Governance and Accountability

  • Governance models (at the provincial, regional or local level) for resource allocation, and service planning and delivery, and their relationship to the performance and accountability of healthcare professionals and the healthcare system.
  • Frameworks and models for improving the appropriate engagement and participation of the public, patients, and/or service users in health care decision-making.
  • Lessons learned from within Canada and abroad about the relationship between governance structures, leadership, and health system performance.
  • Lessons learned from international experience about the role of enabling institutions (e.g., National Institute for Innovation and Improvement in the UK, AHRQ in the US) in supporting continuous improvement at the system level.
  • Policy shifts and progress in Canada over the past decade in priority areas identified by national reports, commissions and intergovernmental agreements. Where has innovation occurred, where do gaps remain, and what are the enabling factors?
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