CIHR Guidelines on Communication of Funding Competition Results

1. Scope

The following guidelines aim to facilitate understanding of CIHR's general practices regarding the communication of funding opportunity competition results. These guidelines are intended to be read in conjunction with the requirements in the CIHR Application Administration Guide.

2. General Practices and Considerations

CIHR notifies the nominated principal applicant of the outcome of their application and provides them with copies of all available assessments, under the strictest of confidence. The nominated principal applicant is responsible for notifying other participants of the competition results.

CIHR notifies the administering institutions via their designated research and business officials, of the outcome of all applications that the institution approved for submission to the agency.

CIHR competition results are not embargoed for public dissemination, unless specified otherwise in the decision documents.

Once the nominated principal applicants and administering institutions have been notified of the funding decision for their application, limited information about the successful applications are published on the CIHR website (e.g. the name of the applicants, administering institution, amount awarded, project title, partner contribution (if applicable) and the funding term).

For CIHR award programs only, successful applicants will be informed of a specified period to accept or decline an award, as determined by the funding opportunity.

Once CIHR has issued the official authorization to release the funds, the details of the grant/award are then displayed in various funded research databases. For more information, refer to CIHR Funding Decisions.

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