Open Access Overview

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications

What is Open Access?

Free and unrestricted online access to research publications and data.

What are the benefits?

  • More exposure for your work
  • Higher citation rates
  • The public can access your findings
  • Your research can influence policy
  • Knowledge users can apply your findings
  • Compliant with grant rules
  • Researchers in developing countries can see your work
  • Taxpayers get value for money

What is required of Tri-Agency funded researchers?

Ensure that peer-reviewed journal publications arising from Tri-Agency supported research are freely available within 12 months of publication by...

  • Depositing manuscripts in an institutional or disciplinary repository
  • Publishing in an Open Access journal.

Remember to acknowledge funding support.

In addition, CIHR-funded researchers must:

  • Deposit certain types of data in a public database.
  • Keep data sets for 5 years.

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications

If you have questions, please contact CIHR at

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