CoV vaccine inserts in a partner's Vector Delivery platform  Partners willing to perform Clinical trials with our vaccine candidates Collaborations to establish standardises Immune Correlate Assays for clinical Trial Readouts

Morley D. Hollenberg

University of Calgary

Alberta Independent researcher Proteinases, Signal transduction and inflammatory disease;  proteolytic mechanisms of Covid-19 internalization via ACE-2 interaction Our collaborations will require 1. assistance with peptide synthesis of covid spike protein sequences; 2. provision of irradiation-inactivated intact covid-19 virus; 3. proteomic analysis of proteinase-covid spike protein sequences resulting from enzyme cleavage; 4. provision of purified potential Covid-processing enzymes, including tissue Kallikreins, matriptase, TMPRSS2 and neutrophil-derived proteinases including elastase and cathepsin-G

234 8035420892

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Enugu, Nigeria

Health Professional, NGO's Covid-19, Mental Health, Substance Use, Youths, Students, Health Professionals, Nursing I would like to work with other researchers across the globe to determine the impact of covid-19 on the mental health and resilience of youths during and after the crisis.

Mohamed Eltorki
Assistant Professor Pediatric Emergency Medicine

McMaster University

Ontario Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional COVID-19 Abdominal Pain, Appendicitis and Constipation Diarrheal illnesses Site investigator for Pediatric Emergency Department for COVID-19 related projects. This can include interventional trials or observational studies or patient/staff surveys.

Rudolf Uher

Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Health Authority


Nova Scotia Independent researcher, Health Professional Mental illness, mental health, early intervention We have developed questionnaires and interview measures of the COVID-19 pandemic exposure, coping and impact, suitable for Canadian context and inclusive of mental health. Happy to share. Please contact me if you would like to use these measures.

Hamman Samuel

University of Alberta

LinkedIn: Hamman Samuel

Alberta, Ontario Knowledge User, Independent researcher Online health misinformation  Social media analysis  Natural language understanding  Machine learning  evidence-based medicine A concerted effort is needed in tackling online health misinformation, especially in relation to COVID-19. The ideal collaborators would have expertise in evidence-based medicine, information sciences, natural language understanding, machine learning, and social network analysis. Subject matter experts, medical professionals, and researchers in quantitative methods specific to healthcare are very welcome.

Marc Pouliot
418-525-4444 x 46105

CHU de Québec - Université Laval

Quebec Independent researcher -Humans  -Auto-immune diseases  -Inflammatory diseases  -Rheumatoid arthritis  -Lupus  -Innate immunity  -Aging  -Inflammation  -Leukocytes/phagocytes  -Neutrophils, eosinophils  -Monocytes/macrophages  -Migration, phagocytosis, degranulation, gene expression,  -Chemokines, cytokines, lipid mediators of inflammation, complement  -Signal transduction  -Anti-inflammatory strategies  -Animal models (when appropriate) Interested to collaborate on the inflammatory aspect of COVID-19, particularly on early events that lead to leukocyte activation and, possibly, overt inflammation.

Pamela Baxter
Associate Professor

McMaster University

McMaster University’s School of Nursing: Dr. Pamela Baxter

Ontario Independent researcher, Health Professional long-term care; dementia; healthcare leadership; health policy; health service delivery; community; caregivers I am looking to collaborate with those interested in examining the impact (social, physical, emotional, financial)(short-term and long-term) of COVID-19 on long-term care residents and their family members. Also, to examine any strategies employed by residents, family members or care providers to minimize any actual or potential negative impacts. To have a multi-professional approach to examine this issue would be ideal.

Dr. Suzanne Fredericks
416-979-5000 ext. 557978

Ryerson University

Ontario Independent researcher, Health Professional front line health care providers concurrently enrolled in post-secondary education - collaborations between university health related programs  that have registered front line health care providers enrolled- - i.e. graduate (masters and doctoral) programs across Canada that have MDs, RN, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists enrolled  - Canadian hospital associations  - professional associations for MDs, RN, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists   - Canadian Mental Health Association

Peter Rogan

Western Universit


Ontario, London Independent researcher Molecular Pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 and other RNA viruses We have proposed a molecular mechanism that can explain the basis of severe lung infections that does not require an innate immune response, yet does account for the extreme morbidity and mortality in some patients.  We seek collaboration with a virology laboratory that is studying SARS-CoV-2 infections in patient tissues or cell lines to test these ideas.

Ruslan Dorfman


Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Industry 1. Assess the link between COVID-19 outcomes and prior use of antihypertensives and other drugs for managing chronic lung and heart conditions.  2. Personalized treatment optimization to facilitate recovery in COVID-19 survivors.  3. Assessing the impact of quarantine measures and mental health conditions. GeneYouIn (GYI) is a Canadian company offering software-enabled treatment optimization service, PillcheckTM, combines pharmacogenetic profiling with an online medication review by expert pharmacists. The Pillcheck platform includes clinical PGx reporting, workflow tools for clinicians, tools for collecting patient-reported outcomes and actionable analytics for evidence-based population health management. Pillcheck helps doctors and patients to minimize side effects and find an optimal prescription sooner.  We aim to research possible links between viral-induced  and psychologicalstress, and the risk of COVID-19 complications. We aim to deploy pharmacogenetic testing and longitudinal assessment of physical function and mental health status in people exposed to COVID-19, as well as disease-free copulations.

Sarah Neil-Sztramko
KT Advisor, NCCMT

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools, McMaster University

Ontario, Hamilton Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies Rapid reviews, knowledge translation, public health interventions, long term impact of Covid-19 on health and wellness of essential workers and the health and public health system Research partners, act as a knowledge user to connect with public health across canada.
Dr. Patrick Provost
Full Professor, Faculty of Medicine

Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec - Université Laval

Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec - Université Laval: Dr. Patrick Provost

Quebec Independent researcher, International Organization MicroRNAs, gene regulation, human cells, host-virus interactions Our group is interested in analyzing a limited number of biological samples obtained from infected vs uninfected patients or cells, and inactivated in Trizol. We need enough material to extract 2-3 µg total RNA per sample. The proposed analyses aim to determine whether the mechanisms underlying COVID-19 pathogenesis involve microRNA deregulated gene expression and identify genes that may be deregulated, which may help understand COVID-19 pathogenesis and guide therapeutic interventions.

Judy Birdsell
Board Chair

IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health

Alberta Knowledge User, Patient, Community Partner, NGO's, Family caregiver/advocate Patient/caregiver involvement in pandemic decision making e.g. family members as 'visitors' (Banned from institutions) as opposed to being part of the 'care team' ie.. Better Together; Family Presence etc. How to weigh cost to patients and families when support and presence is not allowed, versus risk of spreading infection. Staffing and human resource practices in elder care facilities Lack of concern for availability of personal protective equipment for family caregivers and community workers at risk of infection. What are the impacts of pandemic restrictions on other aspects of health? Mental, cancer, surgery, domestic abuse, etc. Virtual care - what has occurred during pandemic and what aspects should be maintained and increased post pandemic, and which should be eliminated through policy decisions e.g. security of personal data; effect on relationship based primary care, etc. Patient partner in research; including helping to define research questions. Leading portion of study that requires consultation with everyday people, and/or people who have been directly involved with impact of Covid 19 due to particular circumstances.

Macarena Pampillo
Research Officer

Lawson Health Research Institute

Ontario, London Knowledge User, Industry, Research Officer health would like to connect institute researchers to other groups

Nimish Mittal
Assistant Professor
416-5973-422 ext 3286

University of Toronto

University of Toronto - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Faculty Member: Nimish Mittal

Ontario Knowledge User, Independent researcher Chronic pain Mental health and substance use in chronic pain Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Impact of Covid-19 on mental health and opioid use in persons with chronic pain. Impact of Covid -19 on allergic symptoms and chronic pains in persons with complex multi systemic connective tissue disorders (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).

Shawna Novak
Executive director

The Canada-International Scientific Exchange Program (CISEPO)

Ontario Independent researcher, Health Professional, Community Partner, Industry, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies, NGO’s, International Organization Triangular cooperation models, Rapid Response Public Health initiatives and their impact on cross border cooperation, Addressing health inequities through COVID-19 rapid response, civil society strengthening through COVID-19 rapid response interventions. Representative cooperative network for multilateral knowledge transfer. We would like to build up the research arm of our cooperative global telehealth network and validate some of the principal concepts behind the CISEPO approach to health system strengthening and addressing health and social inequities. The intent is to do this in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic as it potentially provides a wellspring of evidence to either validate or invalidate the needs based approach that the CISEPO model is based on. We're very interested in varied experiences and settings and can support large scale cooperative research programming.

Mike Warren
Patient Partner

Patient Advisory Council, NL Support

Newfoundland and Labrador Knowledge User, Patient, Patient Partner and Patient Partner Co-lead Interested in COVID19 related research. Would be interested in adding value to COVID-19 research that would result from the inclusion of a patient's voice. Interested in provincial, regional and national projects that have a broad scope of activities and benefits.

Cindy-Lee Dennis
Professor and Women's Health Research Chair

University of Toronto

Ontario Independent researcher, Health Professional perinatal mental health, depression, anxiety, maternal and paternal mental health, breastfeeding, fathers, immigrant families, randomized controlled trial, systematic review 1. I am interested in preventive mental health interventions for  parents with young children  2. Longitudinal follow-up of families with a focus on mental health, family functioning, child health and well-being

Garumma T Feyissa
Postdoctoral Research fellow

Drexel University

USA Independent researcher Behavioral Research, Systematic reviews, Policy and Guideline development, Implementation Research. I am eager to collaborate with researchers in any research project where I contribute by designing project, and or analysing data, writing and/or publishing reports and conducting systematic reviews related to the project.

Gregory M Brwon
Professor Emeritus

Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, Molecular Brain Science Department, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto

Ontario, Mexico Health Professional, Melatonin and COVID-19 Melatonin is now known to be more than just a hormone.  Synthesized and distributed very widely in the body it is both an antioxidant and a potent immune modulator. It is well documented to boost innate immunity, while reducing excessive reactions to foreign agents like viruses.  It also assists in production on antibodies.  It is localized in cell membranes, mitochondria, cell nuclei and cytosol. Synthesized locally in mitochondria it is positioned to counteract excessive production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.  In immune modulation it has been shown to reduce cytokine storm in both animals and humans. 1.  Melatonin may well be a valuable help in treatment of COVID-19, not as a directly antiviral agent but because of its strong ability to prevent overreaction to the virus that causes severe illness.  I would like to collaborate on a placebo controlled study of melatonin as an adjuvant in COVID-19 treatment. 2. Interindividual differences in melatonin may be one of the causes of differing responses to the COVID-19 virus. Melatonin shows major age related changes, also huge interindividual differences in the rate limiting synthetic enzyme arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase are documented.  I would like to collaborate on a systematic study of first morning urine comparing those with varying severity of COVID-19 symptoms. First morning urine would be collected for  measurement of the melatonin metabolite 6-sulphatoxymelatonin (6-SM) corrected by creatinine. Both measurements are readily made..

Lorelli Nowell
Assistant Professor

University of Calgary

Alberta, Quebec, Calgary Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional Nursing workforce resiliency and well-being We are looking for potential collaborators on a knowledge synthesis project focused on nursing workforce resiliency and well-being related to COVID-19.

Elsie Duff

University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba: Rady Faculty of Health Sciences - Dr. Els Duff

Manitoba Independent researcher, Health Professional Opioid Replacement Therapy - barriers and facilitators  Regulation of Opioid Replacement Therapy  Health care legislation and regulation  Health care education Regulation and legislation was rapidly amended or provision to override sophisticated goverenance processes were implemented relatively quickly due to Covid-19.  Removing barriers to provide care, specifically care for those with substance use disorder occurred.  I am interested in working with researchers who are examining substance use or opioid replacement therapy and how the removal of barriers during Covid-19 might be considered as the new norm to provide ongoing care. I am a clinically practicing nurse practitioner (a regulator requirement) and as a tenure track faculty member as an early career researcher.

Namas Chandra

New jersey institute of technology NJIT

Newark, New jersey, USA Independent researcher, Research University Greetings. I am Professor Namas Chandra, Distinguished Professor, Biomedical Engineering at NJIT. I direct a Center CIBM3 and among other things, we have expertise in designing various targeted drug delivery formulations using polymeric, metallic and solid-lipid and lipid based nanoparticle for diagnosing and treating different disease conditions including brain injury, neuropathological diseases, cancer and viral infections. I have had many grants/contracts with the Department of Defense for the last 30 years and your addition will greatly add value to the proposal. Currently, we are working on a research proposal titled “Targeted nanoparticle (Co-Encapsulated with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin) for the Treatment of nCOVID19 Patients” which would like to submit to Canada and international grants.     We are looking for a research collaborator who can conduct preclinical or clinical studies in the COVID19  ARDS model using our drug formulation. Particularly on research focusing on Pulmonary Disease (lung injury/ARDS).    Please let us know.

Rachel Burns

Carleton University

Ontario, Ottawa Independent researcher -health psychology 
-health behaviour change 
-intersection of mental health and physical health 
Happy to collaborate with others with interests in psychosocial processes linked to health behaviour (e.g., hand washing) or links between mental health and physical health.

Caroline McDonald-Harker

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology; Director, Centre for Community Disaster Research, Mount Royal University

Alberta, Canada Independent researcher Children and youth; families; communities; vulnerable populations; gender/sex, race, and socioeconomic status; mental health; well-being; coping mechanisms; resilience; psycho-social factors; social dynamics; cultural dimensions; and pandemic preparedness. Examining the short and long-term impact of COVID-19 illness, physical distancing, and isolation on children, youth and families mental health, well-being, and coping. Sociodemographic, cultural, social, and psycho-social dimensions of pandemics on children, youth, families, and communities. Characteristics that contribute to pandemic recovery, rebuilding, and characteristics of resiliency among children, youth and families in order to strengthen overall resilience, health, and well-being.

Suneel Upadhye
Regional EM Research Lead, Niagara Health

Niagara Health/McMaster University

Ontario Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional Creation of a regional telephone triage network for regional long-term care facilities to contact ED physicians at local hospitals for shared-decision making in transportation of potential COVID19 LTC patients to ED for further assessment/management. We are trying to establish a community-hospital based regional ED telephone triage network with all Niagara long-term care facilities to support shared-decision making between LTC facility and local ED in deciding if/when to transport potential COVID19 patients to the ED.  This is meant to operationalize recent Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations suggesting avoidance of low-value transfers from LTCF to ED.

Neil Abernethy
Associate Professor

University of Washington

USA/Seattle, WA Independent researcher Machine learning, epidemic modeling, data integration, traditional and digital contact tracing, visualization, drug resistance, eCRFs/ELR, intervention modeling, molecular/genomic epidemiology I am interested in working with research partners to utilize a variety of public health and clinical data sources to prevent, predict, and conduct surveillance for COVID-19 outbreaks. I am particularly interested in working to link live data sources to predictive and analytical models to better understand ongoing outbreaks.

Samsen Rohm
Managing Director

Sound Alignment

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Worldwide: We are a web platform accessible from anywhere with internet access. Independent researcher, Health Professional, Industry, Web Platform for automating Double Blind Study Delivery, Compliance, and Results is a web platform that delivers protocols of sound, light, magnetic or electric fields in waveforms made up of one or more frequencies via smartphone and other devices that people already own. Researchers and clinicians that are exploring alternatives to drugs and surgery to address specific health issues can use to conduct double-blind studies at a significantly reduced cost. Sound enables researchers and clinicians to:  1. Build waveforms made up of one or more frequencies targeted to evoke a specific response.  2. Build protocols as playlists of waveforms  3. Send a link via text message or email to study participants or clientele to run the protocol.   4. Track how often a user (study participant or client) is running a protocol to measure compliance.  5. Gathers user self-reported results.    While we foresee being able to help researchers conduct relatively inexpensive double-blind studies, self-reported results for the most part, may not be convincing. Eventually we hope to collaborate with companies that provide devices that perform 24/7 health monitoring to provide more objective before and after measures to prove the efficacy of any specific protocol that is delivered via the platform. We seek to collaborate with researchers who are exploring the efficacy of vibration or frequency based therapeutics. Our platform enables researchers to deliver the protocols they are studying via smartphone and other devices that their study participants already own. Our platform enables researchers to automate data gathering activities such as measuring compliance, self-reported results, etc.

Bart weimer
Professor, Chair

UC Davis

Alberta, British Columbia, California, USA Independent researcher SARS-CoV2 genomic diversity as it is connected to epidemiology and transmission.  Genomics diversity measures to use as a metric for public health controls  real time sequencing for viral and bacterial genomics  host/viral interactions that lead to infection vs carriage We have the ability to conduct population genomics for viral and bacterial genomic diversity. While the genome diversity is interesting we will link it to the epidemiology (see Bandoy and Weimer, MedRxiv) to bring to light the interconnection between outbreaks, public health, and genome changes that lead to an increase or decrease in spread. Ultimately, these data will be used to find stable vaccine targets for all genome variations as well as possible new drug targets. Additionally, use population genomics to design PCR assays that will find all versions or unique (i.e. local) genomic variation. Once this is combined with the clinical data the genome variation can be tied directly to tissue tropism, clinical signs, age distribution of infection, or other host characteristics.

Sergei Pigarev
Chief Technical Officer

Meabco A/S

Denmark/Copenhagen Industry, International Organization Inflammation, Oncology (anticancer, supportive care), Radiation (civil/emergency applications), Ageing/Gerontology, Mutagenesis/Carcinogenesis We are looking for virologists/microbiologists to partner with us/assist us with evaluating anti-viral/anti-infectious potential of our agent(s) in COVID-19.   We have pilot data (data on file) from H5N2 studies as well as complementary data from other nonclinical models indicating strong anti-inflammatory potential of our agent(s).   The potential benefits of our agent(s) is the combination of anti-inflammatory activity, effect on the 'cytokine storm' (ameliorating effect) plus good safety/tolerability and convenient dosage formulation (oral/aqueous solution).

Artem Babaian, PhD
604-675-8000 x7757

University of British Columbia

GitHub: Babaian


British Columbia Independent researcher While there is an intense research effort to sequence SARS-CoV-2 isolates to understand the evolution of the virus in real-time, our understanding of coronavirus evolution is limited by the poor characterization of other members of the Coronaviridae family (only 53/436 CoV sp. Genomes are available). We are re-analyzing all RNA-sequencing data in the NCBI Short Read Archive to discover new members of Coronaviridae and assemble their genomes. This is >1.12 million biological samples or 5.72 petabytes of sequencing data. - Discovery of new coronavirus species  - Viral Genome Sequencing  - Viral Genome Assembly  - Cloud Computing  - Ultra-high throughput sequence analysis Serratus is an open-science project and we are actively looking for research collaborators to help us create and annotate this freely available data-set. In addition, we are seeking research collaboration for co-application for research funding.

Gabriela Ilie
Soillse Scientist in Prostate Cancer Quality of Life Research

Dalhousie University

Soillse Scientist in Prostate Cancer Quality of Life Research

Nova Scotia Independent researcher, Community Partner, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies, International Organization Cancer research and impact of diagnosis and side effects in the quality of life of patients, particularly during pandemic and societal/ medical global stressors. Interested in interventions aimed at improving the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors and their partners. Secondary issues are social determinants of health in the context of oncological outcomes and environmental (occupation, toxicity, pollution) factors and their impact of cancer patients' health and quality of life. I would like to evaluate the impact of this pandemic on the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors and the toll is taking on their lives and find ways to prevent this from happening in the future.

Abby Goldstein

University of Toronto

Ontario Independent researcher Substance Use  Mental Health  Post-Secondary Students  Emerging Adulthood  Youth  Resilience  Wellness Would be interested in collaborations with other researchers, health professionals and community partners who have an interest in examining the impacts of COVID-19 on emerging adult mental health and substance use, given specific stressors for this population, including: job loss and uncertainty, disruptions in education, financial insecurity, relocating and moving back in with parents, and exacerbation of mental health and substance use concerns with reduced access to in-person services.

Jan Klimas

British Columbia Centre on Substance Use

British Columbia Independent researcher, International Organization Substance use; mental health; medical education; audit and feedback; opioid agonist treatment; harm reduction; systematic reviews; mixed methods research; qualitative studies; program evaluation; polysubstance use; alcohol withdrawal; older adult mental health; safe prescribing; pain management; implementation science; scoping reviews; psychosocial and educational interventions. I have over a decade long experience in conducting studies in the above areas of interest and can serve as a co-investigator on collaborative grant applications, providing subject knowledge and methodological expertise.

Heather Smith Fowler
Research Director

Social Research and Demonstration Corporation

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, pan-Canadian Independent researcher, NGO's youth and student mental health (including social emotional learning and resilience), workplace mental health and substance use, and Indigenous wellbeing. SRDC is an independent non-profit research and evaluation organization, specializing in applied policy / intervention research in population health, education, employment and other areas of social policy. I lead our work in health and wellbeing, and a team of researchers in different provinces across the country. I would love to partner with a CIHR-eligible organization to assist with either evidence synthesis or intervention design, particularly to build on our previous work in youth and student mental health, workplace mental health and substance use, and Indigenous wellbeing.

Sarah Glofcheskie
Chief Strategy Officer

Axiom Real-Time Metrics

Ontario Industry Clinical trials involving vaccines, immunotherapy, therapeutic vaccines, or COVID-19 treatment. Aid in the conduct of clinical trials involving vaccines, immunotherapy, therapeutic vaccines, or COVID-19 treatment to be run by any hospital, network of hospitals or biotech organizations. We are readily available to help any companies interested in shortening the duration of their clinical studies/trials related to COVID-19. Axiom has developed an easy to use unified eClinical solution that eliminates the labour intensive manual tasks so often required by companies in managing a clinical study or study platform.

Michael Young
250-391-2600 ext 4172

Royal Roads University

British Columbia Knowledge User, Independent researcher Addiction, mental health and homelessness.  Mixed methods research.  Education.  Policy analysis. Looking to partner with researchers, not for profit agencies, and representatives from health care and justice system sectors to examine best practices emerging from policies, programs, strategies and services delivered during the COVID-19 crisis. Also interested in conducting preliminary research on the experiences of those individuals accessing services during the crisis. A cross national project would provide solid data on best practices and areas in need of improvement.

Silvina Arrossi


Buenos Aires, Argentina Independent researcher The Psycho-social burden of COVID-19/Social distancing and their relation to the adherence to prevention and control measures; population-based responses and strategies to increase adherence to prevention and control measures; development of tools for monitoring/surveillance of  the psycho-social impact of COVID-19 We are a team with more than 30 year of experience in health research; in this context we are particularly interested in participating in a multicentric project aimed at measuring and reducing the psycho-social impact of COVID-19/social distancing. This includes analyzing this impact among socially disadvantaged populations, as well as identifying local and community practices to deal with it and reduce its effect.  We have carried out a survey on the psycho-social impact of COVID-19 in Argentina (The TIARA Study) and we have identified that a greater psycho-social impact is associated with lower compliance with social distancing measures implemented in this countries. We want to work to develop a monitoring tool as well as strategies aimed at reducing the psycho-social impact of COVID-19.

Denise Dubé

Quebec I am a Dietitian who recovered from COVID-19 by fasting Hello,    While the infection spread through my chest required my to exert effort to inhale while lying down trying to fall asleep and none of the supplementation and best nutrition I knew of made a difference, I decided to try fasting as a last resort (alone in my condo while no one could visit me and I couldn't leave,and not one returning my calls). I ate a nutritious meal at 6 PM, took my multivitamins with mineral supplement as well as my usual omega-3.., then abstained from eating, only consumed water for 24 your. Only then did I feel the spread of the infection in my chest halt. Then I ate another nutritious meals took my multivitamin with minerals supplement... and fasted for another 24 hours. Then I felt the spread in my chest regress finally and I resumed eating 2-3 meals a day, recovered while I was left with an ache in the centre of my chest for about a week. I would like to recommend a study be done on a sample of well-nourished COVID-19 patients to do the short 2 X 24 hr fast and record recovery rates.

shafiq ur Rehman

University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan Independent researcher I am interested to work on designing/searching and characterizing the entry inhibitors against Novel coronavirus 2 Spike protein either  1. Insilico designing and assessment through entry inhibition in the pseud-particle assay    2. Computational identification and in-lab assessment of entry inhibitors from library of phytochemicals    and/or Characterization of antibodies from recovered patients for their entry enhancing activity through the pseudo-particle assay I am a researcher having experience working with the activity of autologous and heterologous antibodies from chronic patients of HCV through HCVpp assay. My research group members have abilities to computationally design the proteins as inhibitors against virus spike protein and can also screen the phytochemicals libraries for potential entry inhibitors. We have the expertise of cloning, expressing, and purifying different proteins, however not set up yet the facility for production of the pseudo particles at the current lab (however have the expertise with HCVpps). Looking for a well-established group with focus on finding the entry inhibitors against this virus or interest in characterizing the antibodies for their potential entry inhibition and/or entry enhancement activities. The groups with facilities to handle the live virus will be very helpful for finding some good therapeutic modalities.



QUITO - ECUADOR.  SOUTH AMERICA. Health Professional, MEDICAL DOCTOR  RADIOLOGIST, NEURORADIOLOGY AND OZONE THERAPY Study  of effects of blood administration of Ozone ( mayor hemotherapy) in Covid 19 patients.  Known properties as antimicrobial, antiviral , and rapid transforming in oxygen.   May aid in treatment of Covid 19. hypoxia.  The  patient response can be followed by CT scan protocol Ozone is a Gas with 3 molecules of oxygen, inestable, rapidly transforming in O2, with known antiviral and antimicrobial properties.  Since 1ertst world war it have been used  especially in Europe  as mayor hemotherapy administration in venous blood, increasing in seconds oxygen saturation,  and it is known  that produce lipid peroxydation of cell membranes.  This therapy is done with 250 cc of venous blood in 100 cc of heparinized saline solution,  as an autotransfusion.  Also heparin will help in trombotic syndrome.    Contraindication:  Non control hypertension  Deficiency of G6 fosfate.  Critical COVID 19 patients may receive benefits from this therapy.  In my clinical practice more than 400 patients have done mayor hemotherapy . for several indications of ozone therapy, that is really an oxygen therapy. I could like to make a trial study of ozone therapy in Covid patients

Professeur associé
243 89 95 34 777

Institut supérieur des techniques médicales de Kinshasa

République démocratique du Congo, Kinshasa Independent researcher, Institution d'enseignement supérieur gouvernemental Biologie cellulaire et moléculaire. Utilisation des endonucléases recombinantes plus particulièrement le système CRISPR/Cas9.   Étude des produits d'expression des gènes... La collaboration devra être un appui à la recherche sur les mécanismes d’immunisation conférée par Covid-19 et les autres types de Coronavirus circulant en Afrique en général et en République démocratique du Congo en particulier. Cet appui sera à la fois matériel et humain. Il devra permettre le financement de la recherche et une collaboration étroite entre les chercheurs congolais et canadiens œuvrant dans les domaines de la biologie moléculaire et de l’immunologie.

Reda Mohamed Elbadawy

Banha  University

Banha Knowledge User, International Organization Hepatology, Gastroenterology Microbiome Fatty  liver Hepatocellular   Carcinoma I have innovation to  be add to the protocol  of  treatment to decrease the  complications of drug therapy  of COVID  patients. Also  the contact   will be given this treatment   to avoid  the conversion  to case??? this tool  will be for  life for all ,through   modulation of gut microbiome  by pre/ probiotic  .  By this line of therapy we can save thepatients from the begining once it is PCR positive  even before  the appearance of symptoms.  This will lead  to  save health care workers   and economy
Boureima Guindo
MD, Associate Researcher /
223 79126759
Mali Independent researcher, Associate Researcher in Malaria Research and Training Center/ Department of parasitology and Malaria Vaccine Testing , Bamako Mali. In our center, we have many experiences in malaria clinical and vaccine trials. And we do research on other Parasites and microorganisms. My country is a low-income country, so collaboration is essential to control this pandemic.   We wish to put our expérience of clinical trials and vaccine tests to fight against COVID-19.

Angélica Ochoa

Universidad de Cuenca

Ecuador International Organization, Research Institution Creating evidence-based policies to support health workers and health systems as well as those designated as essential services, in coping with the significant burden posed by COVID-19; and ongoing, adaptive social and public health responses. We are already Working in a proposal with UNICEF to analize the impact on families and on the public primary health care setting.    We would like to get additional support to enhace a higher impact. Ecuador is the Latin American country more affected by COVID 19.

91 9474639660

S.M. Nagar Derozio Smriti Vidyalaya (High)


April Blodgett
VaxArray Sales Specialist


Boulder, CO, USA Industry Pre-clinical and clinical serological testing InDevR provides a unique multiplexed serological assay for nCoV that is based on our established VaxArray platform. Our COVID SeroArray helps vaccine researchers answer questions about the impact of pre-exposure to other coronaviruses while measuring the antibody response to the spike protein in their vaccines. From a single serum sample, the assay reports the IgG response to endemic coronaviruses, SARS, MERS, and nCoV2.

marianne beaulieu


Quebec, Tunisie Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Community Partner, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies rôle d'influence des experts communication prises de décisions gouvernementales Étant donné l’absence de vaccins et de traitements efficaces contre la COVID-19, les interventions non pharmaceutiques deviennent centrales dans la gestion de la crise. Elles visent essentiellement à « aplatir la courbe » de progression de la maladie par la préparation du système de santé, le dépistage rapide et l’implantation d’actions de santé publique. Pour assurer leur efficacité, les modes de communication rapides, proactifs, continus et ouverts sont cruciaux. En cas d'urgence de santé publique, la communication implique trois acteurs principaux : le gouvernement, le public et les experts. Le projet vise à dresser un portrait des stratégies de communication des "experts" utilisées pour influencer la prise de décision dans le contexte de la pandémie de COVID-19.

Andrea Evans

The University of Toronto

Ontario Health Professional Children and youth in child welfare system Provincial (Ontario) and national research collaboration

Faiz Ahmad Khan
Associate Professor, Junior Scientist

Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre & McGill University

Quebec, Montréal Independent researcher, Health Professional Socioeconomic, ethnic/racial disparities Diagnostics Diagnostic accuracy Global health Health equity I am interested in working with groups studying ethnic/racial disparities in COVID epidemiology and response in Canada, especially in Quebec. I have experience in conducting studies of diagnostic accuracy, as well as systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and would be interested to collaborate with groups working on these aspects of COVID. I am also a global health researcher, and would be interested in collaborating on COVID related epidemiology, public health, or operational/implementation science research in low income countries.

Sonia Udod
Assistant Professor

University of Manitoba
89 Curry Place

Manitoba Independent researcher My program of research focuses on nurse leader development critical to the creation of high quality healthcare workplaces, leading to quality nurse, patient, and organizational outcomes. Findings emerging from the LEAD Outcomes program have significant potential to inform and improve leadership practices and health services through translating relevant knowledge for nurse leaders. I am interested in healthcare leadership (formal roles) during the pandemic, how decisions are made for COVID and non COVID issues, role of the leader in teamwork, and individual and organizational resilience as we prepare for future waves of the pandemic and other global challenges.

225 01518030 ou +225 07891382

Université Felix Houphouet Boigny. Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Yukon, Côte d'Ivoire Knowledge User, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies Sociologie et anthropologie de la santé Santé publique (Membre de la Fédération africaine et de la fédération mondiale des associations de santé Publique. Président de l'Association ivoirienne de santé publique) - VIH sida, tuberculose, etc. - Politiques de santé - Recherches socio comportementales et santé - Planification stratégiques santé - Interventions: sensibilisation, éducations pour la santé - Violences sexistes, santé sexuelle reproductive et grossesses des adolescentes. - Formations - Observatoires Collaboration de recherches et d'interventions: - conception et rédaction de la proposition de recherche; - Elaboration du protocole et de la méthodologie de recherche - Mise en œuvre de la recherche et des interventions - Rédaction des rapports

Damla Arisan

Gebze Technical University

Turkey Independent researcher Diagnostics, therapeutics, mirnas We would like prepare LAMP based mirna based diagnostics for covid19 and confirm the biological importance and proof of mirnas-based cellular responses in lung tissue.

Kharah Ross
Assistant Professor

Athabasca University

Alberta Independent researcher Social connections; mental health The purpose of the study is to examine the impact of social distancing policies on social connections and mental health, focusing on a Canadian sample. Participants will complete an initial online survey querying social connections (social integration, social support, social conflict, and loneliness) and mental health (anxiety and depressive symptoms). Shorter follow-up assessments querying mental health (anxiety and depressive symptoms) and changes in social connection will occur every two weeks for six months (total of 12 assessments). The 3-month and 6-months surveys will re-assess social connection variables, in order to track long-term changes in social connections as a result of COVID-19 pandemic social distancing policies.

Adamson Muula

University of Malawi

Malawi Health Professional, International Organization, Researcher Epidemiology and clinical sciences Research collaboration

Sherif Hanafy Mahmoud
Clinical Associate Professor

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; University of Alberta

Alberta Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional Dr. Mahmoud's translational research focus spans both basic and clinical research methodologies:    1. Design and conduct of Pharmacokinetic Studies    2. Pharmacokinetic analysis    3. Design and conduct of observational studies and clinical trials    4. Management, analysis and interpretation of large datasets    5. Design and conduct of systematic reviews/ meta-analyses    6. Analysis of drug levels in biological samples using HPLC and LC/MS    7. Patient Assessment Skills    8. Knowledge Translation; Therapeutic Decision Making Dr. Mahmoud's translational research focus spans both basic and clinical research methodologies:    1. Design and conduct of Pharmacokinetic Studies    2. Pharmacokinetic analysis    3. Design and conduct of observational studies and clinical trials    4. Management, analysis and interpretation of large datasets    5. Design and conduct of systematic reviews/ meta-analyses    6. Analysis of drug levels in biological samples using HPLC and LC/MS    7. Patient Assessment Skills    8. Knowledge Translation; Therapeutic Decision Making

Mitesh Shrestha

Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology

Nepal Independent researcher, NGO’s Antimicrobial Resistance  Molecular Parasitology and Virology I am looking for a collaborator who can help me develop point-of-care diagnostic testing for COVID-19 in rural parts of Nepal. I am especially interested in developing novel diagnostic methods for early detection of the virus in a minimal resources setting.

VOIROL Christian
Professeur associé

Université de Montréal & HES-SO // Haute Ecole de Santé Arc, Suisse

Quebec, Suisse Health Professional. Universités Santé mentale au travail - Protection de la santé des travailleurs et travailleuses - Organisation des institutions de santé - Psychologie du travail et des organisations -    Détection précoce des crises -  Formation des adultes -     Interdisciplinarité et complexité -  Santé et sécurité au travail - Développement durable des RH - Implementation sciences - Evidence Based Practice Je produis des "short reviews", "rapid reviews", "réponses rapides", etc. depuis une dizaine d'années. J'essaie également de faire financer le développement d'outils facilitant ces recherches. En effet, les exigences spécifiques à ces revues (délais courts, peu ou pas de RCT, etc.) requièrent des méthodes et outils particuliers. Idéalement, j'aimerais collaborer avec des personnes ou des équipes qui ont développés des compétences et des outils dans ce domaine.

Meghan Azad
Associate Professor

University of Manitoba

Manitoba Independent researcher We are investigating SARS-CoV-2 infection and the impact of the COVID19 crisis among Canadian families participating in the CHILD Cohort Study (; 3500 families / 12000 individuals).  Aim 1: Provide real-time data on the SARS-CoV-2 , severity, transmission and immunity in Canadian children and adults participating in the existing CHILD Cohort.  Aim 2: Identify biological, health and sociodemographic predictors of SARS-CoV-2 infection susceptibility and severity in the CHILD cohort. Aim 3: Understand the indirect psychosocial and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and its management on CHILD families, and identify at-risk groups. We are looking for:  - international cohorts with similar data available for harmonization or replication studies  - stakeholders and knowledge users in public health (local, provincial, national and international)  - home testing kits / blood sample collection kits  - lab with capacity to run 12,000 serology tests in June & October

Muhammad Suleman

University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan/Punjab Assistant Professor/ Research Scientist Vaccine development,  Host pathogen interactions,  Viral zoonosis,  Immune response evaluations,  Flow cytometry based diagnostic assays,  Rapid diagnostic test development. Looking for research partners to build projects on:  1- COVID-19 zoonotic potential tracking  2-COVID-19 vaccine development  3-COVID-19 rapid diagnostic assay development  4-COVID-19 immune response evaluations

Sharmistha Mishra
416-864-6060 x77600

University of Toronto
Mishra Lab, GitHub / Mishra Lab

Ontario Independent researcher Transmission modeling, Epidemiology, Heterogeneity Our team is conducting a series of data-driven statistical and mathematical modeling studies of COVID-19 transmission, with a focus on heterogeneity and modeling micro-epidemics. Our work to date has focused on the Greater Toronto Area.

Marc-Andre Rousseau
MSc student


Quebec, Rigaud Independent researcher, MSc student of the PI Statistics/policy. I am interested in developing a back to work protocol involving gradually introducing cohorts back to work according to the risk of them needing hospitalization.  A regression will determine risk factors and likelihood of needing hospitalization, from there, real-time tracking would be performed to monitor disease prevalence and assess the risk to those determined at high risk.  I am looking to develop a 2-way platform allowing people to return to work according to these statistical models and real-time monitoring and testing. Looking for collaboration with someone with the appropriate authority and staff to perform nasal swab testing at low-bias locations for the presence of SARS-COV-2 RNA and then reporting the results of the testing into a database to be used in a 2-way communication platform to allow people to return to work.  This is quite time-sensitive.  The collaborator would need to be able to provide cost estimates of this testing to be incorporated into an application for funding.

Khashayar Ghandi

University of Guelph

Ontario, Canada Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Industry Biosensors,  Use of external fields and material science to develop new treatment methods There are two different projects (proposals):    1) We are developing a new diagnostic test device. This is based on a patented technology in our group. After we finish it we need to test the device on real samples. We are looking for collaborators that we can bring our device to their lab for tests. There should be labs that can also do the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction on the same samples that would be measured by our device. The lab should have the proper biosafety approval.     2) We are also developing a new treatment method based on a medical device that we have developed at the lab scale. To show this device is effective for treatment of Covid-19 patients we are proposing to do a research. In this research, we can do some in vitro tests and ex-vivo animal tests at our university but after that we need to do experiments on cells and tissues with Covid-2 and then later do all measurements up to human trials in collaboration with the interested collaborator who has expertise in human trials (a medical doctor). For this research we would like to have the collaborator involved from the very beginning (at proposal writing stage) to be able to speed up the research and development.

Marianna Kulka
Team Lead

University of Alberta
11421 Saskatchewan Dr.

Alberta Independent researcher Lung inflammation  Nanoparticle design and non-viral transfection of immune cells  Mast cell biology  3D bioprinting  Advanced electron microscopy We are currently interested in examining patient serum or plasma to determine which immune factors contribute to lung inflammation. In addition, we have the capability to create nanoparticle drug delivery systems that specifically target lung tissue and cells, thereby facilitating entry of anti-inflammatory or anti-viral drugs. We also use our advanced microscopy facility to characterize and visualize viral particles which may be necessary to understand its pathogenicity.

Elmostafa EL FAHIME

Centre National pour la Recherche scientifique et technique

Maroc Independent researcher, Plateforme Nationnelle génomique fonctionnelle 1- Virologie Moléculaire   2- Génomique   3- développement de kit de détection   4-nutrigénomique  5- pharmacogénomique virale  6- dynamique du protéome virale  7-séquençage haut débit Crée un Partenariat durable avec équipe multidisciplinaire canadienne pour répondre aux enjeux multiples et complexes générés par le SRAS-Cov2. Nous avons des cohortes marocaines de patients avec des données cliniques complets et nous aimerions implémenter ce travail avec des données génomiques, transcriptomiques et nutrigénomiques pour étudier la prédisposition aux infections au SARS-cov2 et évaluer l’efficacité des traitements supplémentés ou non avec des nutriments qui stimulent le système immunitaire. Cherchant Partenariat durable avec équipe multidisciplinaire pour répondre aux enjeux multiples et complexes du Covid-19.
Esteban Valencia
Ontario Independent researcher, Community Partner, Industry Economic revival protocols  Monitoring devices for enforcing social distance  Wearable devices  Electronics Engineering  Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)  IoT  Web Development Given COVID-19's surge in the last couple of months, we would like to partner with local manufacturers to create affordable monitoring devices for manufacturing and retail workplaces. We have developed a small device capable of monitoring social distance infractions to ensure that employers implement effective workplace policies that keep their employees safe.     We want to help get our people back to work faster.
Thomas Issekutz

Division of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University

Nova Scotia Independent researcher, Health Professional Inflammatory and immune dyregulatory disorders.    Our research is to understand mechanisms of inflammation in chronic inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. Our previous research had identified numerous cell adhesion molecules on T cells and activated endothelium and demonstrate the role of these molecules in T cell infiltration into inflamed tissues. Our recent studies have identified a novel pathway of T cell mediated inflammation in RA.     We also see, diagnose and treat patients with GVHD, HLH and Macrophage Activation Syndrome. One of the major complications of Covid-19 in infection in patients with severe disease is a cytokine storm that is very difficult to treat and plays a major role in the lung dysfunction and likely damage to other tissues. Our research project is focused on the role of endothelial activation using human pulmonary endothelium  and virus infection. We believe based on current evidence that there is a pharmaceutical agent that could specifically treat this viral induced cytokine storm. Our project will extend these studies in vitro using material from patients we have access to. We are very interested in a potential collaboration to undertake clinical trials with this licensed and widely used drug for inflammatory/autoimmune disease. There are no trials being conducted at present but this could also be added as an additional arm to an exiting trial. Please contact if interested.

Bruce Leslie

Falkbuilt Ltd.

Alberta, Calgary Advanced digital manufacturer Rapid response and design, manufacture and installation of ICU beds and heads for increasing emergency health care capacity. Falkbuilt is developing a cloud based, AI backed digital platform for the rapid deployment of design, manufacturing and construction of hospital interiors.

Hamidou Niangaly
223 76 05 66 15

Malaria Research and Training Center

Mali Independent researcher I am MD,PhD in economics and researcher at Malaria Research and Training Center. My work focused (i) on population–based intervention trials to study human behaviors and nudges in response to epidemiological disease threats in order to provide public policies recommendations, (ii) cost-effectiveness analysis and (iii) health services uses (sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health). Our team is looking partners for testing new Covvid-19 preventive strategies for behaviours changings in in RCT study design.

Nikhil Pai
Prevalence and detection of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 in stool samples of adult and paediatric patients.

McMaster University
McMaster University, Associate Professor, Pediatrics - Nikhil Pai

Ontario Independent researcher, Health Professional Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, Diagnostic Testing We would be interested in collaborating with researchers evaluating novel diagnostics for testing COVID-19, including assessing SARS-CoV-2 prevalence in stool. We hope to compare rates of COVID-19 detection in stool against rates from paired NPS swabs, and among patients with ongoing, resolved and asymptomatic for respiratory symptoms. We would also be willing to partner with COVID-19 tissue banks, to potentially offer our stool samples to other researchers for future study.

Anita DeLongis

University of British Columbia
University of British Columbia, Department of Psychology - Anita DeLongis

British Columbia mental health; health behaviours; stress; coping; social relationships We have been collecting longitudinal data on COVID-related stress, coping, social isolation, health behaviours and mental health since mid-March.  We look to continue weekly assessments with our sample for the duration of the pandemic and to expand the sample to better represent marginalized, minority, and high risk populations globally.

Gansane adama


Burkina Faso / West Africa Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies Infectious diseases Colaborator with capability for virus sequencing and immunology assays related SARSCOV2



Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Cameroun Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Community Partner Agroecologie, développement durable, modèles numériques Chercheur indépendant, attaché à la FASA de Dschang Campus de Sa'a ISSAEER, nous souhaitons bénéficier de financements de recherche pour établir un modèle numérique spatiale de dispersion de la pandémie en Afrique (Cameroun), et un modèle de production et de distribution des produits agro-pastoraux adapté à la dispersion du Covid19.

Suman Banik

University of Toronto
LinkedIn - Suman Banik

Ontario Independent researcher Neuroscience, Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Clinical Research, Literature Reviews, Systematic Literature Reviews, Clinical Medicine and Psychotherapy I'm interested in finding paid clinical research work involving data collection/interpretation (via de-identified data), literature reviews, and/or systematic literature reviews. I have 9 years of research work experience and have a background in theoretical medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, as well as an HBSc from the University of Toronto Scarborough in Neuroscience and Mental Health. I've completed many research jobs in the past completely online and currently work part-time as a paralegal research assistant.

Michael S Kallos
Professor / Director BME Calgary

University of Calgary

Alberta Independent researcher Bioprocess Engineering, Stem Cells, Bioreactors, Scale-up, Media, Modeling If you are interested in scaled-up production of cells, I would be interested in collaborating

Lance Rappaport, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

University of Windsor
University of Windsor, Department of Psychology - Lance Rappaport

Ontario Independent researcher Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Developmental Psychopathology, Psychiatric Etiology, Anxiety Disorders I would like to further develop an ongoing collaboration with colleagues in the United States to study the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of children and adolescents. Specifically, my research lab at the University of Windsor has received funding from a local agency to assess the mental health of children and families in the Windsor-Essex region in June 2020, monthly from July through December 2020, and once in early 2021 to identify psychosocial predictors of children at risk for sustained psychological distress subsequent to the COVID-19 pandemic. This research will also characterize children resilient to the pandemic, such as children who show decreased or consistently low distress, to inform our ongoing development of interventions for children to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental well-being of one of Canada's most vulnerable populations: children and youth.

Demetrios James KUTSOGIANNIS
Professor Critical Care Medicine and Public Health Sciences

University of Alberta
University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Department of Critical Care - Jim Kutsogiannis

Alberta Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional Critical Care Medicine  Neurocritical Care  ARDS  Mechanical Ventilation  Spinal Cord Injury  Traumatic Brain Injury  Subarachnoid Hemorrhage  Septic Shock I am available for collaboration in most aspects of critical care involving COVID-19. As well I am open to collaboration on hospital and ICU service utilization in the setting of the COVID-19 and other pandemics.
Debasis Sahu
Ontario, Toronto Knowledge User Drug discovery, proteomics, immunology, pharmacology, inflammation biology, in vitro and in vivo experimentation, project execution and management, COVID-19 This is with reference to the project proposal submission with respect to COVID-19 research. I am a newcomer in Canada, with a permanent resident status.    I have an experience of completion of a 3 year research project in the National Institute of Immunology as Principal Investigator.   I have a research project ready for submission. This is about a novel method for COVID-19 diagnosis. Soon after completing this proposal, now I am working on a research proposal for immunization against COVID-19.   I am looking for an opportunity to get affiliated with a mentor (scientist/professor) so that I can improve my proposal with his / her suggestions in order to submit it for a funding to carry out this work in Canada.  I am currently not affiliated to any Canadian organization. But, I want to contribute in this fight against this pandemic COVID-19 I want your support in this regard. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Athmanundh Dilraj
27 82 7872996

Setshaba Research Centre

South Africa NGO’s, Clinical and Social Research Organization Setshaba Research Centre’s current focal areas are:  1. COVID-19 (new)  2. TB clinical trials: diagnostic, vaccines and therapeutic  3. HIV vaccine trials  4. Other HIV prevention studies: microbicides, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)  5. Maternal and pediatric trials, including vaccines   6. Non-communicable diseases, socio-behavioral and other public health research. South Africa has a high prevalence of TB and HIV. We would therefore like to follow up COVID-19 cases and their contacts to investigate the interplay between COVID-19 and TB and HIV.    With respect to TB, we have developed a concept already on following up COVID-19 cases.  The study will involve three cohorts of participants, all of whom would have tested positive for COVID-19: 1) a healthy cohort (IGRA-negative), 2) a latent TB cohort (IGRA-positive with no history of active TB or treatment), and 3) an active TB cohort who are currently being treated for TB or have ever been treated for TB.   We will then compare the duration and severity of symptoms/outcomes in the three cohorts of COVID-positive cases.     In separate studies, we can also look at  measuring the seroprevalence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 or doing validation of test kits.    These are early days and we are open to a range of possible studies in COVID-19/TB/HIV in a captive population where we have been conducting community-based research for the past 15 years. We also have strong linkages with the Department of Health and national laboratories that can facilitate a variety of research.

Jamie Robinson
Programs and Partnership Manager, Global Programs

Canadian Association of Midwives

Quebec, Montreal NGO’s -Health care worker training and support  -Infection and prevention and control  -Innovations in PPE for the maternal health setting and low-resource settings  -Protocols and treatment processes for the maternal health environment (including health worker safety)   -Mother to child transmission  -Nosocmial transmission We can play a co-coordinating role in linking researchers with Midwifery researchers in the countries in which we work.  We can link researchers with Midwifery Professional Associations in the countries in which we work (DRC, Haiti, Tanzania, and South Sudan).  We are interested in contributing midwifery expertise to research teams and promoting midwifery lead research.  We are interested in collaborating on any research related to Maternal and Child Health, Pregnancy, IPAC, SRHR.

Alexandre Morrot


Brazil/Rio de Janeiro Health Professional Immunology Mapping of linear antibody epitopes in COVID-19 infection.  We will perform an in silico analysis of a peptide microarray (peptide array) containing sequences of 15 amino acids with overlapping 14 bases, covering the expressed sequences of the viral genome. From sera of asymptomatic infected patients, we will verify the presence of linear peptide epitopes (15aa) immunodominant for the vaccine induction of protective antibodies. Such approaches are expected to be able to provide a set of selected epitopes useful in guiding experimental efforts to develop vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.

Marcus Vinícius Nora de Souza

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Rio  de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Independent researcher, Head of the medical chemistry group Medicinal Chemistry / Drug Dicovery We would like to establish collaboration between groups, which can test the compounds made by our research group in vitro and in vivo, as well as the study of their mechanism of action.

Mary Bartram

Mental Health Commission of Canada

Ontario Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, NGO’s Mental health (MH) impacts of COVID19 across the population - MH promotion, access to services and supports, needs of vulnerable populations and people living with serious and persistent mental health and substance use issues.   COVID19 impacts on the MH and SU workforce - shift to virtual, surge capacity.   COVID19 MH impacts across the lifespan I'm heading up a MHCC policy intiative on COVID-19 mental health impacts an policy responses. I'm interested in partnering with academic researchers regarding the full range of impacts, and have a particular interest in the impacts on people living with serious and persistent mental health issues, other vulnerable populations, and surge capacity with the mental health and substance use workforce.

Bonnie J. Palifka
52 818-358-2000 ext. 4305

Tecnologico de Monterrey

Monterrey, Mexico Independent researcher corruption  organized crime The COVID-19 pandemic has increased strains on national and local governments. Such rapid change has historically opened up opportunities for corruption in the public and private sectors, as well as leaving governance vacuums as governments are unable to keep up. Both the increased corruption and the vacuums in governance enable organized crime groups (OCGs) to gain a foothold or strengthen their position by filling roles that should correspond to governments. The needs and conditions generated by COVID-19 have opened up just such opportunities in Mexico, as transparency takes a back seat to expediency and OCGs impose stay-at-home orders and deliver food to the most vulnerable. Similar patterns have been observed in other Latin American countries and Italy.     I seek research partners interested in examining these governance implications of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico and other countries.

Maggy Sikulu

The University of Queensland
UQ Researchers: Dr Maggy Lord

Australia Independent researcher, International Organization, Academic Reseacher Diagnostics, parasites, viruses and bacteria using b=novel diagnostic tools We are looking for a Canadian based partner to partner with us on our proposal to develop novel rapid diagnostic tools for COVID-19. Researchers currently working on mosquito-borne diseases are welcome
Carmen Yajaira Bayona Valdez
Mexico Independent researcher Treatments and natural alternatives I want to crate something that can help people but not making other problems

Steve Shih
Assistant Professor

Concordia University
Shih Microfluidics Laboratory

Quebec Independent researcher Diagnostics, microfluidics, synthetic biology I am looking for a virologist that is interested on collaborating to develop a synthetic circuit to rapidly diagnose COVID-19.      I envision at least three tasks: (1) They will help investigate the sensitivity and specificity of our test with real and blind samples.  (2) Help handle the real samples in BSL-3 labs and use it for our test. (3) Provide expert advice related to the data obtained from real or blind samples.

Michelle Striepe
61 417793368

Edith Cowan University

Perth Australia Independent researcher, University Health policy, education, schools, physical health and mental well-being,  leadership I am searching for international collaboration on for following proposed project: Health policy implications of school leaders and school-based health professionals’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis.    Summary:   The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust schools into uncharted territory. While schools typically have policies and procedures for natural or man-made disasters, such plans may not be germane to the known and unknown impacts of COVID-19.   Events such as the recent Christchurch earthquake and school shootings in the US have spawned a growing body of research on how schools deal with community-well-being during and after disaster scenarios. However, there is scant research on how schools should respond and support their community during health-related crises. This qualitative study therefore aims to examine the lived experiences of   school leaders, administration staff and school-based health-related professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research focuses on how school leaders, school administration staff, school psychologists, nurses and chaplains managed and responded to the crisis within their respective school communities. The research outcomes will inform health policy, protocols and procedures aimed at supporting the physical health and mental well-being of school communities during health-related crises.  This central research question is guided by the following questions:   1. How did school leaders, administration staff and school-based health professionals provide support for the school community’s physical health and mental well-being during the time of crisis?  2. How did the school staff roles change during the time of crisis?  3. How did contextual factors impact on the actions employed to support physical health and mental well-being of school communities?   The qualitative data collection methods will include focus groups and one-to-one interviews, visual representations and document analyses. The focus groups will be based around a set of open-ended prompts derived from the study’s central research questions. As needed follow-up interviews will take place with certain participants to further explore the emerging themes.   Visual data collection methods, specifically mind mapping and timelining, will be created and used during the focus groups to augment the discussions. Mind maps will capture the different ways the participants supported the physical health and mental wellbeing of their school community. Timelining will be used to capture the key events and important turning points of the crisis from the participants’ perspective.    Document analysis will provide a contextual understanding of the school community, participants’ roles and their actions, and will be used to support and supplement the evidence from other data collection methods. The document types could include emails, newsletters, meeting minutes, job descriptions, and other artefacts that form a contextual understanding of the crisis, the participants’ actions and roles.     It is expected that the study’s findings will offer important insights into the health-related practices and policy enactment of schools during the time of the COVID-19 crisis. Such insights will inform and support improvements to health policy as it relates to schools. Given the significance and central role of schools within society, improvements in policy and practice enacted in schools and schools’ systems can potentially offer substantial benefits to the overall public health systems.

Nimanthi Jayathilaka

University of Kelaniya
Department of Chemistry: Academic Staff

Kelaniya, Sri Lanka Independent researcher Biomarkers of disease severity in Dengue. Specialize in Structural Biochemistry, cell and molecular biology.     Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, I am interested in developing rapid molecular diagnostic tools for COVID-19 that can be used in resource-limited settings and screening phytochemicals to reduce the severity of infection towards developing herd immunity. I would like to establish potential collaborations for developing rapid molecular diagnostic tools applicable on-site without the need for sophisticated equipment. Potential collaborations are needed to facilitate the rapid development of molecular components needed to develop such tools since there are no local industries supplying molecular reagents. Given the expertise from established research laboratories, seeking international research collaboration might be more fruitful than relying on international shipping. Further, I am seeking potential collaborations to establish molecular cloning to assess phytochemicals with potential to reduce the severity of the infection.



ABIDJAN Knowledge User. Independent researcher. Health Professional, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies, International Organization VIROLOGIE, MICROBIOLOGIE, PHARMACOLOGIE RECHERCHE DE SUBSTANCES NATURELLE A ACTIVITE ANTIINFECTIEUSE SUR LA COVID19

Vasif Hasirci
90.(0)533 474 8197

Acibadem University, Medical Engineering Department (research group page),

Istanbul, Turkey NGO’s, University Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Biotechnology, Polymeric Implants, Drug Delivery, Micro and nanotechnology, Additive manufacturing (3D printing), Tissue and Disease models with hydrogels and polymers, Micro and nanopatterned  cancer detection wafer. As a biomaterials researcher I have been involved in drug delivery as one of my several research lines. I have used liposomes, polymeric micro and nanoparticles, polymers in other forms (sheet, fiber) in the delivery of cancer therapeutics, antibotics, RNA, Growth factors. I have established a Biomaterials Research Center at Acibadem University, in Istanbul, Turkey. I also have established a Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Center at the Middle East Teechnical University, Ankara, Turkey, with significant biomaterials infrastructure. Designing model systems with hydrogels, and 3D printing to test model disease systems with nanocarriers is what I am planning to collaborate on regarding the  Corona virus. Of course, proposals to share our infrastructure and scientific capabilities are also welcome.

90 (0) 5325089602

BIOMATEN-Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Center of Excellence, Middle East Technical University

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon Independent researcher Biomaterials and biocompatibility: Synthesis of polymers as biomaterials, characterization, surface modification and analysis, testing of biocompatibility    Wound Dressing Materials: Synthesis of polymeric films, membranes and sponges for artificial skin applications and use of Growth Factors for cell proliferation and medical applications    Biodegradable Scaffolds: Use of polymeric matrices for cell adhesion and examine the parameters affecting cell proliferation    Responsive Hydrogels: Prepration and characterization of polymeric hydrogels responsive to pH and temperature and their use in controlled drug delivery    Enzyme Immobilization: Conjugation of enzymes on polymeric nano supports for biosensor of biotechnological applications and testing of activities    Controlled Release: Use of Polymeric macro, micro and nano matrices in controlled release of bioactive chemicals (drugs, pesticides, herbicides etc.) We can prepare nano systems which a drug or vaccine candidate molecules can be conjugated. This system can support a sustained release at a certain region of the body.


University of Manitoba
Chemical Synthetic Biology - Xenobiology

Manitoba Independent researcher Genetic code engineering and bio-orthogonal chemistries    Protein stability/folding and conformational dynamics     Bio-expression of genetically encodable peptide-based drugs and complex biomaterials     Engineering and directed evolution of enzymes I am interested in using my technologies to develop protein-based biosensor nanodevices for COVID-19 detection that should be universally applicable.    My focus is on the use of ‘smart’ protein-based biomaterials with self-assembling properties I am looking for cooperation with biosensor experts who are interested in the design of the interface architecture for biosensor technology.    My expertise and technologies include protein design & engineering through expanded genetic code and bioorthogonal chemistry on proteins and cells.

Mert Doskaya
Assoc. Prof.

Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Vaccine R&D Lab

Turkey Health Professional Vaccine Development  DNA vaccine  Recombinant protein vaccine  Parasitology  Virology  in silico, in vitro and in vivo screening for  Vaccine antigen discovery 1) Vaccine development against COVID-19 especially DNA vaccine and recombinant protein vaccine.  2) Development of ELISA to detect IgM, IgG and IgA antibodies against SARS CoV-2 especially in asymptomatic patients.
Ihedioha Emmanuel
Nigeria Independent researcher, Health Professional Epidemiology  Using mhealth to improve public health outcomes among vulnerable populations and in poor Resource settings.  Using ehealth to improve public health outcomes among vulnerable populations and in poor resource settings. I will like to collaborate with a Canadian based researcher in assessing the efficacy ehealth, mhealth , radio in improving  COVID 19  Public Health outcomes among vulnerable populations and in poor Resource settings especially in sub Saharan Africa.    Research collaboration will focus on study design and methodology.



Rio de Janeiro / BRAZIL PI Graduated in Biology from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (1993), MSc in Parasitology from Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (1996), PhD in Immunology from Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (2005). He has experience in Immunology, focusing on Tuberculosis, BCG Vaccine and Cellular immunology. Since 2017, he is senior researcher at Fiocruz and currently the head of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz. COVID-19 is a lethal respiratory disease that has a rapid spread and uncontrolled growth. The immune system of critically ill SARS-COV2-infected patients activates an excessive cytokine storm (CRS). These inflammatory mediators act on homeostatic dysregulation in the lungs of patients with severe COVID-19. Viral infection of airway endothelial cells may lead to changes in vascular permeability, suggesting the influence of soluble factors produced by T cells, monocytes, macrophages and mast cells that are triggered by CRS. However, the mechanisms that lead to this phenomenon are not fully understood. There is currently no vaccine against human coronaviruses, as so regarding specific treatment for COVID-19. The effectiveness of anti-inflammatory corticosteroids to manage CRS induced by COVID-19 is controversial. BCG is licensed, safe and an almost secular vaccine, inducing heterologous protection, and when inactivated, it reduces airway hyperresponsiveness triggered by CRS, via recruitment of pDCs to infection sites, and polarizing regulatory T cells, thus decreasing inflammation in the lungs, probably via IL-10 induction. I would like to propose here collaborations in an in vitro model with primary cultures and cell-lines to reproduce a CRS, and by this way the BCG vaccine would induce regulatory mechanisms that involve cytokines and increased anti-viral properties. Therefore, the hypothesis is that the BCG vaccine controls CRS triggered by the SARS-COV2 infection, and this immunomodulation involves an increase of anti-viral properties. This future collabortive proposal should also offer opportunities to use this vaccine designed to interfere with acute viral infection for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, such as COVID-19.

Saul Enrique Lopez

Genomol diagnostic center

Ontario, Mexico, Acapulco Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Community Partner, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies Developing and testing near real-time diagnosis of Covid-19 We are interested in collaborating with Canary, a digital medical device company that has developed non-invasive breath tests for lung cancer as well as other contagious and inflammatory diseases. We have a diagnostic laboratory in Acapulco, Mexico and can help test the development of similar technology to identify Covid19 infections.

William C K Ng


New Brunswick, Ontario Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health ProfessionalCommunity , Partner Filter, Filtration, N95, PPE, Stop-Gap, Face Mask, Decontamination, Reusability Urgent design, testing, recommendation, upscale, dissemination of stop-gap N95 mask options with guidelines in light of disrupted N95 supply to COVID-19 era Canada. Focus on alternative filtration material and systems for use on frontlines. Solutions must be clinically tested and useful.

Maria G. Zavala-Cerna
Research Professor

Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
ResearchGate: María Guadalupe Zavala-Cerna

Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico. Independent researcher, Clinical Research Immunopahtology  Clinical Research  Immune Response to Viruses I would like to partner with a researcher that focuses on clinical research. I would like to construct a proposal to develop a randomized clinical trial to compare mortality in patients with SARS-Cov-2 treated with different types of immunomodulators. A hospital from our Institution will become a reference center for COVID-19 patients with capacity for up to 500 patients.

Kent Cadogan Loftsgard
CIHR Strategic Advisory Panel Co-Chair, Member - College of Reviewers
604-224-2487 (Landline)
604-340-6218 (Mobile)

SPOR BC SUPPORT Unit/UBC/Vancouver Coastal Health/BC Emergency Medicine Network and others
LinkedIn: Kent Cadogan Loftsgard

British Columbia Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Patient, Community Partner, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies -Acute/ICU intervention/standard-of-care experiences of COVID-19 survivors    -Primary aftercare experiences of COVID-19 survivors    -Donor/recipient experiences of convalescent plasma therapy    -Impact of real and perceived threats of COVID-19 on treatment and management of pre-existing and unrelated conditions    -Ethical triage of limited resources    -Impact of potential moral injury on clinical decision makers    -The role of team-based care in COVID-19 treatment and general pandemic response Connection to any teams or members exploring any of the above-noted areas of interest, or similar/related pursuits/inquiries


Not applicable

Iran/Republic of Islamic Free research Working on medicine and microbiology with chemical reaction by synthesis of nanoparticles for any of specific issue (chemical and medical) To first the funding is less because we do our project on one person invitro in laberatory then it will do on many more. The funding first 150.000 $ is good.

Bilal Hameed
Dr. -Ing.


Karachi Pakistan Independent researcher, Industry - 95% of clinics and hospitals in Pakistan and low income countries do not posses any electronic health record systems. This is a major disaster not just for the physicians but also for the government entities. We have created an electronic health record that can be used by clinics and physicians free of cost.   We have the following areas of interests:    A- Seek collaboration and funding to train and deploy the electronic health record system ( across the various low income regions of the world.  B. Create a dashboard for Government entities. The dashboard would connect these deployed EHR systems with the government and provide them with a real-time view into what type of patients (flu, pneumonia, malaria etc) showed up at what locations (clinics) within the country. Thereby allowing these countries to have a real time visibility into the outbreak of different viral and communicable diseases.  C. developed a remote covid monitoring platform that has been deployed by all Hospitals in Paris. The mobile app presents Covid-19 positive patients with list of questions every day and depending upon the patient responses categorize their symptoms are Green, Orange and Red. With Red being very severe symptoms. As soon as a patient is categorized as Red, the patient receives a voice call on his app from a doctor at a near by hospital in Paris. Once the doctor determines that the patient is really severely impacted by Covid19 an ambulance is sent to the patient to immediately bring him to the hospital. For the remaining patients, they are monitored and treated remotely at their homes. enabled Hospitals in Paris to remotely treat 100,000 Covid-19 patients at their homes thereby relieving the hospitals from getting overwhelmed. Pakistan's healthcare system is already very weak. At the moment, there are no ICU beds available in Karachi (the largest and most populous city of Pakistan). is a commercial application, that we cant readily use and deploy since Pakistan is a low income country. The objective of this third project is to rapidly design and develop a remote covid monitoring platform that would enable physicians to treat covid patients remotely.    Dr. -Ing. Bilal Hameed  +971-50-1364096 - Develop collaboration and seek funding to develop incidence reporting dashboards, remote covid monitoring platform and other systems to collect covid related data   - Become a partner with Canadian researchers to collect data from the third world for their various research activities.    Dr. -Ing. Bilal Hameed  +971-50-1364096

Faiz Ahmed Raza

Pakistan Health Research Council

Pakistan Independent researcher Molecular epidemiology of viral diseases I am currently working as a Senior Research Officer at  Pakistan Health Research Council, Research Centre, Fatima Jinnah Medical University / Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. The hospital is designated as one of the sites for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Furthermore, it is the only dedicated facility in the city for the treatment of pregnant females suffering from covid-19. We also have good research labs with basic molecular biology facilities. I am interested to collaborate with scientists working on the covid-19 epidemiology.

Allison Williams, PhD
Professor of Geography & Earth Sciences

McMaster University
School of Geography & Earth Sciences: Allison Williams

Ontario, GTA Independent researcher -front line home-care care workers  -double-duty carers (work as front-line home care workers and informal caregiers)  -carer-employees I would like to collaborate with the home care industry in order to work together to find solutions for their front-line home care workers, and especially their double-duty carers who are simultaneously providing family caring to their own family/friends at home or in the community.

Kwamena Sagoe

University of Ghana (Medical School)
Kwamena W. C. Sagoe (MSc, PhD)

Accra, Ghana Independent researcher, Academia Use of peptides for diagnostics (serology) and therapy I have had experience with working with peptides at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and believe that they hold promise for the serological diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 exposure. Currently, no one know how long antibodies will last in exposed patients and this may have implications for the use of vaccines. Peptides have also been useful for therapy and this can be pursued for new pathogens as well. I need a collaborator who is interested in the use of peptides for biomedical research and to help us perform a longitudinal study to determine how long SARS-CoV-2 antibodies last and to set up a peptide research laboratory with small animals to develop various concepts for vaccines and therapy. This is especially important as the COVID-19 course seems to be different in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.

212 6 67 79 15 68

University Sultan Moulay Slimane

Morocco Independent researcher Infectious diseases, epidemiology, biotechnology. Our team in Morocco is looking for partnership collaboration on epedemiologic aspects of Covid-19 expansion and influencing factors, use of modern technologies in controlling epidemic diseases.

Liliane Teixeira

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Health Professional Worker health Our research group would like to create the Covid-19 and Workers Network that will act in interconnections with other sites in the area of ​​COVID-19 surveillance. The page is structured by the concept of Information Architecture with user-centered design and planning of data organization for responses to cope with the pandemic. This study uses the triangulation of methods by integrating three areas: - 1. Information for action in facing Covid; 2. Development of the Occupational Exposure Matrix (MEO) to SARS-CoV-2 to characterize the occupationally exposed population; and 3. Participatory communication of risks to SARS-CoV-2 in the workplace. The steps will be: feeding historical and current data on the pandemic; case records and exposure in an electronic questionnaire; estimate of the number of workers exposed to SARS-CoV-2 by the Finnish MEO method. And the risk levels of exposure by occupational groups will be aggregated according to the classification of the CDC (2020).

Frederico Rogério Ferreira
55 21 98773 5270

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - IOC/Fiocruz

Brazil/Rio de Janeiro Health Professional Neurodevelopment, Enteric microbiota, Gut-Brain Axis, Psychiatric disorders, Major depressive disorder, Mood disorder, Anxiety, Schizophrenia and Autism spectrum disorders. Our project is aimed to investigate the potentially harmful effect of circulating antibodies against COVID-19 to neurodevelopment, and the impact on mental health later in life (adulthood).

Dr. Mahadeo Sukhai
Head of Research and Chief Accessibility Officer

Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)

Ontario Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Community Partner, NGO’s Telerehabilitation; sensory loss; vulnerable populations; access to and provision of health care; access to and provision of social services CNIB has recently fielded a COVID-19 response survey for our community of Canadians who are blind, Deafblind or partially sighted. We are seeking to establish research partnerships and data-sharing opportunities, as well as knowledge translation opportunities. We have a strong, high quality research infrastructure, which we are willing to apply to a coordinated and joint research effort.

Marcelo Guimaraes Araujo
Prof. Dr.
55 (21) 25982494


Rio de Janeiro Health Professional, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies, National Public Health School Urban Health Covid waste water epidemiology  Social and environmental determinants

Everd Maniple
256 772 592506

Kabale University

Uganda Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, University Academic and researcher 1. Health System Strengthening (any of the building blocks of the health system: Information Management; Governance and Leadership; infrastructure; Human Resources for Health; Medicines and medical supplies; health service planning, delivery and evaluation)  2. Health Service Efficiency  3. Infectious diseases  4. Non-communicable diseases  5. Health Care Equity I am interested in collaborating institutionally or individually on research on:  1. Effects of COVID-19 on access to and quality of non-COVID health care  2. Behavioural responses to COVID-19   3. RCTs to determine the effectiveness of COVID-19 preventive measures (hand sanitisers, soaps, masks etc)  4. Human Resources for Health implications of COVID-19 (observational studies and modelling, especially in low-burden countries)  5. Comparative health system responses in high-burden and low-burden countries.

Florina Guadalupe Arredondo Trapero
52 (81) 10708046

Tecnológico de Monterrey, México

México/LATAM University Professor I am interested in the issue of social responsibility and sustainability. I recently presented a philosophical approach to adaptation and mitigation policies at the Climate Change conference. Finally, I consider that there is a very interesting link between COVID 19 and sustainability, so I am interested in being part of this group of researchers and see future projects. My area of expertise is humanistic studies. I am member of the National Research Council (México) SNI Level 1 I'm interested in the relationship between Covid 19 and the SDGs. The way countries have tried to respond to the pandemic may be affected by a number of factors, not only the public health infrastructure. Issues such as bad nutrition, access to clean water, educational level etc. may be influencing the way the problem spreads. Additionally, issues such as the transparency with which the government takes action appear to be influencing the pandemic in LATAM region.

Negin Hajizadeh
Associate Professor of Medicine Pulmonary and Critical Care

Northwell Health and Feinstein Institutes of Medicine

United States NYC Independent researcher, Health Professional ARDS and critical care analyses to discover best treatment pathways for individual patients. Data analytics, Decision support tool development
Stephen Freedman
Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine
Alberta Independent researcher, Community Partner Pediatric household transmission dynamics. We are seeking pediatric emergency departments in the US interested and capable of swabbing asymptomatic children and testing them for SARS-CoV-2.  We would then monitor children for household transmission and we would also conduct additional ancillary studies with the residual swab specimens and blood aliquots (if collected at the index ED visit).

Subburaj Karupppasamy
Asst. Professor

Singapore University of Technology and Design

SINGAPORE Independent researcher Physical Fragility in the Elderly; Musculoskeletal Health; Biomechanics; Health and Activity Monitoring and Intervention in HomeCare Settings; Computational Modelling ; Data Analysis; I am looking to collaborate on preventive physical and mental health interventions in the elderly adults who are the most vulnerable and high-risk cohort for COVID-19 infections and mortality. The lockdown, Circuit-breaker measures, and out-of-home movement restrictions do more harm to them due to increased social isolation, lack of physical activities, domestic violence, and abuse [phy/psy]. I would like to study these issues and help them to improve their well-beings [cross-sectional and longitudinal].

Jasmine Gercke
Doctor in Complimentary Medicine


Quebec Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, International Organization Telemedicine  Tele Health  AI  Voice   Preventative therapeutic therapies  Music Therapy   Research in disease prevention COVID 19 Research Call Funding Program    Justin Trudeau’s announcement to invest over $200 million in the development and expansion of virtual care has allowed us to ask for a collaborating with CIHR.  We will use the funding program collaboration to support the burden on the health care system.  Our device will not only support the need during this pandemic emergency to reduce exposure of patients to COVID 19, it will also relieve the financial burden on the health care system by using Voice AI and allowing for therapeutic support systems through innovative technology, in this particular research call WooHoo device for Healthcare and Hospice.  By remotely monitoring our patients we can prevent disease and significantly reduce the numbers of our expenditure on healthcare.    WoHoo will allow Canadian Senior citizens to engage with their nurses and healthcare providers and specialist directly through the device.   WoHoo will support reliable health information in a safe and secure manner and reduce the pressure on the Canadian Health Care system.  WoHoo will help governments and public health officials make evidence-based decision by collecting data accurately   WoHoo will support the healthcare initiatives by partnering with Canada Health Infoway to expand health services to Canadians.     WoHoo can also support the data collections of COVID 19 cases as needed by integrating the government app with our systems and using AI to retrieve updated data.   Launching in Montreal, Quebec, we want to build on our existing multi-locational relationship with our US partner including potential to bring the project to LMICS in an effort to increase timeliness, efficiency and impact of response.   We need funding to develop the WoHoo AI Voice device rapidly and implement in hospitals to initiate a rapid response to address the COIVID 19 crisis in an effort to serve the welfare of our citizens.  Our product will address health systems interventions, social, policy and public health responses and serve in therapeutic fields through the devices diversified system innovation. We can program our device to coach, to offer talk therapy, as a companion to prevent loneliness and more primary needs to reduce the effects of the pandemic.  We want to collaborate with the CIHR in an effort to distribute our device throughout Canada to support during the crisis and offer coaching as well as peer support through the device. We will address Mental Health on Loneliness of the elderly first during the isolation period. The device will also reduce the need for on call nurses and in effect reduce cost for the Health Care Services.

Alan Osiris Sustaita Narváez

Tecnologico de Monterrey

México/Nuevo León, Moterrey. Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Research Professor Fabrication and development of insulators/semiconductors polymer composites  Memory and sensor devices based on carbon, clay or metallic nanostructures  Manufacture of organic devices for applications in alternative energies  Medical supplies (advanced material study) Dear to whom it may concern:    I am interested in collaborating with a PI in medical area to develop improvements to our Face Shield project (3D printing, custom face shields)    Best Regards,

Rachel Hong
Harnessing Digital Technology to optimise respiratory therapy


Singapore Industry Optimising the delivery of Inhalation therapy to patients with respiratory conditions Meracle has a solution that helps to optimise the delivery of inhaled therapy, ensuring medication is delivered into the lungs and not to the back of the throat. We are seeking to collaborate with the clinicians and healthcare systems to co-apply for funding and propose to trial this solution with Covid-19 patients, particularly the elderly, prescribed with inhaled therapy, to not only assist in the effective delivery of medication to the lower airway, but to also track progress and compliance even after discharge.

Denise Buchanan

University of Southern California

Santa Monica, California, USA Independent researcher, Health Professional, Industry, NGO’s Medicinal herbs for Immune Health and well-being I would like to collaborate with an agricultural researcher, familiar with laboratory analysis of medicinal herbs who who could provide analysis of medicinal herbs known for their immune boosting properties.

Wai Tong CHIEN

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Health Professional, University - Community care and psychosocial interventions for people with mental health problems and their families  - Psychosocial determinants on stress, crisis and social adversities  - Health-related quality of life of depressed elderly people  - RCTs and systematic reviews I have involvements on and interest in research collaborations on:  - psychological impacts of COVID-19 on people and health professionals (particularly nurses) across the globe  - psychosocial and behavioural factors influencing psychological well-being and adherence to protective measures about COVID-19  - ehealth literacy and its usefulness and challenges on community awareness and understanding of COVID-19 and its care


School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR, PR of China Health Professional, University Development of recombinant probiotics for therapeutic uses We are currently developing sub-unit oral vaccines using recombinant probiotics to tackle COVID-19 transmission. We are looking for collaboration / partnership to assist us to evaluate the efficacy and safety, using your platforms / models, of our oral vaccines to combat COVID-19 infection.

Tiffany So
Dr, Assistant Professor (Clinical)

Department of Imaging and Interventional Radiology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Health Professional, Academic Radiologist Diagnostic imaging in COVID-19 Research collaboration for clinical studies in relation to imaging of COVID-19; particularly in data collection, sharing of data, cooperation in radiology related research. Looking for international collaboration with our institution in Hong Kong.

Jaime MacDonald

National Institute for Communicable Diseases

South Africa Health Professional, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies I have a range of laboratory skills and experience.  I would be interested in performing laboratory validations or testing to help provide scientific data for evaluation. I would like to establish a network of laboratories across the world to test any vaccines or kits that are developed, to ensure that any products developed during this time are validated prior to use.

Hankie Uluko

Malawi University of Science and Technology

Saskatchewan, Malawi/Limbe Independent researcher Development of a low cost rapid COVID-19 test kit for use in SubSaharan Africa I would like a partner who can lead the design and testing leading to approval of out-of-laboratory rapid test for detecting infection by corona virus in resource poor settings where laboratory tests would not be available. The test kit would be like the pregnancy test kits that are available in most drug stores in Africa for self or hospital testing.

Erik Fung
Assistant Professor (Medicine - Cardiology) & Principal Investigator of Laboratory for Heart Failure + Circulation Research
852 9156 2869

Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR, China Independent researcher, Health Professional, Public university Heart failure; frailty; circulatory disorders; inflammation and thrombosis; myocarditis; ACE2; cardiomyopathy and mechanical circulatory support My research laboratory utilizes epidemiological tools, cardiac imaging, genetics, biomarkers, metabolomics, molecular techniques and animal models to study pathophysiological processes related to heart failure. We have a specific interest in frailty and inflammation associated with aging ('inflammaging') and heart failure. We also have expertise in correlation of genotype with immune cellular phenotypes using flow cytometry ( We sincerely welcome queries and invitations to join as an international partner.

Jeannine Uwimana Nicol

Stellenbosch University and University of Rwanda

Cape Town Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, NGO’s, International Organization 1) Social, policy, and public health responses and related indirect consequences:   *Public Health communication and citizen engagement  *Population-level containment strategies such as physical distancing, quarantine, and travel restrictions  *Scale-up of systems for assessment and diagnostics testing and follow-up    2) Clinical management and health system interventions    *Resource allocation decision-making, including access to equipment such as ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as therapeutics  *Interventions to plan for, expand on, or redress surge capacity as well as organization of care, and the healthcare workforce  management of COVID-19 in cases with co-morbidities such as diabetes or cardiorespiratory conditions  *Access to and implementation of  timely and relevant clinical management approaches, such as virtual care and related guidelines or non-hospitalized care of cases, including in remote locations or Indigenous communities  *Infection prevention and control measures  interventions and strategies to mitigate the impact on non-COVID care We would like to be linked to a Principal Investigator to work with to respond to the Rapid Research Funding.    The focus of our research is on Public Health communication and citizen engagement for Covid-19 response: Civil Society engagement in response to Covid-19 in Africa.



  Community Partner mental health youth and adolescents  mental health training- training educators  mental health training- training health care staff and first responders  mental health training- training human resources My objective is to transfer the current manual implementation and e-training platform to a self-identifying learning process that can be accessible to users in the comfort of their own home and at their fingertips.
mohammad shiravi khouzani
Iran Health Professional Uk; Usa , Canada , Austerlia ; europe I discovering 2 months ago treatment of covid19 but i am do not acess to university and unable for publish proposal i need professor or organisation for first test my protocol and next publish

Reinhard Michael Krausz, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Professor of Psychiatry, Providence Leadership Chair in Addiction Research

University of British Columbia
UBC, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry: Michael Krausz

British Columbia Independent researcher, Health Professional Mental Health and Substance Use, Addictions, Homeless Populations, E-Mental Health, Virtual Care, Refugee and Migrant Health The impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations, the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and substance use, the role of E-Health and virtual care in pandemics, the role of psychiatry in pandemics, the intersection of the Opioid Crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic in British Columbia

Albert Lee
852 26933670

Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Independent researcher, Health Professional, Academic in public health and primary care, Legal Medicine Albert’s research fields are family medicine and preventive medicine, community based care development and health equity, public health and health promotion, medico-legal and conflict resolution. He is pioneer to investigate impact of living environment on better health and well-being especially children and adolescents and cases with chronic illnesses.  He is one of the key pioneers of ‘healthy setting approach’ globally (health promoting school, healthy city, health promoting workplace, and health promoting health services). He has published over 240 papers in peer-reviewed journals and over 180 invited conference/seminar papers. His contributions in health development are recognized by appointment as WHO advisor on many occasions, election as Honorary Fellow of UK Faculty of Public Health (the highest accolade of the Faculty), the Chief Executive Commendation for Community Services in 2004 Honours list of Hong Kong SAR Government, and Award for Pioneer in Healthy Cities Research by Alliance for Healthy Cites (AFHC) in 2014. I am involved in strengthening Community Action and COVID-19 with my engagement in primary care development, health promoting school and healthy cities movement.  I have developed a handbook and webinar presentation to empower municipal and school setting to combat COVID-19 on acute response and recovery.  I also highlight how primary care would play frontier role.  Please refer to the link and publication in Australia Journal of General Practice (Aust J Gen Pract 2020;49 Suppl 15. doi: 10.31128/AJGP-COVID-15). I have written “Protecting Citizens from COVID-19” for newsletter of Australasian College of Legal Medicine in March 2020 and newsletter of World Association of Medical Law on Public Health Action and COVID-19 for May issue. I published a paper on role of general practitioners in responding flu pandemic BMC Public Health 2010; 10:661 based on the consultancy work with WHO on “Municipal preparedness and response to Flu Pandemic in 2009, and school against SARS Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2003; 57:945-949.

Duane Wesemann
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Wesemann laboratory

Boston Independent researcher We have ongoing human research protocols to collect samples over time to better understand immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 (i.e. SARS-CoV-2). We have established assays to examine the IgM, IgG, and IgA antibody responses to various protein components of the virus and are correlating that with clinical severity and protection over time. We are collecting samples from volunteers in the Boston area who have recovered from COVID-19. We are also testing individuals with no prior history of a COVID-19 diagnosis to determine the degree to which the virus may be inducing immune responses unnoticed and to understand whether antibodies to other coronaviruses may influence COVID-19 disease severity. We are also also working with many other laboratories in the Boston area to provide cells and plasma to support projects in related areas. We can collaborate by sharing plasma from convalescent patients as well as antibody data for these subjects. We also have cloned dozens of monoclonal antibodies and have characterized their binding to SARS-CoV-2 as well as related coronaviruses. We expect to have hundreds of well characterize monoclonals in the coming weeks. We can supply these reagents for collaborative work. We can also accept antibody reagents to characterize the fine 3 dimensional epitope map using a yeast mutational library method.

Elisabeth Cheng

Instituto Butantan

Sao Paulo, Brazil Independent researcher COVID treatment;  Treatment of diseases using human immunoglobulin concentrates Our group is interested in receiving plasma from convalescent patient to perform purification of immunoglobulins. We are also interested in finding partners to conduct lab and clinical trials with our immunoglobulin concentrate.

Hervé Hien

Centre MURAZ/ National Public Heath Institute

Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso/West africa Health Professional public health, laboratory diagnostic, infections disease Collaboration of research to support the fight against COVID-19. Burkina Faso ils the country who the mortality is more hight in the West Africa for COVID-19. Many Rapids tests are introduiced since WHO guidlines dissémination.

Aida Gandara
Dra. en Estudios Humanísticos

Tec de Monterrey

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México Independent researcher Participate in inter- and trans-disciplinary groups to identify habits, fashions, customs and beliefs that increase the proliferation of the virus To analyze from a social and cultural perspective the way in which the COVID-19 affects native peoples.  The aim is to answer the question: what social and cultural tools do the original peoples have to deal with this pandemic?

Andrea Furlan
Senior Scientist
416 597-3422 x4607

KITE, Toronto Rehab, University Health Network

Ontario, Toronto Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Community Partner, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies, International Organization Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), an evidence-based virtual telementoring model that builds virtual communities of practice. The ECHO model leverages videoconferencing technology to reduce healthcare delivery disparities and to improve patient care in underserved populations.Through weekly sessions, interprofessional specialist teams connect with healthcare providers in the community to share best practices and cultivate a community of practice. It is uniquely positioned in the province of Ontario to build and support healthcare workforce capacity, increase access to specialist care of relevance for this pandemic, and support healthcare providers wellness and resilience during and in the aftermath of the pandemic. Healthcare providers in remote, rural and underserved areas of Canada who are attending people with COVID-19. Healthcare providers in long term care settings. Mental healthcare providers helping front line providers involved in care of patients with COVID-19.    People with expertise in acute medical management of COVID-19 in hospitals, community, residents of long-term care, and post-acute rehabilitation of people who had COVID-19.    People with research methodology expertise in epidemiology, medical education, implementation science, qualitative research methods, communities of practice, and healthcare professionals resilience and burnout.


Division of Life Science, Center for Cancer Research, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Alberta, Hong Kong, China Independent researcher, Also as Director of Center for Cancer Research, HKUST; Chief Scientific Officer of EnKang (Guangzhou) Pharmaceuticals Limited, China Research and development of anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anticancer drugs; small compounds, nucleic acids and natural medicinal products as drug candidates; discovery and pre-clinical studies of drug candidates.  Our collaborators in mainland China have facilities to perform cell-and animal-based COVID-19 viral infection experiments to text the efficacy of our drug candidates. If our project is funded and a partner in Canada can perform clinical trials, our drug candidates are expected to be of high value. We have been developing three classes of potential anti-COVID-19 drugs:  1.siRNAs and antisense oligonucleotides (AS-ODNs)    In 2004, we identified siRNAs that can block SARS-CoV infection of Vero cells by 75%, providing useful hints for developing anti-COVID-19 siRNAs and AS-ODNs.  2. Peptides    We identified one peptide based on the SARS-CoV S protein that can bind ACE2. We have also identified similar sequence in the COVID-19 virus S protein.  3. Chinese medicinal herbs    We have developed a Chinese medicinal herbal formula that is expected to be effective in treating viral infections including COVID-19. Similar formulas have been shown to be highly effective in treating COVID-19 in China. The main advantage of our formula is that all ingredients are "food grade" herbs. It's my opinions that Chinese medicine is one of best choices for viral infection as it can enhance the immune system and reduce symptoms that damage the lung. Developing Chinese medicinal herbal formulas using international pharmaceutical standards will be highly significant.

Bala Nikku

Thompson Rivers University

British Columbia Independent researcher International Social Work, Green Social Work, Disasters and Epidemics, Community engagement, Health equity action framework, Scholarship of teaching and learning, Decolonization, intercultural studies, Race and immigration, comparative social policy, curricular innovations As an interdisciplinary policy researcher, I am interested in politics of policies (disasters, health, poverty) and their framing and implementation on the ground. My research focus continues to be on South Asia a dynamic but fragmented, resource poor, culturally diverse region. I am currently part of a research collective ( and interested in applying rights-based approaches to human displacement. We are currently involved in book projects and covid19 epidemic management and analyzing whether the current regional frameworks are adequate enough to protect the rights of epidemic victims and internally displaced persons.
Fotsing Metegam Isabelle flora
Chargé de cours
Cameroun Independent researcher, Enseignante chercheure Sciences sociales, anthropologie, Je souhaiterais me proposer comme chercheur principal pour l'étude dans un pays pauvre comme le Cameroun dans une équipe... Je travaille actuellement sur la perception et mesures d'adaptation des populations vulnerables face aux mesures barrières contre le covid19... Merci

Darryl Falzarano
Research Scientist

University of Saskatchewan
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization - International Vaccine Centre

Saskatchewan Independent researcher Animal models (ferret, hamster, rhesus macaque, African green)  Vaccine  Antiviral   Immune enhancement We are willing to use our animal models, which will continue to be refined, as well as working towards developing a model of immune enhancement to ensure that any vaccine is safe and efficacious.   These models would also be suitable for assessment of antiviral compounds.   Here we would propose to develop the nonhuman primate model so that vaccines (including ours, but others as well), can be tested for efficacy in Canada. We would be willing to do so with other partners as well provided there is compelling pre-clinical efficacy.
Yuen Yu Chong, Connie
(852) 39430665

The Nethersole School of Nursing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR, China Independent researcher, Health Professional Family and child health; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Psychotherapies using acceptance, mindfulness and compassion-based approaches; Mental health I am the co-investigator of COVID-IMPACT global health survey exploring the psychosocial impacts of COVID-19 on people in Hong Kong. In addition, I have involvements and interested in understanding and identifying interventions supporting families of children with chronic conditions or special health care needs who have been socially isolated and/or experiencing COVID-19. My research programme is related to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness and compassion-based intervention. Our team sincerely welcomes any queries related to our research.
Ken Parhar
Intensive Care Physician
Alberta Knowledge User Prone positioning. The use and knowledge translation of prone positioning (both awake and in intubated) patients.

Mary Waye
Adjunct Professor

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Independent researcher Microbiology, Sequence analyses, genomics, genetics,   molecular biology, non-coding RNA, microRNA  Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases  Mental disorder, depressive symptoms depressed patients are more prone to have elevated glucose, CRP, or pre-diabetic symptoms, etc during this period of COVID-19 outbreak and whether lifestyle intervention (in a COVID-19 compatible strategy) could help prevention of full-blown diabetes.

Functional of magnetic nanoparticles coating with favipiravir for killing of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Private research
Not applicable

Republic Islamic of Iran Independent researcher Chemical and medicine-microbiology Base of my researches in antimicrobial issues, it is functional of nanoparticles prepared with myself and it may be suitable in killing variety of microbs. This project is do by 150.000$ funding.
Co-Fondateur et Directeur
République démocratique du Congo NGO’s, Efforts Communs pour la Santé (ECOS) est une organisation humanitaires et de développement de la société civile oeuvrant RDCongo. Les domaines d'intérêt sont la santé publique(recherche en épidémiologie des maladies transmissibles et fourniture des services en santé, Wash,  Nutrition, Sécurité Alimentaire,  etc.) Dans le cadre de cette étude,  ECOS compte intégrer l'équipe de recherche pour contribuer à la recherche sur les facteurs favorisant et limitant la propagation du coronavirus dans les pays de l'étude.   Cette étude tiendra compte de l'hôte, le virus et l'environnement dans une approche descriptive et analytique.
Hien Hervé
Burkina Faso/west Africa Health Professional epidemiology, biology, microbiology, public health, health system it is a collaboration research. To etablish evidence based diagnostic for COVID-19.

Alexis Kafando

Université de Montréal

Quebec Independent researcher Virologie, immunologie, biologie moléculaire, intervention en santé Nous voudrions collaborer avec des équipes africaines pour la mise en place d'un projet d'évaluation des tests rapides pour le dépistage et diagnostic de la COVID-19 dans le contextes des pays en développement et pour les aider à créer des biobanques pour la faciliter les recherches sur la maladie

Ordan Lehmann

University of Alberta

Alberta Independent researcher, Health Professional Molecular Diagnosis of COVID-19 I would welcome contact from colleagues worldwide, interested in investigating the ocular surface as a source of COVID-19 template.

Lakshmi P. Kotra

University Health Network/Univ of Toronto
Kotra Research Group

Ontario Independent researcher Asymptomatic stages, diagnostics, POC kit During asymptomatic stage, SARS-CoV-2 continues to infect others. There is a great need for POC diagnostic kit, ideally suitable for home and remote areas testing. We are proposing to develop a self-administrable POC test for SARS-CoV-2, to detect any viral particles pre-symptomatically. I welcome collaborations from researchers with expertise in antibody development, and commercial POC diagnostic kit development, as well as others who can help with field testing the kit.

Heather Orpana
Senior Research Scientist

Public Health Agency of Canada

Ontario Knowledge User, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies, Senior Research Scientist Understanding and modelling the secondary effects of COVID 19 and mitigation measures on mental health, substance use and suicide. I am interested in collaborating with researchers as a knowledge user, co-investigator, or collaborator, depending on the project, with the aim of furthering research that will inform our understanding of secondary effects of COVID 19 and mitigation measures on mental health, suicide and substance use.

Audrey Steenbeek
Mitigating the collateral effects of COVID-19 community control in Canada: promoting positive mental health outcomes and well-being among frontline healthcare workers and first responders

Dalhousie University

British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Community Partner, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies Mental health, resiliency, EHS, Emergency first response, COVID-19 control collaboration with others looking at this issues; looking at mental health among front line workers and coping strategies that are effective and easily used to help alleviate some of the negative mental health experienced.

Dan Cohen

FLITE Material Sciences

Quebec Industry FLITE licenses technology from leading labs around the world in the area of surface functionalization, and develops it to commercial utility and industrial scale. We have projects underway in aircraft deicing, preventing water scale on pipelines, and others in aerospace, food and beverage, and semiconductors.     We have clinical evidence of the benefits of functional surfaces in implanted medical devices, but we are particularly excited about the prospect of creating a functional surface on glass, metal, plastics and ceramics, which is hostile to pathogens on contact without chemical agents. If we are successful, manufacturers can create antibacterial products without chemical additives, copper coatings or other changes to the base material. With the support of the Rapid Research Fund we will begin work on creating the known functional textures on ordinary materials using low-power pulsed lasers. We will engage with two separate labs on using both lasers and plasma to generate the surfaces, and quickly validate their effect on reducing the survivability of bacterial, viral and fungal samples of material.

Athanasios (Athan) Zovoilis
CRC in RNA Genomics & Bioinformatics, Director of the Southern Alberta Genome Sciences Centre

University of Lethbridge

Alberta, Lethbridge Independent researcher RNA Genomics, Bioinformatics, Nanopore sequencing, direct RNA sequencing, long read sequencing, repetitive elements Being the first research lab in Western Canada to acquire a ONT PromethION and perform direct RNA sequencing we have developed an enrichment and multiplex approach for direct RNA sequencing of SINE RNAs. We now want to transverse this technique for use in large-scale targeted direct RNA sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 and we are looking for collaborators and end-users in diagnostic labs and medical sites that treat COVID-19 patients.

Le Moigne Philippe
COVADAPT Crisis Impact and Adaptation Study to COVID 19

INSERM French National Institute of Health and Medecine

France Community Partner Strategies for adapting to the health crisis in community - Individual and social modes of adaptation - Anticipation, choice and decision in a context of uncertainty - Social reactions and adaptation in the face of lockdown and the lifting of lockout Research working in the social sciences on the adaptation of people in community to health lockdown and the lifting of lockdown, based on the resources, perceptions and lifestyles of individuals.
Gloria I Sanchez
57 301 420 1831

University of Antioquia

Colombia Independent researcher Epidemiology immunology molecular biology prevention To Develop the capacity to conduct an well design epidemiological study in a potential site with expected high transmission. This will allow to create the data and repository to test several hypotheses but also to unable the local authorities to get acquainted with better strategies to control the infection.

Joseph Mwangi
254 712 003 224

Kenya Medical Research Institute,Nairobi

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Kenya Independent researcher, Health Professional, PhD Finalist Epidemiology and surveillance of COVID-19,sero/immuno-diagnostics and Knowledge management Collaboration to jointly apply for funding for COVID-19 research. There is need to carry out surveillance in general population where infection have been reported as well as among possible asymptomatic individuals.Both immunological responses as well as epidemiological aspects involving point of care testing in outreach settings are interesting areas.

Ramana Appireddy

Queens University

Ontario Independent researcher, Health Professional Virtual Care I am looking for collaboration on assessing health outcomes with virtual care

Fernan Alonso Villa Garzón

Full Time Teacher

Medellín, Colombia Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Community Partner, International Organization, Research Group Clinic and Health Informatics  Software Development  Data Science  Machine Learning  Big Data We are from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Software Engineering and Data Science Research and Development Group have high skills and interdisciplinar professionals like software developers, medicians and epidemiologist to develop complex solutions for Clinic and Health Informatics usign data sciencie, big data and machine learning technologies, and agile software development metodologies.     Thanks.


Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
UQAM, Faculté des sciences humaines, Département de sociologie Département de sociologie, Vissého Adjiwanou

Quebec, Afrique subsaharienne Independent researcher Santé publique  Démographie sociale  Familles  Modèles statistiques  Populations immigrantes  Sciences sociales computationnelles  Afrique sub-saharienne - Trouver des chercheurs qui travaillent sur l'Afrique subsaharienne  - Participer à des équipes de recherche où je peux apporter mes expertises en analyse de données

Prof. Shlomo Shpiro
Director, The Europa Institute

The Europa Institute, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Israel Research Institute, University - Intelligence, security, social resilience.  - Technological non-medical developments for enhancing public health  - Crisis management and crisis communication  - Crisis logistics. We are looking for cooperation in the following research areas relating to COVID-19:  - Privacy, contact tracing and infection tracking  - Health crisis communication  - Adapting counter-terrorism technologies to the fight against pandemics  - Technological solutions to pandemic logistical requirements.    We are also developing a unique project to assist the global commercial shipping industry at times of pandemic.

Oluwasayo Olatunde
Determination of individual, local and national response to COVID-19 affecting social, cultural, mental and physical health and its effect on translation of knowledge to the forgotten individuals and communities in Nigeria

Dalhousie University

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Moncton Independent researcher, Health Professional, Community Partner, NGO’s, International Organization Family Medicine, Global Health, Gender Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, Statistics To generate effective project production

212 694768189

Université Ibn Zohr Faculté Polydisciplinaire de Taroudant BP. 271, Taroudant 83000 Tél.: 05 28 55 10 10 Fax: 05 28 55 10 2

chimie analytique des substances  Naturelles et alimentaires Avoir un système immunitaire fort est le seul moyen pour lutter contre le covid-19 et éviter ses complications qui deviennent parfois mortelles. L’alimentation a un rôle majeur dans le maintien d’un système immunitaire fort d’où l’importance de s’alimenter avec des plantes médicinales et aromatiques.  L’objectif s’articule autour de la recherche et l’identification des molécules bioactives  et l’enrichir des aliments a consommation quotidienne (huile d’olive et huile d’argane) afin de renforcer le système immunitaire.

PhD, Professor

University of Gezira, Sudan
U of G, Sudan

Sudan/Africa, low- and middle-income country (LMIC).  Corvid-19 and other viruses  = Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)  = Medical entomology : vectors and their management  = Discovery of new natural product from plants indigenous to Sudan as new pesticides and drugs I am herein inviting Canadian partners, winners of grants, to perform part of their investigations at the Blue Nile National Institute for Communicable Diseases (BNNICD), Gezira University, Sudan, which is in low- and middle-income country (LMIC).

Haydee  Parra Acosta

Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua, México

México Independent researcher Medical Education   Assessment   Curriculum In this health crisis by Covid-19, which affects human health and development in all its dimensions; doctors and health workers are the most valuable resource in each country. (Jhony, 2020). However, recent publications have given us to know the high hospital broadcast of COVID-19 that affects the personal health (Aragón-Nogales, Vargas-Almanza, & Miranda-Novales, 2019). In Mexico on April 25, there were 1,934 contagious health professionals, current date.  That is why during the contingency adaptive process, the training processes of the health professionals and the organizational actions and the coordination of the headquarters of the COVID-19; they are fundamental to stop the transmission of the virus and make it possible for the hospital to start the scene from where the virus is eliminated and from where the outbreaks of the pandemic are unleashed or defeated by them (Liang, 2020).  If well, the training of health professionals on their own, but it does not contribute to solving the problems currently facing humanity (Eva, 2020); occupying it, in addition to ethical and organizational factors, could change the future of this pandemic and others that could arise.  Nevertheless, there are information gaps about the relationship that exists between academic, ethical and organizational factors and the high hospital transmission of Covid-19 in personal health.  As a result of carrying out this investigation, knowledge can be generated that changes the factors that affect the mortality rate and high hospital transmission and what relationship exists between them.  It is considered relevant because based on its results, actions can be proposed that will help to transform the training processes of health professionals and the organizational process of hospital headquarters in the face of emerging situations that will benefit society in general.  To carry out this investigation it is important to count on the collaboration of researchers from Mexico and other countries

Jeberna Asfaw Datanbo

water department and Health Offices

Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Ethiopia, Gidole Community Partner, Community Awareness From Covid 19 Epedemic Social Awareness,Community Mobilization I Am Sociology BA Graduate Student Until I Have More Experience In Health and water  community awrenress or mobilization so that support me to research local medicine and social awarenes please ??

Aiman Abu Ammar

Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem, Jerusalem 9103501, Israel
Google Scholar: Aiman Abu Ammar

Israel Health Professional, PI, Research Institute, Academy -Drug Delivery  -Nanotechnology   Controlled Drug Release  -Preparation of biocompatible and biodegradable polymeric nano/microparticles as drug carriers, along with characterization, surface modification and analysis.  -Enhancing adhesion capacity of polymeric films by biomimetic microstructures. We are interested in performing multi-disciplinary research with a focus on development of localized drug delivery systems using nanotechnology, for sustained release and improved delivery of anti-viral or anti- inflammatory drug formulations to the lungs

Lakshminarayanan Rajamani
Associate Professor
65 83282013

Singapore Eye Research Institute
ORCID: Lakshminarayanan Rajamani

Alberta, Singapore Independent researcher Anti-infective nanofibres and nanocoatings and peptide-based antiviral therapeutics The current Covid-19 pandemic has created a new normal in the management of the disease outbreak. There is a need for the development of protective wares and coatings to prevent the spread of microbes from hospitalized patients to the healthcare professionals. We seek funding support to develop anti-infective nanocoatings and nanofibres that can be readily used as a first line of defense against the spread of microbes. The nanocoatings/nanofibres elicit microbicidal properties on contact with microbes which include viruses. The active ingredients in the coating cocktails are safe and do not cause irritation or health hazard in human. We seek collaborators who have access to determine the antiviral properties and the mechanism of action of the nanocoatings/nanofibres in accordance with the ISO standards.

Guillaume Marquis-Gravel

Montreal Heart Institute

Quebec, Montreal Independent researcher Cardiology We are looking for collaborators for a study aiming to describe and predict the impact of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system.

Paulo Afonso Nogueira


Manaus/Brazil Independent researcher Research and development of immunological studies to face the COVID-19 pandemic in the state of Amazonas Our proposal has originality in field of technical, scientific and innovation. We believe that we will face COVID-19 applying our experience and knowledge of other infectious diseases in the context of SARS by SARS-Cov-2.  Aiming of study. Assess hematological parameters and biochemical profiles in different presentations of SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients admitted to the Dr. Heitor Vieira Dourado Foundation of Tropical Medicine (FMT-HVD);  Correlate pulmonary radiological changes with clinical data and  the kinetics of the inflammatory, immunological and biochemical parameters. To assess whether the dynamics between the frequencies of pro-coagulating, activated and apoptotic platelet subpopulations and microparticles can predict the progression of death before manifestations of abnormal coagulation.  Establish a protocol for the evaluation of the lymphocyte profile by immunophenotyping subpopulations as a senescence factor to COVID-19.

Clara Bohm
Assistant Professor

University of Manitoba

Manitoba Independent researcher How can we minimize the impact of COVID-19 containment measures on quality of care in in-centre HD as assessed by:    1. Patient and healthcare provider perspectives through focus groups/interviews  2. HD-related clinical outcomes (hospitalization/ER visits) Similar projects or specific work on HD-related clinical outcomes in setting of COVID pandemic if funded

Avi Messica
Program Director

COMAS (Israel)

Israel Independent researcher Data-driven modeling and analysis(Standard, Machine learning) Collaboration with a team/researcher for applied research on modeling pandemic dynamics to allow policy and decision makers optimal pandemic management with emphasis on modeling observable variables (i.e. confirmed-infected, recovered, severe cases, deceased).

Dr.Solomon Plimo Sindano
Senior MO,post graduate student in Msc Palliative Care

Moi Teaching and Refferal Hospital-Kenya

Eldoret, Usingishu county, Kenya Health Professional Palliative Care interest  Emergency palliative care for Hello,team,I am interested to carry out research in terms of Emergency Palliative Care, which may be useful in combating an epidemic such as the COVID19 pandemic.    I am aware that palliative care caters for a number of diseases which includes,cancers,HIV/AIDS, Hypertension, Diabetes Melitus, chronic lung diseases and other chronic non communicable diseases.    You will note that we include HIV/AIDS in our forefront of palliative care service,yet,it a communicable disease    Therefore,I would be interested to work in collaboration to this course or otherwise in research writing.Thanks.

Lena Gamble
1 5042322293

Samaritans Purse/World Medical Mission

Caluquembe, Angola Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional Coronavirus, COVID-19, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Virology, Pathology, Immunology, Health Education, Public Health, Community Health Awareness I am intersted in being a principal investigator at our rural hospital in Caluquembe, Angola. I am also interested in connecting with others to design clinical trials for implementation during the COVID-19 Pandemic in an effort to prevent the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) that is the primary cause of death in COVID-19 positive patients.

Lifeng Geng

Lakehead University

Ontario Independent researcher Accelerate the availability of high-quality and real-time evidence to support Canada’s rapid response to the global pandemic in order to better prevent, detect, treat and/or manage COVID-19;    Provide evidence to inform health system management and public health response, and/or decision-making and planning within and across jurisdictions in Canada and/or internationally seeking partners to do research in the areas of:    impacts of COVID-19 on human behaviors;    decision making, policy making related to COVID - 19;    consumer behavior in the area of health care;    psychosocial and behavioral factors influencing front line health care workers;    Human resource practices in the context of COVID-19
Peter Hall
Ontario Independent researcher social neuroscience; mental health; stress; addictions Looking to collaborate with others on the nature of the impact of Covid-19 on the brain, and potential links to psychiatric symptoms. Also interested in neurobiological facets of the stress response, and maladaptive coping strategies (e.g., substance use) as they pertain to Covid-19.

Cherie Enns
Dr. Cherie Enns

University of the Fraser Valley
LinkedIn: Dr. Cherie Enns

British Columbia, East Africa Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies, International Organization, Work internationally in East Africa Urban Planning and Policy  Cities and Communities for Children Focus on cities, policy, and planning.

Catia Oliveira


Brazil International Organization, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - FIOCRUZ Evaluation of the effectiveness of health surveillance The public health surveillance system is considered to be an strategic public health function. In order to invest in the system's response capacity different strategies have been implemented in the countries. Currently my area of ​​interest is on research to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention strategies for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other severe acute respiratory syndromes.

Sangita Kamblé
Executive Director


Ontario NGO’s Ageing  Mental Health  Knowledge Translation  Indigenous Health  Telehealth The Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation has an awards program to support research and scholarship for occupational therapists. During the COVID-19 pandemic, occupational therapists have been doing Telehealth. This is a new area for OTs, which needs to be researched more, as it can continue, especially for remote areas, where OT services are limited to begin with. Also, OTs will be involved in mental health issues - PTSD - of many people once the pandemic is over or as we move into a new phase.     It would be great to partner with CIHR on issues related to Telehealth and mental health in particular.

Data Access Support Hub (DASH)

Health Data Research Network Canada

Canada Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies Data linkage, multi-jurisdictional data, pan-Canadian research DASH is a single-stop online portal through which researchers can request access to administrative and clinical data from multiple provincial, territorial and pan-Canadian sources, including linkable COVID-19 results data in some jurisdictions. By providing a single point of entry to multi-jurisdictional data, DASH simplifies the way researchers request data access and provides ongoing support throughout the process. Researchers are invited to register for a free DASH account and utilize this service for COVID-19-related multi-jurisdictional projects.

Helene Dragatsi
Research Facilitator

Simon Fraser University

British Columbia, Burnaby Research Facilitator I would like to support a Researcher applying for this grant. I am in a research facilitator role in the applicant's faculty and would like to use this tool to support the application process. Thank you.
Principal Applicants
593 0998664268
I would like to attend an institute in Canada, where research studies of EEG and ECG electrical biosignals are carried out Independent researcher BIOMEDICAL  Signal Processing EEG and ECG  fMRI Processing and Analisys  IoT Health  Artificial intelligence  Neural networks  Machine Learning  Deep Learning  BIG DATA I am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering, whose research line is the detection of pathologies, from the analysis and processing of EEG and ECG biosignals, along with the analysis of Fmri images of both the brain and lungs.    With the appearance of COVID-19 the ignorance of the behavior of the virus was worldwide. Over the days, certain patterns have been characterized that have allowed the scientific documentation of some common symptoms.  My research aims to develop algorithms to recognize these patterns, with the information to be provided by IoT Health devices placed on patients with COVID-19 symptoms, characterized by:    • Automatic real-time detection of myocarditis, from ECG signals.  • Automatic detection in real time of silent hypoxia, from ECG signals.  • Automatic real-time detection of Hypoxia-ischemia from EEG signals.  • Detection of COVID-19 patterns in lungs, from the analysis of their TAC images.    I am from Ecuador, one of the countries most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in the world, which at the same time is suffering economic collapses because it bases its economy on oil exports. With the price of oil so low, it has caused Ecuador to be going through the worst moment in its republican history.    Motivated by my desire to be part of the solution to the great world problem of COVID-19, I appeal to the solidarity that characterizes Canadian research institutions, to obtain their sponsorship in two fundamental aspects:    1.- Financing of the research proposal.  2.- Possibility of doing internships in Canadian institutions, world leaders in my line of research, which will give you the assurance that research approaches are aligned at the forefront of science and technology.

Ching-Feng Chiu
Assistant Professor

Taipei Medical University

Taiwan Independent researcher • Cancer biology  • Cancer metabolism  • Metastasis; Drug resistance  • Epigenetics na

Michael Fralick

Sinai Health System

Ontario, Toronto Prone positioning The COVID-PRONE study is an international randomized controlled trial that will study whether prone positioning (having a patient lie on their stomach) can reduce the risk of death or respiratory failure (e.g., needing to be a ventilator). There are preliminary studies that suggest this simple maneuver might be beneficial for patients with COVID-19. However, these studies were small (generally less than 100 patients) and did not compare outcomes to patients who were not in the prone position. Furthermore, because prone positioning has associated risks (e.g., aspiration pneumonia, venous thromboembolism) and requires careful patient positioning, observational data are insufficient to change the current standard of care. If we identify that prone positioning is safe and effective then the results from our study have the potential to improve patient outcomes and conserve healthcare resources.

Duong Van Tuyen
Asst. Prof.
88627361661 ext. 6545

Schoo of Nutrition and Health Sciences, Taipei Medical University

Taipei/Taiwan Medical University Dietary intake, nutritional markers, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular risks, and mortality in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients. Epidemiology studies on hypertension, chronic kidney diseases, diabetes, stroke. Evaluation of research instruments. (e-) Health literacy, (e-) healthy diet literacy. Lifestyles, mental health, health-related quality of life research. The bilateral or multilateral collaborative research project related to (e-)Health and food literacy, lifestyles, mental health, and health-related quality of life among the general public, medical school students, and health care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pornsawan Leaungwutiwong
Associate Professor

Faculty of Tropical Medicine

Thailand Health Professional, University Medical Virology The evaluation of diagnostic tools for COVID-19
Linda Mah
Clinician Scientist
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional geriatric psychiatry, neuropsychiatry I am seeking researchers across Canada who are examining changes in mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the older adult population with underlying mood or memory problems. There are already data emerging from Asia, Europe, Australia and South America - but none yet from Canada. It is critical that we generate high quality data to understand the impact of physical distancing and other socially-isolating public health measures on mental health, while controlling the outbreak.
Edgar Bustamante Bautista
Perú - Arequipa Independent researcher Prevention of proliferation of the pandemic covid-19 Coordination and feasibility of tests to demonstrate the reliable use of ultra violet light and / or ozone as a disinfectant and antiseptic agent, avoiding the spread of the covid-19 pandemic

Tracy Duong
Solutions & Partnerships Manager

Bowhead Health

Ontario, USA, Singapore, Estonia, Mexico Industry Telehealth, triage, privacy, data analytics, Big Data, Real World Health Data, blockchain, diagnostics, therapeutics, rapid detection, mobilizing mental health, Privacy by Design, chronic illnesses, infection diseases, self-assessment tool, SMART contracts, HIPAA, GDPR, Health Canada, gamification, population health, French, Spanish, German, PTSD, comorbidities, vocal biomarkers Better by Bowhead is a diagnostics and therapeutics app that accelerates detection, triage and monitoring of population health, while enforcing health data privacy by using encryption, blockchain and Smart Contracts. The platform can ingest data from a variety of sources, providing researchers with predictive models to assess current situations and combat inevitable future outbreaks. We are already live and in use in 7 countries, and 6 languages, but require more partners to scale rapidly.

Jeanette Boudreau
Assistant professor
902-229-6462 / 902-494-4536

Dalhousie University
Dalhousie University, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Faculty of Medicine: Jeanette Boudreau

Nova Scotia Independent researcher human Immuology, humanized model systems, immunogenetics, natural killer cells, flow cytometry Sharing of annotated clinical samples and collaborations with other immunologists interested in classifying and understanding the complete picture of immunity to COVID-19.

Amir Sanati Nezhad

University of Calgary
University of Calgary, BioMEMS and Bioinspired Microfluidic Laboratory

Alberta, Calgary Independent researcher 1) Diagnostic kits for COVID-19 using electrochemical/optical biosensors integrated with fully automated microfluidics    2) Digital health monitoring of infected patients at home via combined biophysical and biochemical sensors    3) Self-collection of samples at home (tears, saliva, nasal, finger-prick, urine)    4) HT production of liposomes     5) Organ-on-chip for modeling infectious diseases    6) Wearable sensors for real-time monitoring of host biomarkers via skin patches, contact lens, and sweat samples 1) Large scale production of microfluidic chips  2) Aptamer and antibody design  3) CLinical validation of diagnostic and monitoring kits  4) Machine learning/App design for big data analysis of population screening  5) Pharmaceutical collaboration to develop effective drugs and drug delivery methods

Carol Anne Hargreaves
Director of the Data Analytics Consulting Centre

National University of Singapore

Singapore Independent researcher 1. Bayesian Analysis to Estimate the severity of COVID-19  2. Bayesian Geostatistical Modelling of COVID-19  3. Analysis of Household Data and its impact on COVID-19 using Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling  4. Burden of Disease with respect to COVID-19  5. Genomic study of the novel Corona virus and its phylogenetic       relationship with SARS, MERS, and similar animal viruses  6. Clinic and Health Informatics with respect to COVID-19  6. Epidemiology Modelling with respect to COVID-19 Would like to work in collaboration with healthcare professionals and infectious disease professionals with my responsibility being:  1. The analysis of the data.   2. The evaluation of the results  3. Discuss the findings and value of the results  4. Publish the results in an international journal and make the       results known

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Google Scholar: Paul Narh Doku

Ghana Independent researcher, Health Professional, University professor with PhD in psychological medicine and mental health Behavioural science, mental health. Social distancing and confinement, social effects of covid 19, stigma and discrimination Psychosocial effects of covid 19 and the various prevention measures, stigma and discrimination, cultural and social impacts of covid 19, impact of covid 19 on special populations

Dar-Bin Shieh

National Cheng Kung University
Ministry of Science and Technology, Deputy Minister Dar-Bin Shieh

Taiwan Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional Nanomedicine, biophotonics, molecular biology, clinical pathology I'm interested in the advanced technology to accelerate the speed, sensitivity and precision of molecular diagnostics. I also dedicated in the  molecular pathogenesis of disease and nanomedicine.

Caroline Lee
Associate Professor

National University of Singapore

Singapore Independent researcher Population Genetics/Genomics  Population Differences  Functional Polymorphisms  Next Generation Sequence analyses, genomics, genetics,  molecular biology, Non-coding RNA (circRNA, lncRNA, miRNA, etc)  Association Studies  AI prediction models for drug response, genetic susceptibility Our laboratory has interest in identifying genetic/genomic factors associated with diseases, drug response, etc. We have integrated several databases and are developing tools to identify potential functional polymorphisms based on genetic signatures of selection, predicted functionality and reported/associated functionality. In the field of Covid-19, we are interested to understand the genetic/genomic basis for the great differences in manifestation of the disease from asymptomatic to require ICU and even death.  We are looking for collaborators with well annotated patient samples (from asymptomatic to severe Covid19 patients) or sequenced samples which we can analyze and perhaps build models to predict who is likely to get severe or less severe Covid-19 disease.

Bintou Ahmadou Ahidjo
65 66017468

National University of Singapore
National University of Singapore, Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory (BSL-3)

Singapore Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Academic laboratory / Core facility drug screening, mouse model of COVID-19, testing efficacy of vaccine and antivirals in mouse model of COVID-19 The NUSMed BSL-3 Core Facilty which was established in 2014 and is the largest biocontainment facilty in Singapore. We are equipped with both essential and complex laboratory equipment including a cell sorter and flow cytometer. Last year, we established the small animal PET/CT imaging suite within our BSL-3 facility for the longitudinal imaging of risk group 3 pathogens within animal models of disease. We are currently screening a number of antiviral compounds (novel entities as well as repurposed FDA and EMA approved drugs) against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro. We are therefore able to collaborate by add onto the pool of antiviral compounds being tested. We are also currently establishing a mouse model of COVID-19 for evaluation of antivirals and vaccines. We are using traditional microbiology methods as well as PET/CT imaging in order to assess treatment efficacy. We are therefore able to collaborate in the development of this mouse model as well as screen promising antivirals against SARS-CoV-2 in our mouse model. Finally, we are also developing a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and will be able to add onto the pool of vaccines tested and will be able to run this and other vaccine candidates through our mouse model.
Ontario, Toronto Industry 24000 ANTIVIRAL AGENTS DEVELOPMENT FOR COVID-19 USING MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY Rapid generation of a library of 24,000 antiviral agents targeting COVID-19 focused on nucleosidic core within short time is possible only by diversity-oriented synthesis. In order to explore chemical space located nucleosidic antiviral core region, 24000 membered library of small molecules will be generated by skeletal core modulation using IRORI technology. Parallel to solid phase synthesis, a solution phase library will be generated to optimize activity. After testing in vitro Vero E6 cells infected with 2019-nCOV, selected candidates will be again optimized with SAR. Those candidates will further be optimized by cytotoxicity analysis using CCK-8 assays. The core is potentially useful because of low toxicity. H5 is Hetercyclic diversity, will cover 20 skelatal diversity, R1,R2, R3 and R4 are functional group diversity.
Tushar Tukaram Barde
seneca college
Ontario, India Independent researcher Vaccine development for CoVID-19 i am doing research on Adjuvant therapy for covid-19 using natural herbs from ancient medical book named Ayurveda. we explore the phytochemical constituents which are helpful for treating CoVID-19 or those constituents which shows antiviral activity they are mostly Phenolic groups. further we end up with the conclusion that triterpens are helful to treat CoVID-19 as we did Molecular docking of Triterpenes and Covid-19 Protien. we have decided to make formulation of drug extracted from the herb



INDIA Health Professional, Industry, International Organization Uncovering a Potential Pandemic Tracker with Outcome Prediction through the use of AI Investing in advanced research on location intelligence and analytics technologies can yield great results in the healthcare sector.    It can augment strategic planning about containing disease (epidemic/ prevention of the spread between regions,  and expansion of medical facilities and supplies, to name a few.    Predicting the spread of the disease with the help of the human movement data can play a vital role in identifying the outbreak pattern of epidemic/pandemic cases.    We have encountered a situation(COVID 19 that opened our eyes to how much we need to plan to contain a disease and we are looking at advancement in location intelligence and movement analytics to make more informed decisions in preventing such pandemics in the future.    Thus, we can look ahead at the overall scope centered along the following  - Establishing an assessment model of a single score reflecting the severity of a disease (epidemic/ like COVID 19  - Establishing well defined consolidated data universe encompassing all contributing factors towards the spread of a disease (epidemic/ like COVID 19  - Establishing a universally applicable collaborative approach towards containment combating a disease (epidemic/ like COVID 19

Adeniyi Aderoba

University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital, Ondo State, Nigeria

Ondo State, Nigeria Independent researcher, Health Professional, NGO’s Maternal Health; Behavioral Science; Development; Health Systems Collaborations that explore the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health

Kaleb Brown
Director, International


Atlanta, USA Industry Technology needs for contact tracing, inventory management, incident management, triage, bed counts, PPE counts, case tracking and monitoring, and local to national and corporate Covid-19 reporting. Looking to connect jurisdictions, public health / healthcare, and emergency managers through our proven technology for faster, accurate response and reporting.     Looking to enable hospitals, government agencies, and corporations with beneficial, tested, and innovated processes to address Covid-19 response demands.    We have connected hundreds of US hospitals to the US national level with daily bed count and PPE reporting. We provided inventory management for national strategic stockpile resources. We've provided local to national public agencies and corporate entities with the business logic within COTS technology to enhance and disseminate critical insights and decisions.

Daniel Sharp

Western Allergy

British Columbia Industry Covid 19 Antibody test

Gili Adler Nevo
416-469-6580 x 3229

University of Toronto, Michael Garron Hospital

Ontario Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional Child and adolescent psychiatry, Anxiety disorders, Online therapy, Virtual care I would like to collaborate in implementing online CBT for anxious children and youth

Cheryl Currie
Associate Professor of Public Health

Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Lethbridge

Alberta Independent researcher Substance misuse, mental health related to COVID-19, social determinants of health and COVID-19. Interventions to promote mental and physical wellness, and address addictive behaviour related to the pandemic. I am interested in partnering on studies and program evaluations with researchers and community/clinical partners. I have expertise in both quantitative (epidemiologic) and qualitative research methods; as well as knowledge synthesis methodologies.

Tyler Bunn

Winnipeg, Manitoba Industry im just trying to get money for a rap career i will collaborate in the future with other Rap Artists

Christine Leong
Assistant Professor

University of Manitoba

Manitoba, Canada Independent researcher, Health Professional Pharmacoepidemiology, mental health, substance use disorder, medications, drug utilization, psychotropic drugs, health outcomes, health service use I am open to collaboration with researchers, knowledge users, government agencies, community partners and patients on projects related to health service use and health outcomes for individuals living with mental health and substance use disorder.

Kristen Berube
Clinical Director and RWP Project Coordinator

Restorative Counselling

British Columbia, Nanaimo (Snuneymeuxw), National Online access for remote locations and across Canada (Incl. Ontario and Quebec) Knowledge User, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Community Partner, Industry, Provincial/Territorial Government and Agencies Mental Health (Indigenous-Based) Evidence-Based Group offerings + Culture + Elders (DBT Skills Group and Mindful Self-Compassion Groups) Evidence-Based Research Biopsychosocial-spiritual health Traditional Teachings Traditional Language Human, Child & Youth Development First Nations Elders' Health / Geriatric Mental Health Gender Health (Indigenous-Based Youth Queer Advocacy and Support) Population and Community Health Mental Health for Remote Locations Online Access to Mental Health Clinical Group Programming RESEARCH PARTNERSHIP NEEDED FUNDING NEEDED: Hello, we already have a clinical project with First Nations Elders and holders of traditional wisdom running (since pre-Covid). Info Here: The demand for Mental Health Services and COVID-related impacts to Mental Health have created a significant demand for responsive and culturally safe mental health programming. Our team of community partners (multi-disciplinary primary care team) have been running this project in collaboration within the community with NO FUNDING using an Indigenous-Based Matriarchal model of business. We need support in doing research (pre-post clinical research) on our culturally enriched DBT and MSC groups and funding for project expenses and equipment.

Hung Leng Kaan

Singapore Health Professional Impact of COVID-19 on trauma Hi, I am looking for international collaborations who are interested to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on trauma load in acute hospitals.

Tanya Mudry
Assistant Professor
University of Calgary

Alberta Independent researcher, Health Professional Relational Recovery Approaches - counselling, psychotherapy, peer-support, family therapy. Mental health and addiction. Children, youth, families. ICU survivors ICU practitioners I am seeking collaborators and knowledge users in support of an intervention to support children, youth, and families using relational, strengths-based recovery-oriented approach. We aim to provide family therapy and counselling with peer-support components.

Lei Zhang

University of Regina
Saskatchewan Independent researcher data mining, data analysis, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning, time series forecasting, prediction Forecasting and predicting COVID-19 tradition and fatality rate using data mining and machine learning approach.

Susan Bondy
Associate Professor
416 567 7458
University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Ontario NGO’s, International Organization, Collaborator/facilitator: Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa; Affiliate Member Association of Public Health Epidemiologists of Ontario Public health response; surveillance; public health in low and middle-income countries; public health workforce complement, training, skills and competencies Collaboration among local/regional public health authorities to provide scientific coordination, data analysis skills, and applications for funding to promote novel surveillance and program evaluation projects including novel data on health burden and risk of outbreaks.

Terry Leus
School Intervention Worker

New Brunswick Education Employee Mental Health Capacity Building Projects My goal is to collaborate with Educational Institutions, NB Health, Social Services, Addictions and Mental Health In BC, AB there are currently established Mental Health Capacity Building Projects (MHCBP) within the Educational System. These projects are in place to bridge services within all Government Agencies in a wrap around services approach. The Initiatives are all evidence based and research has been conducted proving their successes and efficacy.

Rachad El-Badrawi
President/Adjunct Lecturer
Informatics For Life (Canadian research non-profit, Corporation Number: 1087979-7)/Queens University

Ontario, Toronto Independent researcher, Industry Biomedical and clinical data management, processing, architecture, governance, analytics and AI. I am seeking collaboration and funding for building a Canadian based COVID-19 analytics platform. The immediate goal is to build a proof of concept (POC) for a COVID-19 platform as a service (PAAS) using one or more of the established cloud service providers. The COVID-19 analytics platform is freely available, cloud-based, whereby source data repositories have been modeled/remodeled for better usage while adopting data/domain standards. It is optionally connected to other potential repositories of infectious diseases and bioinformatics/biomedical informatics tools.

Bo Feng
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Ontario Health Professional Alternative Herbal Medicine compares to standard treatment of covid patients Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine intervention in adults with COVID-19: A Randomised double-blinded placebo-controlled trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of customized herbal medicine. I will work with physicians to operate the clinical trial, to evaluate herbs effectiveness on covid with classic traditional method to diagnose and treat (Shang Han Lun)

Karen Patte
Assistant Professor
Brock University

Ontario, St. Catharines, Niagara Region Independent researcher youth; emerging adults; mental health; mental illness; health inequities; eating disorders; body image; graduating students; transition-aged youth; longitudinal research I am interested in research examining the impact on COVID-19 and related public health measures on youth and/or emerging adult mental health and mental ill-health (depression, anxiety, positive mental health, disordered eating, coping methods, emotional regulation, etc.), particularly graduating/final-year students (graduating secondary school or university), and inequities related to socioeconomic status/financial impacts of COVID-19, family discord, gender, existing mental illness, etc. I am plan to evaluate outcomes under different regional and school responses to COVID-19. I am also interested in examining mechanisms and protective/risk factors (e.g., physical activity, sleep, family relationships, screen/social media use, etc.). I primarily conduct population level longitudinal survey research but am interested in adding qualitative and youth engagement components to this work.

Daniel Gligorov
Managing Director
Vamos Holdings Limited

Hong Kong Industry Funding opportunities for a Clinical trial a drug for treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infections. My organization seeks a sponsor or sponsors to enter a clinical trial for a drug that we have developed and has potential to show significant efficacy in both prevention and treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infections. In addition to a strong anti-virus biological action (including detection and destruction of all cells infected by virus), the drug is very efficient in prevention and suppression of the cytokine storm and is showing promise to prevent, reduce or stop damage to the respiratory system and all other organs.

Raphael Louis
President & CEO

British Columbia, Ontario Global, Independent researcher, Health Professional, Community Partner, Industry, NGO’s, International Organization The world's first AI—enhanced virus protection grid deploys a 360°, 24x7x365 protection-grid across six levels against outbreak of pathogens—viral, bacterial, other virulent vectors—and diseases & pursues a dual strategy of decontamination & treatment in parallel to combat COVID-19 with remarkable efficacy. Efforts are underway to launch Auvura S-class satellites to further the research in the ongoing SphReI COVID-19 Tracking Study. Auvura S-class satellites are equipped with advanced spheon imaging and modulation technologies. Revolutionary spHeon engines are instrumental in meeting the high-level energy density and power consumption requirements of onboard equipment in the Auvura satellites and will be deployed in Phase 2 of the scheduled launches. We estimate that 87% of Earth's population will be free from new COVID-19 cases, on or before August 24, 2020. Consensus among SphReI Impact Construct Simulations shows that Earth is likely to become free of the COVID-19 pandemic by October 11, 2020. announces countdown clocks marking the end of the pandemic in each country. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges globally. While much needed focus to date has been on developing and testing effective countermeasures to control the spread of the virus, examining the longer-term impacts of the pandemic—and the ensuing economic slowdown—on individuals, businesses and communities is just as important. Working in partnership with government, industry and not-for-profit organizations, researchers from across the social sciences and humanities can help provide the data, insight and evidence to guide action in the months and years to come.

Amber Paulson, PhD
Queen's University

Ontario Independent researcher Pathogen evolution, arthropod microbiome, vector-borne diseases, Yersinia, symbiosis, transcriptomics, anti-host RNA:RNA interactions Mod-RNA is an important bioinformatic tool that can be used to predict microRNAs from the non-canonical sub-genomic RNA produced by SARS-CoV-2 discontiguous transcription. The tool also can be used to identify anti-host miRNAs and visualize RNA:RNA interaction networks. Currently, the project is seeking collaborations that can provide internship, mentorship, support, or resources to facilitate ongoing validation, debugging, development of source code and documentation, and production of a pre-print, deliverables that are necessary to make the tool available to the research community as soon as possible. The genesis of Mod-RNA was a product of 16 international undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers who participated in the HackSeq-RNA Covid-19 Ultrahackathon event, occurring May 22 - 24, 2020, supported RNA-Society and Compute Canada. For preliminary results and a demo of Mod-RNA please see: hackseqRNA Team Presentation: Project 9: Modelling potential RNA.

Kate Mannen
Manager, Partnership Development & Support Services
905-546-2424 ext. 7011
CityHousing Hamilton connected to Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University

Ontario social housing addictions mental health Knowledge User for the grant to provide direct input moving the research findings forward into policy and practice.

Uyergiu Maditmungu Jean-Claude
Prévention contre le convid-19
243815167097, +243997003648
Caritas Développement

République démocratique du Congo Health Professional, Community Partner Mesure de protection La sensibilisation de la population et des personnels enseignants dans la province de l'Ituri. Je constaté que les mesures de barrière recommandé par l'État de notre pays et d'ailleurs dans tous les pays du monde touché par COVID-19 ne sont pas respectées dans nos différentes communautés locales et les établissements privés de soins de santé. Ainsi, la sensibilisation communication, la formation des corps soignants, la disponibilité de dispositifs de lavage de main dans les points stratégiques sont les préalable activités pour rendre dynamique la prévention du COVID-19 dans notre province.

Sergey Yegorov
Nazarbayev University, Suleyman Demirel University

Kazakhstan Independent researcher Epidemiology and clinical characteristics of COVID-19 Central Asia is in the midst of a "second" COVID-19 pandemic wave. The current lack of transparent epidemiological and clinical data on COVID-19 in the region is alarming. In collaboration with an international team of medical researchers, we have initiated studies in Kazakhstan to characterize the important aspects of the regional pandemic. We have already assembled an extensive dataset based on data collected across all regions of Kazakhstan. We are now seeking collaborators with relevant expertise and funding, who may be interested in collaboration using these data. This research will not only help to inform the local efforts to curb COVID-19 spread but will provide insights into the origins and evolution of COVID-19 in Central Asia.

vu anna thuy trang
health care

Toronto, Ontario Health Professional not understand about this

Sanusi Mohammed

Lafiagi kwara state. Nigeria Health Professional, NGO’s Logistics To bring my wealth of experience to improve on how to improve things
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